How-to Guide: Google Analytics Form Submission Tracking

Most advertisers love Google Analytics because the tool is free and provides the same quality of services compared to paying platforms. It’s also easy to determine how visitors stumble upon your site. You can easily see other keywords that visitors use to reach your website and also identify which links the visitors click more.

How to Track Form Submission Using Google Analytics

It can be difficult to understand how to use Google Analytics. The following tips will enlighten you on how to do that:

Start by Creating a WordPress Form

The first step is to create a WordPress Form plugin. Including a contact form on your sites has immense benefits, such as improving communication. Contact forms allow for quick communication with your visitors. It also protects you from scammers who might steal your Email since there is no display of your Email. This also helps you to develop particular content lines to enable readers to know that you are the one sending Emails. It’s also easy to control the details collected from your site.

Google Analytics Account

Setting up Google Analytics accounts is easy. To create Google Analytics, you ought to click on the start for free button. Establish a property (website) in your account. This is where your website data is collected. The next step is to create a reporting site for your site. Views allow you to create perspectives using your data.

Adjust your account, website, and views to allow access to your information and which details are available. For instance, you can link your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts to share information effortlessly. You can also set up your Google Analytics goals to establish which actions visitors can engage in on your site. Next, program your tracking code to collect more data. You can even download the analytics application. Great brands have used this method; this website – book of ra – is a great example!

Monsterinsights Plugin

Monsterinsights plugin is excellent for WordPress Google Analytics. Monsterinsights is also useful for Google Analytics for beginners because it allows you to access ads, visitors, conversions, and even forms. You can do all this without any coding knowledge.

Monsterinsights plugin provides universal plugins and you can also view your site’s dashboard and analytics. You get real-time statistics and you can see who is online and their activities. This also improves eCommerce tracking and helps to track ads and affiliate ranks.

Monsterinsights for Google Analytics

Using analytics google tools is easier with Monsterinsights. When you download and install Monsterinsights plugins, the Setup Wizard launches automatically. Choose your category, save, and then continue.

The next step involves entering your license key. To get your key click on the ‘retrieve your license key.’ A new tab opens and takes you to your account’s dashboard so you can copy the key.  Return to the previous tab and paste the key to get verified.

Next, connect Google Analytics to this site (your site) then choose your account and sign in to Google. After this, allow Monsterinsights to access your data for effective functioning. This action sends you to your dashboard to customize your settings and finish the setup.

Monsterinsights for Google Analytics

Installing Monsterinsights Forms

It can be difficult to track any contacts from your leads if you don’t have Forms Addon and Monsterinsights. For instance, an individual who has no Monsterinsights has to create Google Analytics goals for each WordPress forms he creates. This takes a lot of time, especially when your website has several forms. Additionally, if you’re doing event tracking, you will require additional tracking codes for every page you put your form. Monsterinsights takes this burden for WordPress users who have installed the Addon. You ought to install the Addon from this source ‘Monsterinsight Forms Addon.’


If you want to check your conversions, you can log into the Google Analytics account. You can view the general report of your site. You can also see the number of conversions and impressions. Visit your dashboard and then go to Event Action. You can easily determine which pages attract the most contact form submission.

UTM Codes

UTM codes can be utilized to offer advanced tracking. They help you to track which social media site provides you with the highest conversions and referral content. It also helps you to track the success of your campaigns as well as why somebody might be contacting you.


Using Google Analytics to track form submission is not as complicated as some people make it sound. Creating a Google Analytics account is the first and easiest step. The steps above are simple and straightforward even for beginners. They make it easy to set up without help.

Do you think Google Analytics is a great tool for tracking form submission? Please share your views with us.