The secret ingredient is always loved! Of course, when it comes to food. But what about a mobile app? What makes a mobile app worth your user’s time and money? A mobile application is far more than just looks; it is even about the feel. A great mobile app considers various factors such as colors, speed, and design to name a few.

A mobile app’s UI/UX design is of prime importance as they decide if your user will further invest in your app. Top mobile app development companies ensure that mobile app is designed in a way that engages its user so that they keep coming back.

Although a great mobile application has various parameters to fulfill, the first and foremost one is ‘user-centric approach. Creating an app keeping the users in mind is very crucial as they decide the success or failure of your app.

As a UI/UX designer, it is also essential to take into account the general design principles while designing the app. This blog will focus on some secret ingredients that will help you design a terrific mobile app.

7 UI/UX Secrets to Design Awesome Mobile App

1) Know Your Target Users

Before you start building your dream app, it is important to pay heed to what your users are looking for. Again, a ‘user-centric approach! You can do it either by a short survey or asking your friends or family and plan accordingly. (Just an idea)

It is not hidden that you first understand your audience before you build a product to deliver exactly what they require. That will not just fulfill their needs, but give them a sense of belonging. Hence, do implement this one before doing anything else.

2) Impeccable Navigation

Poor app navigation can irk your users and lead them to abandon your app. Thus, the app navigation must be friendly & responsive. Tabs should be readable and understandable. Use layman language that your users are accustomed to, to enjoy your app rather than feel overwhelmed.

Moreover, your should know that your users will have different approach and style, henceforth your app should be flexible enough to support their set of demands. Everyone appreciates a clean & user-friendly interface after all.

Another important thing to note is to engage your users by displaying the new features of your app to know it better. Better don’t keep it behind the curtains.

3) Clean User-Interface

Yes, who doesn’t like clean? The same goes with your mobile app too. Make it clutter-free to leave room for elements to breathe, and even your users. (Surely, too many elements in one area will suffocate them.) Moreover, several design elements such as text, images, and buttons will complicate your mobile app as well.

As a mobile app expert, you should know that decluttering UI is one of the worst things you can do to your mobile app. Hence, try clean & minimal design for better user engagement. Try using colors that go with the brand’s identity as too many colors can confuse the users. Simple is beautiful indeed!

4) Push Notifications

Yes, how can you forget this! This is one of the design ingredients that need to be used wisely. Sending too many notifications can even annoy your users and compel them to uninstall your app or disable notifications in settings. Hence, use it wisely.

What you should know is as per recent findings, push notifications in mobile apps engages more users to reuse them. Offering the kind of information that will provide value to your users will certainly help. For instance, sending them alerts about awesome deals, product availability, ‘cab has arrived,’ etc. helps.

5) Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is a must when it comes to language, grammar, fonts, text size, alignment, and white space. Try to maintain consistency with fonts and their size. Using several different font styles will make your app look unattractive and clumsy.

In addition, pay heed to your language. If your team is writing the content, ensure they use the right connotation, words that are easily understood and unoffensive, and no grammatical/punctuation errors. You can recruit expert content writers to meet your needs.

6) Readability

If your users can’t read your read, it becomes futile to even have one. Readability becomes even more crucial when you know mobile devices have small screens and fitting ample information into a small screen becomes quite challenging. Despite that, you cannot compromise on your font size. Make sure your content is succinct and fonts are clear. Use simple fonts if you can, and at least 14/16 font size to make your mobile app content readable regardless of the age group.

7) Aesthetics

Oh yes! Don’t take this for granted. Although simplicity is the key, but don’t forget aesthetics in the process. A simple & attractive mobile app design can do wonders for your app. An eye-catchy design will ensure that your users don’t forget you. And the first impression of your app is crucial so remember it while developing your mobile app.

Implement a seamless onboarding process to explain everything about your app in a simple and fun way to engage your users. Users tend to judge your app in the first few minutes so ensure to make it memorable.

Final Thoughts

Mobile app designers & app developers together can achieve a lot by executing relevant strategies that give a flawless user experience.

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