If you are searching for technical skills every developer should possess then you are at the right place. As a developer, there are many technical skills that you should have in your resume to grab the best job opportunity. 

You might be thinking about what software developer skills are needed in a professional career. If you are a computer science student or doing any course to become a developer there are certain technical developer skills you must be aware of. However, if you already have technical skills then you can create web apps using admin dashboard templates. 

We all know how technology is overtaking everything and there are so many tools, platforms, and programming languages coming out in the market. In this article, we will discuss 10+ most important technical development skills that will be beneficial for resume building and will help us to become a good web developer

Explore Technical Skills Every Web Developer Should Have

1. Data Structure and Algorithm ( DSA):

Data structure and algorithm is the most important skill you should have as a developer. Most companies check whether you are a problem solver or not and whether you have coding skills. Data structures and algorithms are the heart of programming, so as a developer or a computer science student you should make a strong effort to learn data structure and algorithms.

2. Programming Languages:

To become a good programmer you must have to learn at least one programming language properly. There are many programming languages but some are the most important e.g python, java, C+, and C++.

If you want to choose one amongst them then you should be aware of which programming language has the most demand in the market. When you’ve figured that out you can start learning that language. Once you’ve learned a programming language for instance react then you can also use react templates to create web apps

3. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs):

IDEs help you in many ways for example modifying, debugging, compiling, etc. Every programmer should know how to work on IDEs to make their work easier. In a simple way, IDEs are a great way to make work smarter not harder for programmers.

4. Operating System:

Every developer should have a basic knowledge of operating systems. During the development, most of the issues occur due to the operating system such as memory issues. While working on a project every web developer faces so many issues like conflicting the tool issues because all we have to do is work with it. Most of the programmers love to work with Mac, Linux, or windows.  

5. Cross-Platform Software:

It is challenging for a programmer to make a product that can be used on different operating systems. As all of us know that nowadays people are making their work easy to carry with them by switching to mobiles and tablets but still some people love to work on their PCs. So, in order to do that the product should be so easy to use on all platforms.

6. SDLC (Software development life cycle):

SDLC is a step-by-step process used to develop software by ensuring its good quality. To become a good software developer you must know about the requirement analysis and maintenance of a product. Feasibility study, implementation, coding, testing, deployment, maintenance, requirement gathering, and analysis are the most important phases of SDLC. 

You should have a better understanding of all these steps in order to become a good developer.

7. Encryption and Cryptography:

All of us know technology is everywhere nowadays, so most web applications use the personal or sensitive information of the user. This can be vulnerable. Encryption is the process that secures the private information of the user, it also helps to prevent any site from hacking this is mostly used by organizations to secure their site and information. 

During the encryption process, public and private keys are two methods that are widely used. Cryptography is the process that helps web developers to make a good security system. 

8. Basics of Testing:

The process of finding bugs and checking whether the site is ready to use or not is called testing. To become a good programmer you should know the methods of testing like NUnit for C#, JUnit for Java, and Embunit for C or C++. 

9. Microsoft Excel:

When it comes to coding or implementing software we think that a  developer has to do nothing with Microsoft Excel. It is an essential skill as it helps web developers in data analysis, data quality checks, maintenance of data, and many more. Microsoft Excel is mostly used to insert bulk data in databases. 

10. Networking Basics:

Developer’s work is mostly based on client servers where the request goes through the network as the clients can be from anywhere in the world. To develop and support an application an understanding of basic networks is necessary.  

11.Text Editors: 

Not only beginners but also expert-level programmers use a text editor. To become a smart and productive developer every programmer should learn the text editor and some keyboard shortcuts that will help them as a developer.