Thousands of businesses are emerging online and trying to race up with the world of potentials. With millions of established online businesses, SEO has become a prerequisite today to take your business to sky-touching height.

SEO is undoubtedly the best way to grow traffic no matter what industry you are in. When it comes to your business being present online, you have to create a website.

The next crucial factor is to optimize the website efficiently and promote it so well, that you get a good rank in the search engines (Google).

Most of the businesses online want to optimize their site for Google and do you know why?

First of all, 93 % of all online experience happens to begin with a search engine.

Moreover, Google still dominates others, being the No. 1 Website in the globe according to both SimilarWeb and Alexa.

List of Websites

Building a digital business necessitates an understanding of SEO and its application in the first place. In simple terms, SEO is a marketing technique that helps in ranking a website in search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing) result pages.

SEO is the most inexpensive and best among any other digital marketing channel. SEO can be great for small businesses and startups to achieve great ROI within a limited budget.

Now the question is, despite millions of businesses being online, how could your site rank in top search engine results.


That’s where you will need my guidance.

Check out these 6 actionable and efficient SEO tips that could take your business to the next level by ranking your site higher in Google.

6 SEO Tips to Benefit Any Business

Build a clear Site Structure

You should start by creating a well-structured site so that it becomes easy for both search engines and users to crawl and navigate through your site. Most of the users find it irritating if it takes too long to reach their desired segment on your site. According to Google user experience plays a very important role.

Keep your site structure simple 

  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Sub-Categories
  • Solid Internal Linking
  • Headings
  • CTA

These are the basic factors that make up your site. Avoid putting heavy visuals to run your site smoothly and keep it simple. A clear site structure will help Google crawlers to understand your content quickly, index it and rank it.

Secondly, make sure that your users can navigate to one division to another easily and it will help raise their staying time on the site or may also buy something that they like.

Ensure Solid Linking strategy

You should focus on both internal and external linking because it is a constant process. It is essential for you to link your websites to other relevant and niche websites to boost the visibility of your business. Try connecting to as many people and businesses as possible.

Use internal linking to create the basic site structure so that you can link every new content. Orphaned content makes it hard for Google to crawl. Crawlers will miss a piece of content on your site if it isn’t connected to the rest of your site.

External linking plays a crucial role. Thus, you need to create a network of high-quality external backlinks to get known in the world of business and reach a massive audience. Google itself recommends building backlinks to your site.

Backlinks imply Positive Votes. It helps Google understand that you are legitimate and it builds trust.

Learn to build quality backlinks or you could also hire a dedicated SEO expert to help your business grow by increasing domain authority of your site.

Search Console Help

Rolling down to the next and very important factor of SEO.

Mobile First-indexing: The ongoing need

Mobile traffic overtakes desktop traffic in 2016 that’s the reason web designers are focusing on the Mobile-First indexing algorithm rolled out by Google last year.

It simply means Google will use the mobile version of the webpage for indexing and ranking purposes.

Today more than half (52.48 %) of internet traffic comes from mobile devices and it is increasing.

State of Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

The game is all about user interface and mobile-oriented site structure. Monitor every aspect of your mobile-optimization and improve methodically.

Do not forget to include Social Media

Boost your brand’s name and promote it with the help of the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. It will help you by targeting more potential audiences and drive them to your site.

You have to attract audiences by using a solid social media strategy. You can start by creating more discounts, referral programs, run campaigns, and promotions to engage more people and convince them to buy your products.

The active number of social media users has reached 3.3 billion and it is still rising. Interacting in social media will help you to get reviews and feedback so that you can grow your business.

Create brainstorming content

Unique and quality content creation is one of the top SEO marketing trends this year. Your business size doesn’t matter, creating fresh and useful content is mandatory for every business present online.

Few things to keep in mind while content making

  • Long-form content ranks higher than short-form content.
  • Your content should be useful and relevant enough to appeal to your audience.
  • Content doesn’t necessarily mean texts and long paras. Include pictures, micro-videos, GIFs for better visuals. It helps to keep your audience engaged.
  • Your content should match your headlines, keywords and meta descriptions according to Google algorithm

You have definitely heard of the phrase that “Content is King” and it is 100 % true.

Monitor your Website and Improve

This is not the last SEO tip but is one of the crucial ones. Only applications of SEO will not help you until you monitor your changes properly and analyze what to improve to get a better response.

Choose a useful free tool to monitor your changes and progress and most importantly rank your site higher in Google. Try implementing change step by step. Do not rush, because you won’t know what is working if you apply everything at once.

Now you definitely know how important SEO could be in building up your business step-by-step.

Start growing today by picking up your SEO expert wisely.