Ever since the origin of the E-commerce store, slowly but steadily its popularity was grown. It will not be wrong to say that E-commerce business is booming more than that of retailers when done the right way. However, to get your E-commerce store noticed you need to advertise a lot so that it catches the attention of people.

But let me tell you that promoting your E-Commerce is not at all an easy job, and paying for advertisement becomes like a vicious cycle when you are trying to launch your app. You need to tell more and more people about your app to get the maximum number of installs so that you can start earning revenue. However, the catch here is that most of the forms of advertising themselves need revenue.

You will be amazed to know that the standard price for paid advertising costs between 8-$12 per installation. Apart from that you also need to make money to pay off the app developers before you can start earning revenue.

So, the question here is how to end this cycle? 

Well, there are many alternatives available to help promote the Shopify Banner App, without having to spend tons of money. To do this the very first that you should do is optimize everything within your Shopify network. Here is how to do it:

  • Make sure to optimize yourself for the search in the Shopify app store.
  • Improve your app listings.

Instead of ending into the never-ending cycle of advertising, here are some of the tips to do internal marketing on Shopify without spending a penny.

A smart alternative 

Instead of paying for spreading a word, you can now go for a smart alternative and that is- banner exchanges. These are the networks that exchange banner ads among the members. It means that once you are a member of the Shopify team; other members can publish ads on your site and vice-versa. It is simple yet a genius strategy at the same time.

Moving ahead, let’s take a look at the strategy for creating a great banner ad copy, broken down into two steps!

Step 1: Describing your message

Step 2: Creating your text 

Step 1: Describing your message

Of course, you will want to write down something attractive in your ad to attract the attention of the visitors. However, before you write down anything you should also keep in mind the fact about what message do you want to send across to the merchants. Make sure the put down two points in the ad:

  • What issues are being faced by the customers?
  • How your solution is different and unique from everybody else?
Focus on General problems

The scale of the Shopify merchants that you are targeting might affect whether a general or specific message works best. The reason is pretty simple here. In larger stores, there will be a specialized person or most probably an in-house agency, regarding which service to procure. Most of the time, they may be looking for a solution to a particular kind of problem. However, when it comes to smaller stores, the decision is not made by the specialist and the needs of the customers are very basic and so you should try and focus more on the general problems that the customer can relate with their experience.

Identify the USP of your product 

You need to understand the unique selling point (USP) of our product, which you can promote to your customers:

  • You have developed something completely new to the market.
  • You have developed something similar to other products but have much better features.

If your USP belongs to category one, you can use words like “The first” and “The only”, to hint the customers that your product is completely new to the market. If your product falls in category 2, like most of the products, you can point out how your product is better like price, easy to use, customer support, and compatibility.

Step 2: Creating your banner ad text 

Once you have decided what do you want to say to the customers, the next is to decide on a strategy on how to make the message engaging and interesting? The banner app Shopify ad text can be divide into two sections:

First section

The Heading: It consists of 2 to 3 words in a much larger font. The objective is to grab the attention of the visitors so that they see and click on the ad. There are so many engaging formats that you can use for the heating like starting from question mark type headings like Need? , struggling with?

Not just that, you can also go for an old classic of before and after format like No more, Goodbye to or Say Hello!

Second section

The Subheading: It consists of 6 to 10 follow up words that give insights and extra details of the product.

Lastly, lets talk about the color for your Shopify ad banner?

Make sure that the color stands out and attract the visitors, after all, that is the entire point of creating an ad banner, to attract customers. I would like to give a tip here that “The weirder it is, the better it is”. Let’s be honest that weird things attract attention and so will the colors, so instead of trying to play safe go for colors that are bright and are in contrast with each other.

The classic example of weird, yet amazing color on the logo is that of Mozilla Firefox. The contrast between the colors of orange and blue is weird and yet mind-blowing at the same time!

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