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You must read this blog if you want to add a new look to your website in the upcoming years. In this blog, you will get a collection of the best new free fonts that rebirth your website and grab the audience’s attention. So let’s get started. 

30 Best New Free Fonts for 2023

We have selected best new free fonts for you this month, including one that extends the boundaries in a subtle but irresistible way, a few retro fonts that recall specific eras, and a couple of exemplary examples of classic themes. 

So, here you can find a new font collection and create a unique combination that gives you an inspiring look on your website. 

#1 Quebra Top New Free fonts by Vanarchiv

Quebra Top New fonts

Explore the Quebra sans-serif Font

The Quebra sans-serif is an excellent choice for projects that require widths. In small sizes, it feels reserved and corporate; at larger sizes, it begins to reveal more human details.

#2 Gazzetta Top New fonts by Tipotype

Gazzetta Top New fonts

Explore the Gazzetta Fonts

Gazzetta is a condensed typeface with sharp joins and soft curves that gives it a various look at display sizes while still being highly practical. 

#3 Ampero Free Fonts by Fred Lambert

Ampero Top New fonts

Explore the Ampero Fonts

Ampero fonts were designed by Fred Lambert. The best use of these new fonts is to break up text and stand out on both platforms ( paper and screen ). Ampero comes in four weights with italics, Cyrillic, Latin, and Greek alphabets. 

#4 Bacalar Best New Fonts by Mateusz Machalski


Explore the Bacalar Fonts

Bacalar is an interesting variable font inspired by the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Bold, simple shapes contrast with extreme tapers, creating a dynamic look in the content.

#5 Frankia Free Font

Frankia Free Font

Explore the Frankia font

Frankia font was created from a desire to update geometric graphic characters, to reach the perfect crossing of two typographic families, and between two eras. It is available for download for free for personal or commercial projects and can be used indefinitely as long as you respect the terms it offers.

#6 Monden best New Font Family by Dušan Jelesijević

Monden best New Font

Explore the Monden Font

Monden is a high-contrast serif with an exciting slant applied to the lowercase h, m, and n letters. Using this top new font family, you can design a fun, gentle, and comprehensive look in your design simultaneously. 

#7 Mangabey Free Font for Commercial

Mangabey best New Font

Explore the Mangabey Font

Mangabey is the best new font for a pitch deck is a brief presentation to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. 

#8 Flecha Top New fonts by Rui Abreu

Flecha best New Font

Explore the Flecha Font 

Flecha is a sharp typeface with precise, streamlined shapes that make it ideal for digital use. There are a variety of styles and weights that provide flexibility.

#9 Belpast Brush Script New Font

Belpast best New Font

Explore the Belpast Font

Belpast Font is a hand-brush font created using brushes and ink. This font is perfect for use in bold watercolor designs or handwriting styles such as blog titles, posters, wedding elements, t-shirts, apparel, book covers, business cards, greeting cards, branding, merchandise, etc.

#10 Wonder Varelia Top New Font

Wonder best New Font

Explore the Wonder Varelia Font

There are countless calligraphic fonts available, but few are executed with the same elegance as Wonder Varelia. It works best as a brief display text.

#11 Roxie Rossa Free Font

Roxie Rossa best New Font

Explore the Roxie Rossa Font

Roxie Rossa is a free new ligature serif font from Toni Studio. Roxie Rossa is a modern and elegant typeface perfect for logos, editorial designs, social media content, product packaging, and more!

This is built with OpenType features and includes ligatures, alternatives, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. Add a touch of elegance, style, and class to your next project with Roxie Rossa.

#12 Okkult Best New Font


Explore the Okkult Fonts 

Horror movies from the 1970s are the inspiration for Okkult. It’s an excellent choice for Halloween, retro Stranger Things designs, and hard rock bands.

#13 Monicha Script best Free Font by Debut Studio

Monicha best New Font

Explore the Monicha Font 

Monicha Script is designed by Debut studio. If you want to give a creative and soft touch to your content, then you can use this font With a lovely curved look.

#14 Southern Beach

Southern Beach

Explore the Southern Beach

Southern Beach is a stylish font that feels carefree and upbeat. It fits well as a hotel, travel agency, or restaurant logo.

