Is your online business making you the money you want? You have worked hard, used aggressive marketing to promote your brand but still wondering what might be the reason for having slow growth? Have you looked into your website? Sounds silly right? Well, here’s an interesting number for you; did you know according to market research, more than 50% of visitors choose to not buy from a website for having bad navigation and overall poor aesthetic of the website? In short, the position of the design elements of your website matters – a lot! If they’re neglected, they’ll cost you in the long-run.

With some coffee, planning, and work,  your website can become a money-making machine of your business. Interested? Well here are the top three things you can do to ensure that your site is truly helping you bring revenue for your business.

Here are Some Top Guide To Increase Revenue Through Website Design

Call to action button:

A well-designed website interface determines the way a user interacts with your service or products. Great thought out site plan enables you to place a call to action button at the perfect place and guide your visitors towards your desired outcome. Performable discovered that the red Call To Action button boosted their conversion rate by 21%! Want to know more about CTA? Here are some facts; SAP found that if you use orange color CTA, you can boost conversion rate over 32.5%. According to Copy blogger, if your CTA design looks like a button, it can expect more than a 40 % boost in clicks. So, did you consider these design aesthetics during the construction of the website? If not, then you know how important this is for your business growth. Get in touch with one of the best website designing company in Delhi.

Simplified navigation and infrastructure:

Did you know? According to Google, more than 60% of users are unlikely to return to a website on mobile if they had difficulty accessing it and 40% of users visit the competitor’s site instead. What does it imply? Websites that are confusing to navigate provide bad accessibility to the users which lead prospects to search for alternative options. The simpler the structure of the website, the more comfortable it is for prospects to navigate. Each segment must tell a story; it requires a purpose and an outcome for the user. The design must help the content to highlight what are the most significant pieces in that story.

Think When talking to a Website Design Company, discuss the easiest layout you can imagine and start adding necessary components when needed. In the end, you’ll be shocked how hard it is to keep it simple.

Customer review:

Did you know more than 70% online shoppers read customer reviews before making a purchase? And let’s be practical. We both know whenever we want to buy something we go through user review first to determine the viability of the product, service or brand.  If you want to increase your business review, ask your customers to review the product and your brand after making a purchase. This will help to increase transparency between you and your clients as well as this process will help the next prospect to get an overview before making a confident purchasing decision about your service. But hold on, it’s doesn’t stop here. According to SEO updates, online reviews are going to play a vital role to determine the brand’s position in the search result. So at the end of the day, customer review is crucial. We advise you to develop a separate webpage if you are not an e-commerce website owner to put reviews in one place to make sure your prospects have easy access to it.

Design for the customers:

Do you know more than 60% Of businesses fail at digital transformation only because of bad design implementations? When developing your website, rather thinking about designing the website as per the organization, think about building it for the customers. Before adding any features or making any changes, the business owner must study how these changes will affect the end-users.

Managing a business and keeping an eye on the necessary design element is not an easy task. Some business owner recognizes these trends and facts but fails to implement those trends due to our fast-moving digital world. Others are simply unaware of the essential changes that need to be taken into consideration to survive. Whatever might be the reason, if you are not following and implementing essential design aspects for your business website, without doubt, you and your business will have to face consequences.

Fortunately, a web designing company can help you in the development of a website that draws prospects and revenue. If you are a business owner, who is desperately looking for an answer to boost earning, give us a call. We are Unicode Solutions, one of the best website design company in India, serving to fulfill your every digital need.