One of the most basic questions that every novice developer asks before developing or building any new project is that “how to build web design project?” or “What does a customer need from us?”. There are certain points or guidelines through which any newbie can learn how to develop a web design project or Website Development Company. The process is quite tedious, but it works by all means. This list or guide has been made only to help clients in preparation for the web project. This guide can help the developer build a simple website with the least number of complexities.

The 4 step process to create a web design project is mentioned below-

1. What Types Of Client Are You?

The primary step is to understand the involvement of the respective clients in the project. There are a few clients who want to build the website only because it is mandatory. They do not expect any element of consumer attraction on the website. Also, there are some highly creative and intuitive clients who want control of the flow in their hands and ask the developer to edit every part of the website according to them. Therefore, it the duty of web design project manager or the web design project developer to identify the type of client before development or launch of the project.

2. Do The Homework Before The Start Of Any Project

Before any web design project, the client must do the homework. Here, homework stands for market research. Market research includes identification of the competitors, identification of the trends that are being followed by the industry and identification of the offerings that the competitors present to their customer. As a prominent competitor, we must also know how the competitors are providing solutions to the problems to their customers via their respective website. We ought to implement a similar solution on our website.

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3. Do Market And Demographic Research

Every business stands on two basic pillars: Market and Consumers. Clarification of the identification of typical consumers that are going to visit the website is essential. Every industry or businesses have some fixed types of consumers that visit their website or an office for one to one meeting. Identification of such customer is crucial.

For example, if the business is a small scale enterprise then a simple one-page website will suffice the purpose and will give the appropriate message to consumers about the company. However, if the company’s work is on a creative side than the depiction of this can be done using a colorful website with good themes. The end goal of any website should be that it should fulfill the needs of consumers. Failing this may result in the complete devastation of the business.

4. Creation Of The List Of Pages, Content, And Functionality

If we want web developers to develop the website on time with 100% accuracy, then a list of contents could be beneficial. For example, If we want a complete 5-page static website then writing the contents of each webpage on a separate page can help the web developer to understand the concept better. If we want a dynamic website, then the instructions should be given appropriately. Building a sitemap can help us and the web design project manager understand the scope of the project in a better way.

The next most crucial thing to remember before building a website is the number and type of functions that we want on the website. Some of the common functions are CMS, Blog, dynamic content, shopping cart, etc. All these functions should be discussed with the developer before start designing to avoid additional costs and frustration of the web developer. Hence, deciding the scope and functionality of the web design project can not only save us money but also time.


Complexities and confusions are created when the customer who wants to hire web developers to build their website is not clarifying the exact needs of the website and sometimes every webpage. If the customer has a budget in which he/she can get a simple website and yet, expect the developer to build a website which can attract costumers then that is a false need.

Before going to any Hire Developer Team, we should be pretty clear about the idea of the site and be very subtle while explaining it to the developer. Ideally, there should not be any variation in the website once the contract is given and work has been started. Middle-way changes can cost us both money and time.

Investment in a website is a one-time investment which can give us unlimited success if properly executed. Therefore Homework has greater importance whenever we start a business and want to build a website. Our purpose of building the website should be as clear as glass.