#15 Newyork Free Font

Newyork Free Font

Explore the New York Font 

New York is the new Font of a timeless serif typeface. If you are going to create invitations, book covers, Posters, Postcards, advertisements, website headers, logos, etc., this font is a good match for your work. 

#16 Connection Top New Fonts

Connection Top New Fonts

Explore the Connection Font 

Connection is a beautifully drawn typeface that makes unexpected decisions to create interest in what is otherwise a traditional design.

#17 Sumpah Masih Muda Script Free Font

Sumpah Masih Muda Script Free Font

Explore the Sumpah Masih Muda

Sumpah Masih Muda is a free font designed by Wep. With a beautifully cursive look, this font can give you a unique design for your creative posts with letters. 

#18 Lokeya Best New Fonts for Desktop

_Lokeya Best New Fonts

Explore the Lokeya Font 

Lokeya is a playful heel with a distinctly modern-French style. It contains several stylistic alternatives to liven up word shapes and is excellent for branding.

#19 Kurye Light Free Font

Kurye Light New Fonts

Explore the Kurye Light New Fonts 

Kurye is an exquisite and emotional font. You can choose its large family for editorial, brochure, catalog designs, or modern logo and branding projects. This way, you can give your designs a more pleasing aesthetic and unique atmosphere. Kurye includes ligatures, alternate glyphs, and multilingual support.

#20 Grtsk Top new fonts 

Grtsk Top new fonts

Explore the Grtsk Font

Grtsk is a highly flexible set of fonts with two writing systems, seven weights (including roman, back slant, and italic), and six widths that are also available as one highly-practical variable font. You can use this font for any context, from funky to serious. 

#21 Gettion Free FontGettion Free Font

Explore the Gettion Free Font

The Gettion typeface was designed by Nauman. If you are searching to build a sharp straight look in your design or content, then you should try this font at once.  

#22 Slivky Free Font

Slivky Free Font

Explore the Slivky Font 

Slivky All Caps is an entirely free font for commercial use. It has a newly rounded font script for building a cheerful creative for your project. The Slivky Regular & Slivky Regular swash has 44 ligatures.

#23 Beast Head

Beast Head Free Font

Explore the Beast Head

Beast Head is best for you if you are looking for an expressive brush script packed with energy. This top new font is a great branding option for gyms, energy drinks, workout clothing, and music events.

#24 Clurbantik Free Font


Explore the Clurbantik Font 

Clurbantik is a Free font of Cyrillic and Latin script and is a good match for the edgy letters in your creative writing. 

#25 Contrast Free Font


Explore the Contrast Font 

The contrast font script is built by retr0 for free use for everyone. This gives a classic look to your headlines and content. 

#26 TT Espina top new Font

TT Espina top new Font

Explore the TT Espina

TT Espina is a serif face for Books, Branding, Headlines, Identities, logos, museums, Packaging, etc.

Extreme contrasts, particularly large serifs and the bold weight, swell unevenly, creating a unique aesthetic look for the next project.

#27 Noev Free Font

Noev Free Font

Explore the Noev Free Font 

If you are looking for a font for your simple graphic design, the Noev font script by design is the best option. 

#28 Happy Monday

Happy Monday

Explore the Happy Monday

Happy Monday, designed by HansCo, is the retro font script that evokes the late-60s and 70s. It’s the best new font option for branding, editorial work, and T-shirts.

#29 Dindra Handmade Free Font

Dindra Handmade Free Font

Explore the Dindra Display Typeface Font

Dindra Display Typeface is a font script with a distinctive writing style. With the thin Hairlines in all fonts, this font script gives you a handcrafted look.

Dindra will be perfect for many purposes, like Posters, logos, Photography, branding, Fashion Magazines, Logos, Branding, Photography, wedding invitation, Blog Headers, Quotes, advertisements, and many more places.

 #30 Jellee Free Font

Jellee Free Font

Explore the Jellee Free Font

Jellee Typeface is a soft sans serif and rounded typeface design for posters, headlines, and titles. With Jellee, you can create cool and friendly animation looks in your font. 

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