In this stiff competition, the Businesses are trying their level best to stand up to the expectation of the users and accomplish their required results. To keep customers happy, businesses are now moving towards Mobile app solutions with Mobile App Success.

With every year, we are constantly seeing a huge expansion in the number of businesses moving towards mobile apps. In spite of the number of apps present and adding in the app stores, very few of the apps meet success. Evidently, there exist some concrete reasons, behind the massive breakdown in such big numbers. To understand things in a better way let’s discuss in detail some of the most unnoticed, howsoever vital, factors behind the accomplishment and failure of the apps.

Well, it is important to think about the reason apps are failing at app stores.

There are a number of reasons behind this failure and one of the major ones is that organizations don’t understand the needs of the users, as well as marketing fundamentals. Today, in this post we are going to talk about some of the vital yet key aspects that play an imperative role in the app success.

Learn 8 Underestimate Things That You Should Not Ignore In Mobile App Success

8 things that you should not ignore in Mobile App Success

Choose the right platform

As an entrepreneur, you need to identify which platform best goes well with your grand app idea. As we know that the Google Play Store and Apple App Store provide a similar function, they have diverse guidelines. To make your app a successful one in the marketplace it is good to check the description, logo, icon, screenshots, and images of the app that you are going to post on both platforms. However, there are a small number of elements that distinguish one platform from the other.

For instance, these things play an important part in your app’s user engagement. Setting up the right platform can influence how people react to your app. Moreover, mobile app platforms are also essential because of other factors such as security, safety, size and availability of different types of apps.

Icon of the app

It is something that attracts the user at first sight.  The app icon is one of the preliminary things visible to the users. Each mobile app icon acts as a marketing tool that reminds the user about your brand or services every time they see it. This simply means having a unique icon to keep the audience contented with the app and is important. However, it is very common these days that a few great apps didn’t do up to their ability because of being lacking app icon quality.

Still, there are several organizations that don’t take their app icon seriously and focus more on the other features and ignore the app icon design part, which eventually leads to application letdown. In short, it can be evidently expected that it is vital to have a sensible and eye-catching icon for your app, in order to be successful in the app stores.

App marketing

Most of the companies mainly focus on the design and development cost of their enterprise mobile apps. But in reality, developing a business mobile app is not sufficient for better sales and growth. To make your business app succeed in the marketplace it is good to invest in the marketing of the app as well for its improved visibility among users.

Marketing plays a vital role in deciding the luck of any business app. Every app needs initial marketing to boost the overall position of the app in the app store. Before launching the app in the market it is necessary to have a marketing financial plan. Companies and entrepreneurs can spend on press releases, App store optimization services, reviews, etc. for marketing the app.

Explore market

For your app to become thriving, you just need to conduct audience examination. To make the app successful it is important to explore the needs of the audience and getting in-depth knowledge about the app.

This way, you can explore the important aspects and avoid the aspects that lead to poor app development. Creating different categories also helps you think about the needs of diverse users. It helps you recognize which parts of the project you must prioritize and which features to incorporate in your app.


The design of the application is something that keeps the audience engaging. It is crucial to pay equal attention to the User interface (UI) and user experience (UX). According to the latest survey, it is revealed that successful apps are those that provide a peaceful experience aside from serving its reason.

Users prefer apps that are easy to use and feature-rich. Navigation and functions are the things that matter most to the users. In addition to this the slow loading times, images, broken links, login errors, app navigation, and poor connectivity to social profiles are the main reasons behind the app failure. So never underestimate the designing part of an app. Give proper attention to all these factors when developing your app.

Loading time

We, humans, are impatient in nature and thus need instant solutions. Your mobile app is already a failure if it takes much time to load. The app should not take more than 5 seconds to load. But in case the loading time exceeds then users start to look for alternatives. As an outcome, it becomes extra hard to make users stick to your mobile application. So to make the app successful in the market maintain the app’s loading time in between 2-5 seconds.


Making the app user-friendly is a very vital factor for the accomplishment of any mobile app. Before starting the development of the app, just think about your end-users. It is good to keep in mind the needs of the users and what they are looking forward to your app. Bear all these things in mind and then build a mobile app that is right for specific demographic viewers.

Simply put, the more an app is user-friendly, the more users it will pull towards itself. So, understand the common characters of your target viewers to gather information regarding their needs. This will assist you in creating an app that is more amiable to your target audience.

Convincing USP

Last but not the least factor that you should not underestimate is adding a compelling USP. In simpler words, we can that adding unique features are crucial to make it successful. If you look at any thriving mobile app, you’ll observe that their Unique Selling Proposition is always well-built. They focus their apps on their most vital and strongest features. The chances of becoming successful totally depend on the performance of the app. Therefore, focus on the core features of the app in the first place to make it successful.


To conclude this session we can say that Mobile app development is a tremendously competitive niche. But, if you want to make your app successful it is crucial to take care of all of the above-mentioned factors. You can even hire a trusted App development company for the same. However, the most key factor of all is to solve a genuine problem that users are normally facing. In case we are missing an important factor in this write up then you can do share your views with us in the comment section. We would be more than happy to hear from you about the same.