Web designing is one of the most important aspects of your business as it sets the standards by which the audience perceives your brand. It won’t be wrong to say that the web design reflects your identity, which helps you be distinguished.

It is important to choose a reliable name from the available web design companies in Columbus. An innovative and attractive web design keeps your audience leads focused on your page.

If you are looking for the best web design companies, especially in Columbus, here are some of the names you can trust in our award-winning websites list.

List of the best web design companies in Columbus:

1. Web Chick:

Whether you are an established brand or a startup, you will find every help related to web designing with Web Chick. The brand is one of the best names available in the market, which offers essential services like web designing, SEO, online marketing, etc.

With their experience of working with more than 300 websites, they truly can give you the best web design according to your identity.

Web Chick


2. 2029 Web Design, LLC:

If you are a small business or a startup, this is the right brand for your web designing needs. It helps small businesses attract many eyes and leads their business to increase their ROI.

Their specialty is designing web designs compatible with different digital mobile devices. Thanks to this, users can access your website from everywhere and anywhere.

2029 Web design

3. Janszen Media:

The brand takes all the pride to create innovative, creative, and responsive web designs. It helps entrepreneurs get the best and most relatable web design ideas for their business. Most importantly, all the offered services are affordable.

Another important quality of this one of the best web design companies in Columbus is that they first understand your business needs before delivering the expected web design.

Janszen Media

4. Client Solution Innovations:

Well, as indicated by the name, it brings innovative solutions to the clients’ needs. It can handle the web design needs of businesses of different sizes. Incepted in 2007, the company has successfully made its place amongst the clients.

Apart from web design, the other services offered are – SEO, digital marketing, branding, consulting, etc.

Client Solution Innovations

5. AFS Web:

It started its journey in 1996 by providing web design services to the metro area in Columbus. The brand has worked with companies working for different niches and thus, can understand your requirements very well.

Also, the brand has years of experience and expertise to help you set up your unique identity for gaining a competitive edge.


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6. Alpha Dog Inc.:

The next name on the award-winning websites list is Alpha Dog Inc. With more than 25 years of experience, the brand has extended its services to various small businesses.

One of the best benefits of this brand is that it considers the SEO-friendly and user-friendly interface of the website, which ensures creating a lasting impression.

Alpha Dog

7. Altogether Web Design:

You can expect nothing less than the best services from Altogether Web Design. The brand focuses on being innovative and creative with the web design services while aligning with the brand value and unique identity.

The main areas of focus are small businesses and non-profit organizations. Apart from web design services, you can also get SEO services, logo design, social media content, etc.

Altogether Web Design

8. The Media Captain:

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable web design company in Columbus, you can trust the offered services of The Media Captain. With a team of young and dynamic professionals, the brand is well-known to give you a unique identity.

The brand brings together different ideas from their out-of-the-box thinking to help you gain a competitive edge. It mainly offers its services to small and medium businesses.

The Media Captain

9. WebFX:

With its in-depth knowledge and years of experience, WebFX is the next leading and one of the best web design companies in Columbus. The best quality of the brand is that it invests most of its time to understand the needs and requirements of its clients. As a result, it ensures delivering responsive design to increase the ROI of its clients.


10. Green eSolutions:

To get a visually engaging and appealing website, you should definitely try the web design services of the Green eSolutions. Thanks to its decade-old experience, it can create your business website revolving around the client’s brand value and culture.

Green eSolutions


Web design is an important aspect and shouldn’t be compromised. Thus, you should choose the best and most reliable name from the award-winning websites list. Ensure that the chosen name is compatible with your brand value and culture for utmost satisfaction and lead generation.

If you still have doubts and are looking for relevant information, we are here. Connect with us in the comment section, and we will surely get back to you.