Before jumping into the question which led you here let’s get it clear that what typography actually is? Typography is basically the written part of your websites. From the title to the main content it’s all about typography and that makes it a huge part of the website. More so, the typography is your way of connecting to the audience that is going to visit your website.

If you are a business owner or a Web design company your main concern should be that the websites you launch attract people and help in generating lead. A major part of this is done from the font size, color, and style because words are enough to create an impact on the customers.

For example, you can’t just expect a website that covers a rough niche like sport or tech having a funky and casual looking font. This is why all the best web development companies not only focus on graphics like videos and pictures but they also focus on the font as well.

Typography Really Matters Top Reason in a Web Design

Help understand the content:

Typography has a direct relation with the content of your website. The material that you want to show and the type of content you want your audience to receive is based on the type of typography you choose. For example, the decorative font where the gain attraction of the audience and invited them on your website, they are not suitable for detailed content.

For this matter search up blogs and articles and you’ll see how they would have incorporated their fonts, their size, and style. Moreover, don’t try to fill your web design with multiple types of fonts that will just confuse the web search as well as your audience. Lastly, in the effort of making it attractive don’t go ahead in using the colors which reduce the clarity. In order to take care of all this choose an affordable yet best web development company.

An important part of the whole outlook:

Your typography is also quite responsible for creating a whole outlook and image of your website. Spacing and anything whatsoever which links up with font and words on your screen are related to your fonts. That is why paying important attention to your typography is your way of making your websites survive.

For better-understanding take font styles like caveat or courier new is relatively smaller and thinner in written form. So, when these sorts of fonts are used in detailed paragraphs and reviews might create problems for a customer in reading. Your customers would tend to exit the websites as soon as they will get to it. Hence, when you hire a website design company brief them about the type of content you use in order for them to create a coherent web design

Creates emotional relationships:

The major reason why businesses hire an experienced web design agency is that they want to have a website that not only delivers the message related to their brand but more than that to create a strong relationship with their customers. Be it a fashion brand website or the website of a grocery store it needs to be responsive enough that the customer feels at ease. In this regard where the functioning of the website matters it’s the typography that lets the customer connects to it.

For instance, a website that is supposed to sell kids related items is supposed to be exciting, bright, and attractive. There should be colors and fancy designs. However, the colors of your web design and more importantly font should be related to the overall feature of the web design.

You can’t expect a dull color to stand out on a dull background. Whereas, too bright colors like hot pink and neon green would be too much on a dark background. This, in short, will tire your customers and push them away. Show them something they feel excited about and something they can relate to.

Creates lead:

Your web designs are your greatest way of connecting with existing customers but more than that with potential clients. Industry giants invest in the best web development company for the sole reason of having a website that will help them in reaching the masses. Typography in your web design will play a huge role in generating future and potential clients.

How’s that possible? Well, the answer is simple it takes less than five seconds for a visitor to exit a web site and jump on to another one. In those five seconds, if your website is unable to attract your customer’s chances are, he isn’t visiting you again.

Now, how’s that related to typography? It is because as much as graphics, colors, and a template makes up your website its the font that delivers the message. What do you expect when a visitor will come on your website in search of a query to only receive classy images, impeccable design, and a professional template but non-coherent text? They will leave and that’s how you lose the customer you could possibly have.

Defines your personality:

Another very important feature that typography highlights are defining the personality of your brand. Whether you are inclined towards a minimalist approach or you fancy modern styles? Whether you are something loud, rigid, and rough or a brand that is soft, joyful, and humble? Hence, fonts deliver a detailed message about your character as a brand.

Let’s take an example of a famous book writer who has written a trilogy named The Hunger Games when you would visit their website the fonts are so small that they aren’t even readable. If a big writer who is responsible for such a huge and famous franchise can have such a huge mistake on their website. Chances are anyone can, so if as a brand you go for an affordable web design company makes sure they are also credible enough.

For that matter have a detailed look at their portfolio and look for the reviews.

Impacts the working of websites:

This factor is very important to understand for the sake of not losing customers. Why? Because we are living in the age of fast-paced technology where everything is on our fingertips, where the searches are not based on books but rather phones and if in this world you can’t make it feasible for the people don’t expect them to make it profitable for you.

As your website is kind of a visual place of what you have to offer to the world it has to be approachable at all the platforms be it a smartphone, computer, laptops, tablets or iPads, or even a smart tv. And your font which makes up the majority of your web design has to be apt enough that it responds to each platform in the same way.

For a better understanding of this matter, act as a customer or a visitor and open your website to critically analyze it. Whether you are a blogger, a person selling services, a food chain or any other manufacturer you have to have a font that is understandable on different platforms. Hence, guide your selected web design agency to choose fonts that are suitable for all devices.

Helps in building trust:

Lastly, fonts are directly linked with professionalism and a customer always wants a credible website after all they are going to be linked with it. Keeping all judgments aside think of two of your colleagues one who writes with perfect grammar, good punctuation, and adequate words while the other one is more of a person who uses abbreviation, shorthand or slang. Who is more professional?

Your answer is the solution to the issue at hand, the people visiting your websites will definitely focus on your fonts, their size, style, and color. Now, if your fonts would be either too small or too out of place, or are illegible, or in odd colors as compared to the theme and your brand personality then your audience will not be able to relate with your website.

This in result will not develop the required relationship and trust with your targeted market. Hence, to avoid such an issue it is advisable to invest in the best web development company that keeps all these factors in mind when designing a website for your brand.


Web designing is considered an integral part of a business, especially in this period of technology and advancement as it not only lets you connect with the target market but will also help you in connecting with potential customers. A website also marks your presence in the industry and one which designed by a professional and affordable Web Design Agency will create a strong impression in front of your competitors as well.

Thus, focusing on your typography mainly on its size, style, and color will help you in creating an adequate website for any purpose that you like be it a business brand or personal branding. It helps in strengthening the whole image of the web design. Hence, pay attention to words that deliver your message.