About Top CSS Gallery

Top CSS Gallery is a unique design global platform for showcasing and awarding the top websites with CSS web design. Our platform is endorsing, backing, supporting and promoting work of best web designers, developers, freelancers and digital marketing agencies. We popularize the finest websites built elsewhere through CSS Gallery, increasing their competency and consistency as well as awarding the most excellent out of them. Please explore the CSS design examples in our Top CSS Gallery website.


Prestigious awards are presented for exceptional creativity and technical aptitude for CSS web design. Frontrunners are being greatly rewarded and acknowledged for innovative web design trends by means of industry leaders and the multiple daily visitors of our Top CSS Gallery website.

There are numerous CSS design gallery features to be evaluated to meet our range of selection criteria. The selected website gallery submissions that have healthier scores have a better chance to be nominated for the particular title of ‘Site of the Day (SOTD)’. SOTD website is specifically placed and being presented on our home page. The details will also be publicized on social media and professional networks to make the belongings popularized.


To make this achievable, we have a team of expert designers is working for Top CSS Gallery website continuously day in day out. This team keeps a very close watch on every website gallery submission considering the worth of the sites. It ranks sites in the back-end on the basis of the features like customer experience, innovation in design, overall creativity and quality of content being displayed by these websites. All of them are skilful in this procedure and well practised in the domain of website design as well as graphic designing.


Any approved website submission is entitled to participating and receiving an award based on the evaluation. Top CSS GALLERY website comes up with new awards and winner sections in the website on regular time intervals. As mentioned above we give importance to all the authentic submissions. Our privacy policy has the full rights to deal with the submission and result rules we have prepared for evaluating and judging our CSS awards. The submitted designs always remain the sole property of the website owner and the winners do not carry the right to question our web portal rules. The winners are being honoured with best of their reputation online and being presented amongst the popular digital space.

Other than Site of the Day (SOTD) awards there is even another recognization like the most recent, most liked and most visited website listing awards.