Today people are getting high returns through online platforms and growing their business on a larger scale. WordPress has brought a platform to build an online website that can be integrated with recent features and functionalities according to the business requirement. As the future of your business depends on the website or application you need to hire a WordPress developer who knows the correct marketing strategies for your business.

What are WordPress Plugins?

The plugins help in adding new features and functions to your WordPress website that are essential to make it user-friendly. There are so many options of plugins that can help in building an online store like:

  • Use the WooCommerce plugin to start an online store
  • Use the Job Manager plugin to create a job board
  • Easily integrate a plugin to start a website for coupons
  • Integrate the Envira Gallery plugin to start a photography website

Any custom WordPress Development company can inform you about many such plugins depending on the business requirements. There are plugins to improve the performance of a website like SEO, page loads, social media buttons, add contact forms, and many such.

The best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins for Online Store



This plugin is used to convert the WordPress platform into an e-commerce store with the best functionalities in the market. This plugin is gaining popularity in the market as it builds and grows the online stores rapidly. It gives unlimited support for products and customers for free of cost. There are some paid extensions available in WooCommerce that can be integrated easily and help in boosting the performance.

Some key features of WooCommerce are:

  • Easily add themes and extensions to your e-commerce store.
  • It supports digital downloads and physical products.
  • Add external products to the website giving a better experience
  • Assign a store manager if necessary
  • Supports many payment gateways to complete online transactions
  • Calculating taxes, shipping costs, and more can be done automatically
  • It has excellent support and community forums

Some benefits of using the WooCommerce plugin:

  • Small scale business does not have to spend much money on building an online store
  • It has regular updates which means your platform will have the updates market trends regularly
  • So many WordPress web design companies are creating extensions to resolve store owners’ issues and add advanced features.
  • Using WooCommerce one has the freedom to build a website for subscriptions, promotions, appointments, or sell digital goods.
  • Built-in support of major payment gateways

Cart66 Cloud

Cart66 Cloud

This can be a good choice for people who don’t want to indulge with add-ons. Cart66 has many built-in features that are simple to configure.  It has minimized the number of add-ons that are used in plugins to work smoothly and effortlessly. Let us look at the reasons why it is one of the best WordPress Ecommerce plugins:

  • The owner or developer can easily select the free or premium features of e-commerce
  • The features are built-in which means that it saves time that you spend on searching for the better add-ons.
  • Most of the development work is completed by the Cart66 team.
  • There are tools like list segmentation, follow-up-emails, drip campaigns, and many convenient tools that available in the WordPress dashboard
  • It has support for both digital and physical products
  • It has so many options for online payment gateways that are required by the e-commerce platforms
  • It is packaged with recurring payments, content restrictions, and subscriptions.

BigCommerce WordPress Plugin

BigCommerce WordPress Plugin 

These plugins attract business owners to build their websites using WordPress. BigCommerce can work on multiple sites and without any issues of syncing.  The inventory and sales can be managed from a single dashboard. It has headless commerce that means it handles the frontend to give more space and speed the payments processing on the backend.

The benefits of using this plugin are:

  • This combines the best e-commerce platform with a Content Management System.
  • BigCommerce has partnered with many processing companies and get better card processing rates
  • The E-commerce section is handled in the backend and content is managed in the frontend that makes it potentially a platform.
  • The PCI compliance is handled by the BigCommerce and plugins should work on the security

Shopify Plugin

It is a cloud-hosted e-commerce solution and makes it easier to sell products online. One just needs to sign up into Shopify and unlock all the features of the plugin. It can easily handle the payment gateways, shipping price, taxes, and security issues. Some key features of Shopify are:

  • It supports physical and digital products for the platform
  • It has a bulk importer, inventory editor, order tracker, and inventory management
  • It accepts different payment methods for online and offline.
  • It has a streamlined shipping system and integration with popular providers
  • Shopify can be integrated with every platform

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

The EDD is a simple and intuitive plugin that manages the digital products on WordPress. This plugin has focused on digital sales and a cleaner interface. It gives a full shopping cart that processes payments and makes it more user-friendly. Benefits of having this plugin in your e-commerce platform:

  • It has advanced solutions for physical products and features that make them feasible for the customers
  • It has an extension library that has add-ons and helps in creating an advanced digital store.
  • It has rich options for the payment gateways
  • It has a free primary plugin and small businesses can easily work with these features.
  • Custom WordPress development company prefer EDD to take advantages of the RESTFUL API that gives full control of customization
  • The main features of the online stores like shopping cart, discount code, customer management, and data reporting are readily available with this plugin.
  • The plugin has tools for mailing lists, refund tracking, affiliate system, and more.


In this blog, we have jotted down some of the important WordPress plugins that should be integrated into your platform. The business owners need to hire WordPress developers to take advantage of such plugins for using their money and time efficiently. Reach us now as we have an experienced team of developers who will ensure to provide the best support and services in the market.