Brands of lifestyle and fashions are now spotlighted more clean design for the virtual design. What is a lifestyle brand required to design and develop an astonishing website? Many elements and components are required to merge when it comes to design a phenomenal website for a lifestyle company. Do you want to get an idea of the world’s top lifestyle websites? You can brainstorm this problem when you take a glance at the 5 CSS Awards portals where the best lifestyle brands had already been listed in the category of winners and nominees. These websites give you an idea about the lifestyle brand design and we pick some best examples for you and with these examples, you can start working on your project.

Designers and agencies list their designs for a particular industry on the CSS Awards Website or some websites automatically nominated by the design awards website. Hence, if your designs are also modern and giving an authentic view to the visitors then you can also list your site on the Web Designing Award Website.

Check These 5 CSS Awards Websites:

1). Dezeynne Studio from Canada – Nominee on AWWWARDS:

Dezeynne Studio

Nominee on the leading Web Design Awards portal such as AWWWARDS, Dezeynne Studio from Canada is also an optimal example of the best lifestyle website in terms of designing. Whenever we reach any website, the headmost objective for the visitors is getting an appealing experience on the portal and that actually gave by Dezeynne Studio from Canada on their website to users. How to represent “beauty with the brand” in a lifestyle website is completely done in this portal. However, the site has not become the winner but was nominated by the leading CSS Awards Website, AWWWARDS.

2). FotografoMatrimonio Roma – Listed on Top CSS Gallery:

FotografoMatrimonio Roma

We are making a checklist of top templates or design ideas that you can follow for your lifestyle brand. The second position holder on this list is FotografoMatrimonio Roma. This website was designed by ByRealizzazionesiti web Roma from Italy. When you are thinking to add smart photography components to your website, then you must check this website to get the idea of the design. Photos on these portals are not so much colorful but the use of fade color in the design and light background also gives a more remarkable impact to the viewer’s mind. This website is listed on the Top CSS Gallery as the Best CSS Design. 

3). Ultra-Lifestyle WordPress Theme – Showcase in CSS Design Awards:


One more lifestyle website listed on the “CSS Design Awards” is also in this list. A lifestyle brand that wants to add some products as well on the home page but also wants to make a highly responsive website with the effortless work of UI and UX should take a look at the Ultra-Lifestyle WordPress Theme. As per the Web Design Trends, the emphasis on the high-speed website creates more opportunities to attract more customers. This website is an ideal example of a responsive website. WordPress is already known for the easy to use features and that’s why it is an ideal option for all those users who are non-technical.

4). Alta Moda Lifestyle – Nominee on CSS Winner:

Alta Moda Lifestyle

Alt Moda Lifestyle was nominated by the CSS Gallery Submission Site CSS Winner. If you also want to list your site as the top design on the CSS Gallery then you can also consider CSS Winner for this goal. Precept Brand Agency from Australia design this website. Responsive design with high-quality photographs with some bright and clean components are some features of the Alt Moda Lifestyle Website.

5). Lifestyle Design – Listed in Directory of DEXIGNER:

Lifestyle Design

Had you checked The home page of the website does not vary spacious but small as per the latest web trends. Typography and Photographs are both adjusted perfectly on this website. This website is listed in the directory of “DEXIGNER”. It is also a CSS Gallery Submission Website. To get an idea for your lifestyle website you can also check this example of this site and more sites related to the lifestyle category on this website.

Consolidation of Photographs and Typography:

Right now, the trend of photographer and typography mergers is highly popular. The use of photographs and specially customized photographs in the lifestyle website is popular and that’s why new design options have become the first choice of the brands. Had you check these website examples for your lifestyle brand site or not? We are sure that these websites designs are enough to kick-start your lifestyle brand online journey.

The Bottom Line:

Hence, if you are also thinking to design your lifestyle website or your client’s lifestyle website and are not sure about the different components of design then take a glance at these CSS Awards Websites. Here we only give few examples of the lifestyle site design of these CSS Gallery Submission Sites but you can also explore countless alternatives in this way.