If you are a web developer, then you would surely understand the need and importance of Google chrome extensions. The tool is extremely valuable as it helps web designers to be efficient in their work.

It is not just the tool alone, but it comes with many extensions that prove valuable for designing various designs and website development. Overall, the tool is a complete package that you would need to develop amazing and appealing CSS submission sites.

The useful 21 Google Chrome Extensions:

Google Chrome extensions are programs which when added to the browser enhances its functionality for delivering a better user-friendly experience, including these benefits:

  • Better management of passwords and social media content
  • Restricting the display of unwanted ads
  • Taking high-quality screenshots and home screen video

These 21 chrome extensions can be used for the best CSS design:

1. ColorZilla:

For any web designer playing with colors holds great importance. This extension ensures to provide enough help getting any color – be it simple or advance. Moreover, with the use of this tool, you can conveniently adjust the color of your choice and then can paste it wherever needed.

2. Notepad:

As suggested by the name, this extension is extremely helpful in keeping a track of all the notes quickly and easily. It doesn’t need any additional login or any extra file, you simply can access the extension and get its benefits for managing all your notes.

3. Grammarly:

This is a recommended extension for all those who love to write. The extension can be relied on to get mistake-free writing without any hassles. Moreover, it also available in its free version which makes it even attractive to use.

4. View background image:

This extension offers you an easy hand to extract the background image from your favorite websites or pages. You no more have to take complicated steps as all your work will be done easily using this extension. You can easily install and use it.

5. FontsNinja:

This extension is great for all web designers and developers for working with fonts of their choice. This helps in speeding up the workflow while maintaining quality.

6. Responsive viewer:

If you are a front-desk developer, the tool will prove helpful. It can portray multiple screens at one time making it easy to compare them to develop responsive websites without any hassles.

7. CSS Scan:

CSS scan ensures to conveniently check the CSS of the web elements with just a single click without the need for any other tool.

8. Lighthouse:

With this extension you can improve your web page quality by checking it for its performance, response time, design, SEO, loading speed, etc.

9. WP Sniffer:

This useful yet simple extension can be used to detect the WordPress theme which is used on the WordPress website within no time.

10. WhatRuns:

This helps in identifying everything about a website. You can get a complete idea of all the technologies used in a website while using WhatRuns.

11. Broken link checker:

As the name hints, this extension is useful in finding the broken links on the websites. Thus, this helps in detecting and improving the website’s health conveniently.

12. YSlow:

You can identify why your webpages are slow using Yahoo!’s rules using this Chrome extension. It helps to improve the response of the web pages.

13. UX check:

This extension is a blessing for all UX developers. It undergoes a heuristic evaluation to work on issues related to usability and performance.

14. Site Palette:

This helps all web designers to generate their desired palettes. Moreover, it also offers a free extraction of various color schemes.

15. Web developer:

If you are looking for a web developer, you should end your search with this tool. This adds many useful web development tools to the browser.

16. Clear Cache:

Clear all your browsing history and cache data, just with a click. All thanks to this useful and amazing chrome extension.

17. CSS Shack:

You can create layer style using this tool and then can also export them as one CSS file. This tool is effective for CSS winners as well.

18. PerfectPixel:

Using this extension, you can create your website with the most accuracy in pixels. It can be relied on to have pixel comparison to choose the best.

19. Web developer checklist:

It can be trusted to easily identify the problems in any website. It also prevents violations of any best practices during website development.

20. Nimbus:

You can present your perspective to your clients in the form of screenshots, videos, or recorded sessions; all thanks to this amazing Google extension.

21. Loom:

If you are lacking communication with your team members or clients, then this tool is for you. It can be used to record, instantly share, and watch all essential information.

So, amidst all the tools, which one you liked the best? Let us know in the comments.