Transactional emails are an important component to fulfill the order process. It provides an update on the order status to the customer. This component also offers valuable information regarding policies and returns.

As per the report of Mailgun, a Transactional Email API Service provider, most marketing emails have around a 20-25% open rate. Whereas transactional emails have 80-85% of it. Regardless of those amazing digits, many businesses don’t modify their transactional emails.

Customization of email content helps in building trust. It enables shoppers to have useful information and use it for purchasing products. A brand gets support by using different fonts, colours and languages.

WooCommerce does have an in-built process for automatically sending emails to customers. That’s why you must edit your WooCommerce email templates rather than customizing every email. There are two options for it. You can prefer the one which serves you the best.

Also, the best team offer you WooCommerce support for your website. You can have it to run your site smoothly.

Why use Email Templates?

Email templates are the best medium to add images, copies and links to an actual template. You don’t have to test and send it to your subscribers. The email templates are key tools to stay agile and assess their marketing efforts.

Following are the reasons to use Email Templates:

1. Save Time

Email Templates decrease the time required for sending emails. On average, professionals spend 28% of office hours to read and respond emails. Templates save this time and increase output.

2. Streamline the document management

Email templates make the management of documents more convenient and efficient.

If you run a business, it lets you keep documents in a particular location. It makes easier for an employer to opt the correct template for their tasks.

3. Assures consistency of the brand

You cannot expect your brand to maintain consistency if employees create emails from scratch. They will forget to add the logo or theme colour and will use shortcuts to save time. The employee may convey the wrong email to the customer. All these mistakes will bring inconsistency to your brand.

So, email templates are the best method to reduce the chances of employee mistakes.

4. Improve Email Response Rate

A business must have fast communication with its customers. When potential customers send an email, they expect a fast response. For this, a business must use an email template to decrease wait time and respond to an email.

5. Decrease Human errors

Human errors are common while sending or responding to emails. It brings a perception that the company is less reliable. To reduce human errors, Email Templates are best. It reduces the chances to make errors in an email.

6. Minimal disruption

Email Templates are the easiest and most efficient way to streamline a company’s workflow. An employer can use it if senior employees are available for help.

How to customize the WooCommerce email template?

There are two options to modify the WooCommerce email template. They are :

  • With plugins
  • From the WooCommerce dashboard

1. Customize the WooCommerce email template from the WooCommerce dashboard

WooCommerce provides you with numerous choices for modifying your emails. You can change the email heading, subject, and content for every transactional email. In addition, you can edit it by changing the base color, footer text, etc.

For customizing WooCommerce email templates, go to WooCommerce dashboard< Settings < Emails. Then change the option of the email sender and edit the email template. You can add footer text, header images, and much more. Tap on the save changes button.

You can see how his/her template look by clicking on the link – Click Here to Preview Email template.

You will have to follow the below steps to edit the transactional email template:

Tap on the Manage option given under the emails.

Edit terms like email type, subject, or heading

Approach the “?” icon provided next to the fields. It will display the placeholder strings that you can utilize for the field.

Hence, you can edit the field for transactional emails in this way.

Do note that if you use placeholders, it will enable you to modify email content. This will enhance links with customers and improve business transactions.

2. Customize the WooCommerce email template with the plugin

You must use the best plugin to modify the WooCommerce email template. This option eases the customizing process for email templates. It adds more features so that you can market their product in a better way.

There are several plugins for it. We have discussed some of them below:

  • Email Template Customizer for WooCommerce

Email Template Customizer is an outstanding tool for WooCommerce. It enables you to easily edit your email templates. This free plugin comes with numerous features. One can have user-friendly layouts, media, drag-and-drop email builder, etc.

The plugin allows you to add hooks and different WooCommerce elements. This offers you a completely unique range of email content which you can add to your transactional emails. You can have dynamic content, order information, and much more.

In addition to this, you can add media content and unlimited rows to your email templates. You can add logos, banners, and promotional images to media content. Also, you can preview and test your email templates from the plugin.

  • Jilt

A person can use Jilt to fulfil email needs. It is a great WooCommerce plugin to automatically design and advance email marketing. Also, it supports you to boost your income.

You can utilise the plugin to create newsletter emails. This will support you to market your products in a better way.

The plugin allows you to edit WooCommerce email templates by adding custom-designed emails. Moreover, you can send them via this plugin instead of WooCommerce. This provides you with a completely new opportunity to modify email designs. You can add discount coupons, recover abandoned carts, etc.

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the best marketing tool among others for WooCommerce. It provides you with numerous choices to modify your email templates.

With this plugin, you can create an impressive email template for your customers. It includes a drag-and-drop tool that let you modify them by using code.

You can have lots of additional features in this plugin. It includes promotional emails, recovery cart emails, etc. These features support you to reach out to possible leads.

  • MailPoet

The MailPoet plugin enables you to control the marketing and modify the power of MailPoet. You can add it to the dashboard of your WordPress site.

You can have a drag-and-drop editor tool to change the email template. Do note that the template you are editing manages the feel and look of all WooCommerce emails. You can edit the below and above areas of the primary content and email header. Every change requires you to drag and drop content in the area. You don’t have to edit a template or do coding on it.

3. Customize the template with code

WooCommerce offers you everything to change the flexible email templates if you are a developer.

To access it, go to the WordPress dashboard, select WooCommerce, tap on Settings and then on the Emails button. Discover the email for change and click the Manage tab. There is a note at bottom of the page that informs you about which PHP template is linked with that email.

Every transactional email includes a template combination. This enables you to have more command over the change. For instance, if you want to make changes in the footer, you will have to work with email_footer.php. To change the email header, you will have to make edits in the email_header.php file.


In this guide, we have discussed diverse ways to edit your email template. You can do it with plugins and the WooCommerce dashboard.

Customizing the WooCommerce email template helps you in many ways. You can promote brand awareness, update buyers on order progress, etc. No matter how much experience you have in coding, WooCommerce offers diverse ways to customize the template.