Top 10 Online B2B Ecommerce Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are flourishing, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, COVID-19 is one of the biggest catalysts for B2B eCommerce. Due to travel restrictions, isolation, and quarantines, the traditional B2B companies are shifted towards eCommerce platforms to increase online sales.

Now, more and more brands shifting their businesses completely to an online marketplace. It is observed that B2B retail sales in increasing worldwide and would increase by 17.8%, which is almost $4.213 in 2020. And in 2021, it grows to 19.6%, which amounted to $4.921. By 2025, it is projected that worldwide retail sales will increase to $7.385 making up to 24.5% share of entire retail sales.

worldwide retail sales

No offense if you call B2B eCommerce a frontier. The global B2B eCommerce value reached $149 trillion in United States dollars which is 5x times as compared to the B2C marketplace. Interestingly, it is a rare thing that B2B retailers and buyers are willing to use online marketplaces instead of in-person selling.

Whether you are new to the B2B world or leading as the top firm, linking with top B2B marketplaces is crucial today. Read this blog, if you are on the hunt for the best B2B platform.

B2B Ecommerce Marketplaces to Consider

For a business that is looking for B2B eCommerce marketplaces in 2022, there are plenty of eCommerce marketplaces to choose from them.

Here you will read the most popular B2B online marketplace to start your business. So, let’s dive into it!

1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is one of the giant ventures among the B2B eCommerce marketplaces. At this comprehensive marketplace, you will connect with the directory of buyers and sellers. This platform has a huge collection of valuable products that range from “a to z”. Whether you are looking for fitness equipment, apparel, or automobiles, you get all over things on the one go.

eWorldTrade is one of the responsive sites that is equipped with the latest technology to give a seamless online experience. It has AI-integrated chatbots to get valuable suggestions. It has filters to navigate products and get the desired ones easily.

This platform was established to help every small to medium-sized business to give a competitive edge over rivals. It helps its customers to do trading safely fastest and most reliable trading.

2. Amazon

Everyone is familiar with the top online B2B eCommerce marketplace Amazon. This platform was established in 1995 to sell books online, and gradually, it transforms its marketing strategies and become the leading B2B online marketplace around the world. This platform aims to connect buyers and suppliers to grow their brands.

Amazon has a huge range of products catalog that includes automobiles, clothing, and heavy machinery. You almost get everything from thousands of brands without hassle. Once you join this B2B market, you are allowed to manage inventory, offer minimum order quantity, and access a huge product catalog.

3. eBay

eBay is a growing name in the world of the B2B industry. It creates strategic policies to help entrepreneurs to operate businesses globally. You can access a wider network of companies. It lets to develop interactions with millions of customers. It gives you eligibility to get in touch with global distributors to find valuable products. It has a simple and interactive user interface that engaged visitors efficiently.

eBay has invested money and time to make this engaging and highly-responsive sites to gather visitor attention. Once you connect with a platform, it increases your brand reputation globally and connects you with targeted customers easily.

4. Alibaba

Alibaba is the biggest name among the online B2B eCommerce marketplaces that connect wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers. This site has been working in this field for decades and made a reputable position around the world. It helps businesses in expanding their horizon on an international level. It has a personalized B2B catalog, multiple price lists, and an interactive user interface.

Alibaba was introduced by the Chinese entrepreneurs with aim of facilitating potential wholesalers and retailers to find the targeted buyers. This platform is known as the hub of reliable and authentic traders.

5. Wish

Are you looking for a mobile commerce platform? Then, the wish must be your best choice. Wish is the most popular global marketplace that usually sells products from Chinese suppliers at cost-effective rates. The good thing about this platform is that retailers can find a huge quantity of valuable products at inexpensive rates.

In the United States, it is the top downloaded shopping app and has a total revenue of $2.5 billion in the year 2020. It makes things simpler for merchants to import items in huge quantities. It also allows them to use a CSV file for descriptions, tags, and product names and add unique product IDs.

6. Made In China

If you are lookout for the premier B2B eCommerce marketplace, join Made in China. This B2B platform is created to help businesses to connect with authentic suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers from all over the world. This online marketplace offers an advanced web-based experience, and it is backed with the latest technology, so visitors enjoy navigating the products.

This platform has a huge collection of products at highly affordable rates. From gadgets to equipment, you can get what you want in a few clicks

7. Handshake

Do you want to connect with the best wholesale marketplace to find trendy products? Join Handshake today. It is one of the unique eCommerce platforms that allow you to get handpick items from a wholesale marketplace. The dashboard of Handshake is quite straightforward and let’s permit you pick an array of products quickly.

This wholesale marketplace is set up by Shopify. In this eCommerce marketplace, you will find thousands of trusted suppliers. It helps ticked all your boxes to give an excellent user experience.

8. B2B wave

B2B wave is the perfect SaaS eCommerce platform for manufacturers and wholesale distributors worldwide. It streamlines your business activities and allows you to manage your inventory. This B2B eCommerce marketplace lets you connect with thousands of customers and receive unlimited orders from them. You can manage inventory, sets the availability of a product by date, and enable backorders.

9. is the eCommerce site that carry out function from Beijing and becomes the largest B2B eCommerce marketplace worldwide. This platform is rivaled by the leading online marketplace that is Alibaba. It was inaugurated in 1998 and started as an online business after 6 years. It unveils the high-tech delivery system, AI system, and fleet of drones. is smaller than Alibaba but considered the best B2B marketplace in 2020. Offer the fastest delivery and provide multiple payment options.

10. EC Plaza

EC Plaza is usually recognized as a Korean B2B company. This platform is also ranked among the top B2B marketplaces. You can find wide-ranging Korean products at highly competitive prices. You can even avail of deals and discounts on the massive collection of top brands. This site has been created in 4 different languages to aid customers most efficiently. It assists its consumer in different languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English.

EC Plaza is one the cost-effective B2B eCommerce marketplace, where you get highly qualitative Korean products. When businesses get to connect with this site has an opportunity to join the international market and increase their reach.