With the advancement of technology, we can experiment with CSS for bringing uniqueness to websites. The properties of the latest version of CSS3 are very powerful and are compatible with various browsers, even Internet Explorer. More so, the animation, interactivity, and typography of this technology have never been so amazing. However, finding the best web for your inspiration can be quite challenging.

Do you know, the secret to great website design inspiration? It is not about exhibiting slick visuals and whizz-bang features but lies in delivering a great experience through a layout and navigation that guide users to where they want to go quickly and seamlessly. That said, if it can resemble beautiful as well, that’s the frosting on the cake.

Here we list 10 excellent examples of CSS sites that will provide a blowup of web design inspiration:

1. Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function (FFF) is splendidly designed backed by HTML5 and CSS. The website is designed by the popular Korean developer Jongmin Kim who works as an interactive developer at Firstborn Multimedia in New York.

Kim elaborates the real meaning of his site, pursuing an aim “minus design rather than plus designs” and ensuring that form follows function. As you can see the style of his website is very minimal, stylish, and utilizes the golden ratio as well as appealing typography.

2. Amazee Labs

With expertise and poise, Amazee Labs is the top example of CSS. Designing fresh websites and providing community solutions, Amazee Labs bring your brand to the web-based on the modern open-source framework Drupal.

Being in the industry for years, developing sites for different industry verticals such as television networks, charities, digital agencies, and businesses, it’s explicit that their site has touched almost everyone.

3. A&W

CSS circumrotation remodels are used on the header text, presenting the A&W site a fun print-menu feel. The group at Cornett IMS required a site for A&W that was more than a burger, logo, and root beer.

The optimization of font-face is to provide Metroscript, more so, the Century Gothic fonts form a custom, pleasant type system.

4. The Gently Mad

The Gently Mad is a topic-agnostic podcast about passionate web creators. Adam Clark, the mind after it, walked away from a conventional blog design when developing it to create something with a little more impact. It has been promoted on the best CSS gallery on various websites!

The large header and elegantly designed episode list communicate that there’s a special touch to this design. Clark started with ‘more insane’ CSS3 transitions and fades, but expelled them, he mentioned.

5. Nolowene Nowak

Nolowene Nowak demonstrates her skills with this fun online portfolio- a great example of CSS being used to excellent impact. If you scroll down and check out the timeline section, you will mark that the CSS-driven layout effectively defines basic rules to create a module that transforms from a horizontal to vertical layout on smaller screens.

6. Caava Design

The website attracts users with ideas of scrolling animation and parallax functions. Design studio Caava has an elegant new site. Users are pulled in by hints of scrolling animation and parallax functions, while the focus stays on the portfolio.

Scrolling through the site, signs that balance the various sections together with the animate top and left positions, holding the experience cohesive.

7. Fitbit

Fitbit’s site design is light and bright, highlighting icons and colorful statistics graphics. Fitbit makes activity trackers and systems to record activity,  document your body weight and fat, and monitor sleep. This information is wirelessly proclaimed to Fitbit, where users can set goals, see graphs, and compete and share their progress with others.

8. Mammothbooth

The mind of creative people behind MammothReach designed this cool photo booth MammothBooth. The Detroit-based artists of MammothReach craved to build an amazing photobooth the world has perceived and with that, the MammothBooth website was born.

MammothReach is known to rotate transform resources as it boasts a huge spiraling fire image that’s in continuous rotation. Fun content slides in as you hit the various sections of the site with animated style properties.

9. Lab Partners

Lab Partners present their work with a vivid and embellishing website. Art and design studio Lab Partners, operated by husband and wife team Ryan Meis and Sarah Labieniec, has propelled a unique website that is one of the best models of CSS around.

The consideration of detail shines through for each page. The work section emphasizes a curated layout, which enables the portfolio to feel particularly original. The project thumbnails have a great hover area that takes benefit of the opacity property by simply dividing the hover state.

10. Pizza Brain

Pizza Brain is completely responsive and appears great on smaller layouts. Examples of CSS, can’t be concluded with this! Established by Brain Dwyer, Pizza Brain is the globe’s first Pizza Museum and restaurant.

The website promotes press releases and a blog detailing the progress of the endeavor and highlights branding created by Michael Almquist.

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