As we grew up we all have some special place in our hearts for games. Be it younger or older, games refresh the minds of each individual and over the years just the format has changed drastically. Previously the games used to be outdoors which had large involvement of physical activities and this has changed with respect to time. Generation deferred but the love for games remained the same which still makes us feel alive. The transition that took place in the gaming world from the 19th century to the 20th century was tremendous and opened up a whole new dimension.

What are slot games?

Slot games are often judged wrongly by the people as it involves some risk factor and therefore it is mistaken as gambling or any other risk involving game. Slot games are basically virtual games that are being played on-screen, unlike the ones which were used to be played on the field. Slot games aren’t like any other computer game which is created completely with the help of software and animations as well as graphics. Slot games have an interface that is designed by top-level artists. As slot games are not dependent on graphics and animation it is a very skilled job to create a slot game. The characters involved in the slot game are designed by the slot developers with the help of highly skilled sketch artists. Therefore the interface of the slot games is way different from the computerized graphic games.

How are slot games being played?

Slot games involve some risk and this risk is just to level up the fun element and raise the intensity level of the game. Slot games involve very basic graphics and animation as most of the design is being made manually. These games are played in two ways, one way is which involves a small amount of money and the other way is in which virtual money is involved just to spice up the fun element. Money is being considered as points which you earn on winning and looses on losing respectively. There are other alternatives for money as well like virtual money or coins, chips, etc depending upon the choice of players involved in the game. Therefore the belief formed by people regarding the risk involved in slot games can be considered as misconception and can be discarded to some extent as it is the matter of choice by the players whether to involve money or not.

How slot games are being developed with the help of slot developers?

While creating slot games the slot developers have to decide on what platforms the game needs to be accessible like whether it should be a mobile game, a desktop game, or a web game. Once this step is sorted out then only the next step can take place. As we all know creating games involves the usage of programming language and coding and the language input required differs from platform to platform. The game designed for mobile phones cannot work for desktop or web and similarly, a game designed for web or desktop cannot work on mobile phones and vice versa. Therefore the selection of platform remains the first step while designing a game. Once this is sorted out only then the codes to run the game can be designed.

The most commonly used platforms where games are being accessed and the coding language input used for it

  • Mobile phones
  • Desktop
  • Website

Mobile phones

Mobile games are very low-resolution games and do not require complex codes while designing. It can be created with the help of simpler codes in comparison to desktop and web games. The language input required for mobile games is java, Kotlin, Objective-C, or swift.


Desktop games are high-resolution games and often require complex codes while designing. As the graphics involve in such types of games are advanced, the most advanced codes are needed to be prepared. High animation requirements are met only by the language input created. The language input used for desktop games is mainly C++, C#, Lua, and Java.


Web games are medium resolution games and require more complex codes than mobile games but less complex than desktop games. The graphic requirement for these games is higher as well therefore advanced codes are required. This is only possible with the help of advanced coding language. The language input used for web games is commonly Javascript.

Softwares Used for developing slot games

The development of games is completely dependent on the game engine being used. For example, two widely used game engines are Unity and Unreal which are most commonly used for desktop as well as mobile games and it is also used in console gaming. Research says almost 50% of mobile games use a unity game engine. Therefore game engines are a vital part of the process of development of a game as it is nowhere possible to have a properly functioning game without the inception of the game engine in the development process. Some of the most commonly used game engine software are

  • Unity (Desktop + Mobile)
  • Unreal Engine 4 (Desktop + Web)
  • Corona (Mobile)
  • Fusion (Mobile)
  • Construct 3 (Web)
  • Phaser (Web)

Out of this game engine software some software is designed specifically for mobile games and some for desktop and web. As we can see Unity game engine can be used for both mobile and desktop whereas the unreal engine can be used for desktop and web. Corona and fusion engines are designed for mobile-only whereas Construct 3 and Phaser for web only.


Thus we can clearly see the transition of gaming from the 19th century to the 20th century has truly opened up a new dimension which has increased the level of excitement among the players and also a sense of knowledge of developing a game. This has helped very well in arising interests of people towards technology and anticipating efforts in understanding the concepts behind the development of the game. We can easily predict the advancements in this sector in the near future.