6 Web Design Aspects to Take your E-Commerce Portal a Notch above the Ordinary

Businesses think about every aspect through which they can get good traffic on their portals. Many visitors are what all the companies look forward to so that they can reach their target audience in large numbers. Consider your chances as to how well you can perform in a particular marketplace. Take the example of Dubai. Any company has to figure out what they can do in this city, given their potential and the product/service they are about to market.

The following are the six design aspects that can make a website work. Play with the psyche of the visitors, and half your battle will be done. Apply these aspects, and I am sure you will get to your goal of making your visitors go for your product.

1. Above the Fold 

Think of this as a newspaper folded down as you see it on a news-stand. We can see only the upper half of the page and, without holding the paper, can’t see what’s in the lower half. Similarly, websites also operate in the same way. So, what you need to know about this to make a mark with an effective website? Read on.

You need to put much of the content above the fold so that your visitors can check out the content in one go. While some users scroll down to see the whole website, more than 80% of them check out what they see on a website without scrolling down. That’s why putting virtually all the relevant information above the fold is the order of the day.

2. All CTAs at the Top of the Page

After going through the factor mentioned above, don’t get a notion that you have to cramp through everything on the upper half of your page. Visitors on your website may be tempted to act upon a CTA, but everyone likes to see all of the offers before proceeding. According to Chartbeat, after the analysis of 25 million visits, they concluded that most of the engagement happens below the fold.

It’s like using your complete arsenal right at the start of a war. Not every person will be willing to buy a product just after going through the initial few lines of your webpage. A nice CTA with a great tagline right after a great blog or below an informational video can do the trick for a website.

3. Follow the Standard Layouts 

Apart from the design, the theme and layout of a website can also attract visitors. But don’t think only a peculiar and this world, the design will work for you. Most people still prefer standard layouts as they would know where to find all the information they need. Not everyone is fond of a design or pattern that looks cool but has no relevance to the featured products or the industry.

It is always good to create a design that looks good to differentiate your brand but not at the cost of making it look completely odd. It is always safe to follow the standards to make your work do the talking. Think about how a mobile phone would look if it is made oval or round in shape. A rectangular shape is a standard, and a little tweak is fine; something completely different won’t work for sure. For example, a logo on the top left and search bar at the top right is the standard, and you need to follow it for sure-shot success.

4. Rotating Sliders 

Rotating sliders have been popular for many years now. It is one of the best ways to show multiple featured images and information right at the start of a website for the best impact. But there is one glaring problem with this; many visitors see only the first image as they scroll down so that they cannot see all the images of a slider.

Messages on the slides, no matter how important, will be ignored by the visitors, and the whole purpose of using them on the homepage will not be utilized. Most importantly, visitors’ call to action will be missed, which is not the ideal scenario.

5. Use of Images 

For selling a product, like a leather jacket, you need to think about what can make a person go gaga over your product without actually having a feel of it? It is the image and the video through which you can excite him, and that’s why images can be really important to deal with.

The use of the jackets in the image section must be impeccable, with everything is taken care of to enhance the impact. But just the image of a Bomber jacket would be enough to entice your visitors? The use of people wearing them on occasions such as winter or the bike can enhance the experience to a great extent.

Real people, especially celebrities, can make a great impression and get people’s attention instantly. That’s why using stock photos of people holding a jacket that you will see on dozens of websites is not advisable. A little research and hard work will go a long way in achieving your goal.

The use of arrows in giving your visitors clues or guide them towards a CTA or order page is a great way to make things work for you. After all the labor and sweat in this aspect, go a little further to make things work for you in a snap.

6. Be Descriptive 

While the images and videos are pretty much self-explanatory, a short description, especially highlighting the product’s features, can boost a product’s chances. Navigation must be visually prominent. The visitors start using the website from the header and then go towards the footer. Your description about a product or how many ways a visitor can use it will make them go for it or get inclined to use it.

Generic navigation labels will not get you anywhere. Instead, use customized descriptions so that a person interested in your product will know what your product offers and what are the salient features not available in the product by another company. Finding this or any other aspect difficult to implement? There is always the option of going for a consultancy service with expertise in offering impeccable website design in Dubai.

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