Can a designer always follow the right footprints for making any website? Not all the time! Sometimes, the designer also done big mistakes or silly mistakes just because of a lack of knowledge. Some mistakes are unacceptable for organizations. Thus, you need to know about the 10 mistakes that every designer should avoid for web designing.

Web Design is the most crucial aspect in the IT Industry and web designing gives a virtual presence to every single element of your business. Web Designers always trying to give their website but sometimes due to silly mistakes projects again needs updates and edits. If you keep these mistakes in your mind while working on the design of the project then I think there is no need to face edits and updates.

Lets Explorer – 10 Mistakes That Every Designer Should Avoid for Web Designing

1. Cross-Browser Compatibility is Must For Design:

Designing a website and make a theme layout more attractive with various components is good but had you check cross-browser compatibility or not? Yes, this is also part of your designing task. You can take the help of web analytics applications to check the cross-browser compatibility of the website. Which portions need updates and edits in terms of upgrades can easily know through the tools by checking CTAs.

2. Don’t Forget to Add Multilingual Voice-Enabled Web Designs:

Designing work not completed on the design of the website. You must need to take a look at the search engine-friendly activities as well. Designing a multilingual voice enables web design is also one of them. The voice interface with different language support functionality in a website is the most important thing to attract an audience across your nation. This is also a common mistake done by so many designers because they skip this task.

You must know about the web capabilities in the modern world. To enhance the accessibility of the users through the voice search engine this is the major thing for web designers that they can add to a design of a website. Nowadays using voice search optimization techniques to boost traffic and sales is also popular in clients.

3. Adding Heavy Size Images for Multimedia Designing Goals:

Images and videos are also part of web designing. Without images, you can’t imagine your layout of the website. Sometimes, designers also do big mistakes and that is adding heavy size images for multimedia goals or also add videos (that contains too much storage on the page).

They forget about the website loading speed while adding these high-quality elements to the design of the website. This is also a common web design mistake avoids by people. These heavy images also make a bad impact on the speed loading time of a website.

4. Forget About Template 404 Pages:

While designing CSS Web Design designers use many different templates and themes. In the list of most common web design mistakes, one of the big mistakes done by the designers is forgetting to remove 404 pages of the local templates.

As we know, there are so many pages available in the sample templates and sections as well. Not all the time, these pages and sections are required for your current client. Thus, you need to check the irrelevant pages and sections to remove the hassles of 404 pages.

5. Non-Design Oriented Images:

Sometimes, designers make big mistakes in listing or filtering the images for a website. They choose the set of images that are irrelevant or not related to the notion of business. You must focus on the business-oriented web images before going to add the images on templates.

You can’t add non-design-oriented images for a client. In this way, they also use sometimes bad-quality images that are also disappointing to the client. Best CSS Design is mainly depending on the type of images that you choose for a website.

6. A Clear CTA is Important:

In the list of web design mistakes, one of the common mistakes that every web designer should avoid is not having a real-time clear CTA. Call to Action is playing an important role in the marketing and sales of a website. For all lead generation websites, CTA is a must having an element on the website.

7. Home Page Must Not be Filled with lots of Sections or Content:

Nowadays one trend that is going popular in the industry is having less content in the home page section. Nowadays, most of the websites are not full of content on the home page. Adding so many sections to the website home page creates confusion in the mind of users on your website. Thus, take care of the content quality on the main page of a website to avoid hassle-based design goals. A Designer must have a good correlation between design and content management.

8. Apply Designing Thinking Approach Before Going to Live Website:

Designing a thinking approach means keeping in mind the perspective of your client. Designing thinking approach work in the right direction for the designers when they focus on the business niche. Thus, we can say that never apply the designing approaches which not match the designing perspective of the client business.

9. Focus on Grids and Columns Management:

The next thing is about the focus on grids and columns management in a website. If you do not classify this thing then it is not possible to deliver the best designing services to your clients. Girds and Columns are the most crucial aspect for designers to make sure designing goals more elegant.

10. Easy Navigation is Your Success Key:

To get client satisfaction and users good reviews from a design of the website is also depends on the easy navigation. Many times, designers also done big mistakes for making practical’s. To provide something unique they forget about the navigation system in a website. Easy navigation is your success key through which you can give a more appealing look to the users of your website.


In the end, we can say that mistakes can be easily avoided by a designer when they follow a checklist of these silly mistakes. This list is mainly helpful for all those beginners of design learning who are thinking to boost capabilities on a more advanced level.