As ecommerce is expanding its roots to every nook and corner of the globe, there has been a significant rise observed in the number of smartphone users utilizing the same. This has even created a stir among the companies to make their websites mobile-friendly. To optimize your website for mobile devices, there are several parameters to be considered.

Let’s quickly dive in and understand the factors essential to build a mobile-optimized website:

Website Should Be Secured With SSL

While considering the factors for building a mobile-optimized website, the website’s security is one factor that you cannot overlook. Trust of the customer is important, and due to the large proportion of mobile users today, the websites have to put more effort into retaining that customer segment. With this cybersecurity measure in place, hackers will have a tough time intercepting the customers’ PII, thereby engendering greater trust in your consumer base.

This can be achieved with the help of buying an SSL Certificate for your website. SSL encrypts the in-transit communication that is exchanged between the web browser and the client-server.

It may be a costly or affordable deal for a website holder. Let’s say, if you are going for EV SSL for higher authentication then, it would be a costly deal on other hand, if you are looking for a cheap SSL certificate that carries domain validation, the deal will be a low-priced deal. With the variety of SSL Certificates available in the market, you can choose the one that best suits your bespoke requirements.

Emphasis on user experience

All the major players today are focusing on an incredible user experience as the key to success today. It is thereby important not to ignore the major chunk of traffic through smartphones and aid them with the incomparable user experience. The website should be designed appropriately with the help of experts and mobile-optimized at all stages.

The development of various components should be according to the smartphone users too. Therefore, they should feel welcomed on your website, and the features should be inclusive of them. This way, they will establish more association with your brand, and you can expect a long-term business through the same.

Least number of pop-ups

Amidst several factors to be considered when optimizing your website for mobile use, it is important to consider the user’s comfort as supreme. At times, it is seen that the pop-ups are not easy to close, providing a sense of discomfort to the users. These are even considered harmful to the overall user experience, and experts suggest minimizing them as it can result in a user leaving your website completely.

User testing can play a positive role in such cases where you can know where to place them and check if there’s any discomfort it is giving to the user. Also, a fewer number of pop-ups indicates the smooth experience of the user.

The website’s loading speed

Another extremely crucial factor in building a mobile-friendly website is the speed with which your page loads. As the websites and businesses are making all possible efforts to score good SEO, you must take care of the loading speed for the mobile users. As the users approach several websites at the same time, in this way, you must keep the website speed good to catch their attention.

The videos must be turned off for mobile users, and images should be compressed accordingly to enhance the loading speed. One can use the numerous available testing tools to find out more about their website’s speed and the ways to optimize it.

Simple menus for mobile users

The trend of browsing websites through mobile phones is reaching an all-time high. Due to the comparatively smaller size of the mobile screens than the other devices, it is important to consider the design of the menus, which should be kept simple at all costs.

The desktop menu may come up with a lot of alternatives and contains numerous options for the users. This is different for the users on mobile. Visitors truly feel uncomfortable zooming the screen too much or scrolling for too long. Thereby, the design should be optimized properly to fulfill the requirements.

Shorter forms for mobile visitors

Make a list of all the different kinds of forms on the website. It is not appropriate to ask for a lot of information from a visitor to a website as it is not considered a correct approach. Because the desktop comes with a large screen option, it can be a bit problematic for mobile users. It is better to retest the form and have a clear picture of the information that is essentially required. Ensure that the forms are not complicated and lengthy as you cannot avoid the fact that it becomes a bit boring for mobile users. Optimize your website for mobile devices by paying attention to this very important yet equally essential step.

Do not include large text blocks

The amount of text on the screen of the mobile site should not be too much. We cannot deny that text plays an important role in communicating with visitors but make sure that you keep it crisp in short sentences. Block of text that is larger than required can be uncomfortable and pose difficulty to the users. You should know that the typography conversion is well tested. The content that is merely two lines on the desktop website is already lengthier than required on the mobile screen. Therefore, you must plan the content strictly, keeping the mobile users in view.

Easy customer service for smartphone users

The website is just not restricted to design and management; other parameters determine your success as well. This includes your response to the customers in case of queries. In the case of mobile users, they often have a lot more queries that require immediate attention. Therefore, it is cardinal to provide them with immediate attention to form a long-term association. Therefore, ensure that the contact details, email addresses, and live chat options can aid the users at that very moment.


As a result of the increasing proportions of mobile users with each passing day, businesses need to make their website mobile-optimized. However, with the comfort that it has to offer, it comes with complications for mobile users. The proportion of global traffic through mobile phones is also increasing, making it an even important issue for you as a website owner. In this regard, the steps mentioned above can maximize the traffic and boost up conversions.