There are thousands of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions charted on Marketplace, and hundreds of new extensions are developed every day! Most of them are available with great offers, which is enough to make anyone looking for extensions for their online store to feel tempted and install the extension.

Choosing the right extension not only saves your money but also help developers to save their time by quickly adding the desired functionality to your online store. Being an online store owner, you might have Google a lot to find the best extensions for your business. But it is a daunting task finding balanced and legitimate information Magento extensions. And the biggest reason is the most of the reviews and comments you found about the extension is posted either by the developer himself or by someone who has never used the extension!

There are plenty of reputable agencies out there offering excellent extensions, but it might require a bit of research to find what you are looking for. Since Magento is open for all, almost all type of developers invests their time to design extensions. Aside from the individual developers, there are plenty of places where you can find excellent details about the extensions.

Let’s Explore 5 Magento Extensions to Boost Your Online Sales

Magento 2 Contact Form Extension:

Just imagine, you have launched a new product on your online store, and you wish to capture certain information about the customers who view the product. Designing a Contact form is technical stuff and you will need help from the developer, which will cost you a little more! Instead, you can opt for Magento 2 Form Builder. It is by far one of the most popular extensions in Magento.

Magento 2 Contact Form Extension

Key Features of Easy Contact Form Extension:

  • Helps online retailers leverage from unlimited form creation
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • The admin can create a form using different designs
  • Enable online retailers to incorporate additional widgets
  • Brings control in online store owner’s hand by custom role permission
  • Ample support to different field types, i.e. Email, Rating, Radio and more

With this Magento 2 Contact Form Extension, you can manage a variety of forms for your online store with ease. User-friendly navigation, the security of Google, and dynamic content, Magento 2 Form Builder is highly recommended for online retailers.

Magento 2 Blog Extension:

Nowadays blogging is a lethal weapon to boost the marketing efforts of the online store owners. If your online store is not having a blog yet, then you are missing a major opportunity to convert your one-time visitors into a frequent customer. Inspired with the same philosophy, Magento 2 Blog Module is designed to help your online store with a blog without any help from the third-party tools.

Magento 2 Blog Extension

Starting from multiple listing options, showcasing Tag Cloud and ample support for related posts widget, Blog Extension for Magento 2 brings a whole host of features like:

  • Brings appealing and engaging layouts for the blog posts, variety of background colors and more.
  • Enable categorization of the blog post
  • Leverage from multi-lingual and social media support
  • Support for RSS feeds and XML sitemap

One Step Checkout Extension:

If you are one of those online retailers facing high churn ration of the potential customers, this extension is all you need! You guessed it right; we are talking about one step check-out extension. This extension will not only simplify the check-out journey of the customers but also helps your online store become more “interactive” through different suggestions and displaying information on a single page.

One Step Checkout Extension

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Improve the conversion rate by almost 30%
  • Ample support for all kind of payment and shipping methods
  • Ease of integration with various 3rd party applications
  • Enable additional features to help customers leverage from gifting options
  • Ease of installing and customizing as per your business needs

Extension to Manage Gallery:

For any online store, images play a vital role to display and demonstrate product offerings. Having an appealing and engaging image gallery not only helps you attract new customers but also helps you make your online store look professional. With the help of image gallery extension, online store owners can easily display product images and define different layouts.

Extension to Manage Gallery

With this extension, the store admin not only creates the gallery layout but also helps you publish the images on the go.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Highly responsive and mobile compatible
  • Ease of uploading multiple images on the go
  • Supports additional description and titles for every image being uploaded
  • Design gallery on the go
  • User-friendly admin panel

Extension for Creating Multi-vendor:

In today’s time, having multiple vendors in the online store is a key aspect. If you wish to make your online store similar to eBay, Amazon or any other popular eCommerce business, this extension will help you do so by enabling support for creating multiple vendors. This extension helps sellers to upload their products and manage all stuff on their own.

Multi Vendor

With this extension, sellers can easily manage their products and offerings using a separate login. The sellers can leverage from products, sales, invoices, credit details and more from the seller panel. Moreover, you can also leverage from the following features:

  • Unlimited number of sellers and products
  • Highly responsive and user-friendly
  • Separate panel for the sellers to manage their offerings effectively
  • Leverage from timely notification from various communication channels

Ending Notes

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of different extensions available in the marketplace so far. But the list of extensions discussed in this post a few of the most powerful and advanced extensions your online store must have in 2020. Want to know more about Magento 2 blog module or easy contact form extension? Get in touch with us now!