Are you looking to start 2021 with a new perspective? As the world enters a new era caused by the widespread of the Covid-19 virus, almost all of the world’s economy has crashed down. With the boundless power of the Internet, small businesses have had to figure out methods to get online, continue their operations, and stay competitive during this pandemic. Having a website to represent a business or personal brand online has become essential. And this had spawned a substantial increase in demand for web design services.

Web design, in general, is complicated. Designers are often faced with new web design trends and keeping up with conflicting ideas can be a hassle. What makes it extra challenging is that design innovations do not just happen out of the blue. Designers need to stick to the budget, update the software and hardware, and even mind about the effects of the changes on the overall user experience. Knowing about these, is there any good behind following new web design trends?

Before we answer this question, remember that, according to recent studies, 94% of first impressions correlate to your site’s web design, 75% of brands online credibility comes from web design, and 89% of consumers tend to shop with a competitor or other brand after a poor user web experience.

New trends that involve web development and user interface all create large impacts on any business that has ventured into the digital industry. Being able to keep up with the trends is one of the ways to remain competitive and stay relevant online. One cannot deny that with every trend, better designs are introduced. The standards are raised high, not only in terms of how the design looks but also with all the accompanying improvements. Loading time, for example, is ultra-fast with certain designs. If a website is able to adapt or continuously update, users are also able to experience these improvements. The ease of use on the website ultimately leads to brand recognition, trust, and loyalty.

So if you are planning to have your own website soon or you already have an existing one but wants a fresher look to increase your bottom line, here are some awesome web design trends for 2020, to give you more inspiration for the upcoming year.

10 Web Design Trends Based on Aesthetic, Animation, Distinct User Interface, and User Experience

1. Bike Shop Interaction Concept

Bike Shop Interaction Concept

In this design, users are able to virtually experience configuring the bikes. One can easily see how giving the customer a virtual feel of the product can change the perspective. The animations significantly improve the user experience compared to just looking at still pictures.

2. More Interactive Web Concept

More Interactive Web Concept

Although the design only uses photos, the addition of the blue string gave the design fluidity. It is simple and yet it gives the photos life as if they are actually moving.

3. E-commerce UI Interactions

E-commerce UI Interactions

The design is very simple and yet moving. Imagine all the product variants being presented side by side and then the choice gets highlighted with all the descriptions and links to buy it. Its simplicity is what makes it effective because it gives the user the idea that purchasing items can be hassle-free.

4. Boundary Supply Web Concept

Boundary Supply Web Concept

This interactive design gives the user an instant view of how the product would look with different attachments. It is engaging and sort of amplifies the excitement of the user with such an interactive method of scrolling through the product variations.

5. Minimalistic Storefront Interaction

Minimalistic Storefront Interaction

Surfing the web with this website is a whole new level with the user actually feeling like literally surfing through the pages. The secret is on the design that gave the pages a sort of wave effect, like being on the water. This visual experience makes discovering the content even more exciting.

6. E-commerce Catalogue Concept

E-commerce Catalogue Concept

There are websites that work with really simple designs. This sample may be simple but it can complement well with an apparel shop. The muted colors bring out the design of the clothes and accessories. The idea is to keep the focus on the products instead of a loud and distracting background.

7. Pet Food Website Concept

Pet Food Website Concept

The design is so simple and yet you can get shivers from the piercing look of the cat. This is a great example of how powerful an image can be if edited nicely. The animation once the user scrolls is very stimulating as it is very realistic! It may be simple but naturally engaging, especially for pet lovers!

8. Web Banner Animation Concept

Web Banner Animation Concept

Again, micro-animations for the win! Those little transitions of blooming flowers make the design look exciting. For a feminine website, the subtle movements instantly warm the heart and make the products look more enticing and high-end.

9. Kith Transitions

Kith Transitions

The little transitions enable the user to explore the details of the product. It is simple and yet affords the user of a closer look at the details, which is a very important factor when shopping online.

10. Page Parallax Concept

Page Parallax Concept

This design would work great with sophisticated brands that are all for a minimalistic approach. It is simple yet with enough interactive feels to it for a user to feel transported into the actual store.

Wrapping things up…

These design trends make it extra challenging to meet customer expectations and also stand out from the crowd. However, web design is vital for any business because it impacts how your target audience perceives your brand. The experience you offer while they use your website will either get them to stay on your site and actually try your products and services or leave your website and to walk away and turn to your competitors. With effective web design, you can keep your leads visiting your page.

Using high-quality images

Across all these trending web concept samples above, you can clearly pick out what makes the designs outstanding. It is the use of high-quality images that transform a boring design into an exceptional piece. Some of the designs look artful enough to be exhibited, to be honest. In achieving these designs, you can see that the designers are careful with how they treated the images first before incorporating them into the design.

Using images with transparent backgrounds

In a nutshell, they carefully removed the background from the image then played with layers. They must either use a background removal tool or painstakingly went through the manual process. If you want to recreate any web design inspiration, a free background remover is highly suggested.

Applying micro-animations and smooth transition

Another concept that is evident in most of the samples is the use of micro-animations. There are no big, over–the–top movements that tend to be distracting. Instead, the designers focused on hints of animations, enough to keep the users interested. These micro- animations also gave the website more life, very far from those sans animations that look dull and uninspired.

The trends may be constantly changing but one thing is for sure, high-quality images will always be a part of it.  It is highly recommended for aspiring designers and companies, as a whole, to invest in their image processing methods first. This is to ensure that they do not only get professional-quality designs but also succeed in achieving their goals using the new web designs.