When you are a business owner, you always tend to look for the services which will help your business grow. And the growth means digital growth too. This involves a lot of stuff, from content to marketing to social media and many more. The reason why an internet marketing agency is opted for is that it provides all these requirements and you don’t have to hire and manage individuals for each of these. This brings down the budget while increasing the ROI.

In this blog, however, we shall be talking about what are the things that you need to look for before deciding which internet marketing agency is good for you to hire. Certainly, your choice of an internet marketing agency will depend on your specific needs.

6 ways to decide that an internet marketing agency is good for your business:

1. Check their Portfolio:

Naturally, this has to be the first thing that you would want to check before hiring any digital marketing agency. Find out what all work they have done for their clients. This will also give you a clear idea of the quality of their work. An efficient marketing agency always has a portfolio on its website to showcase its work.

If it does not have it, ask for it from them. Does their work aesthetic match your own preferences? Do their clients’ websites have original informative content? Is the work accurate and perfectly targeted? If they offer website design and development services, they themselves should be having an exemplary website too. Check for those and gather as much information as possible.

2. Assess their clients’ search engine rankings:

Ask the online marketing agency for its ranking portfolio. This includes the kind of businesses they are working for currently, the locations they are promoting in, the keywords they are working on (local keywords, generic keywords, long-phrase keywords, brand keywords). Also, find out about the traffic of the clients.

Once, you have the data, you can even tally them to check their authenticity. In case the agency is from a different country, there might appear small differences in ranking. In that case, it is always suggested to communicate with the agency and get things sorted out. Also, consider checking the reporting format. Sometimes, the reporting format data has some errors which will get clear when checked along with those mentioned above.

3. Ascertain their strong online presence:

Certainly, for an internet marketing company that ensures effective services for all its clients, it should have a strong online presence.

The kinds of things they are promoting with their website, their social media channels, whether there is any major complaint against them when you search for their brand name on Google, whether they have a red mark against their name, and other such things are essential to be looked into.

It is also recommended to read what the clients have to say about the internet marketing company you are thinking of hiring. Check out the Google reviews, the Facebook reviews, and find out about the complaints. An efficient agency always replies to such reviews and takes them all into consideration with assurance and takes the necessary steps to solve the issues. Client reviews help you a lot in knowing what you can expect from the company.

A very important thing, in this case, is testimonials. If such a digital agency has a testimonial page on its website, go through it, and read what the clients have to say about the services.

Make sure that the agency is not making use of black hat SEO strategies (excessive use of keywords, paid links to websites, duplicate content, etc). All these are used to trick Google and gain ranks in much less time which is otherwise not possible. Gaining ranks takes from months to years.

4. Go through their Blog:

A blog is a proof that the online marketing agency knows its job. It should have a blog with information on various topics related to digital marketing. Make sure that all the content is original and is updated consistently according to the latest trends. You should be able to tell if the blog is compelling or whether it is just used for the sake of higher sales. It will also help you understand the tone of the company.

5. Talk to the representatives:

To clear any doubt, it is suggested to communicate with the digital marketing agency before hiring it. It is usually the account manager who is contacted for this purpose. Or if need be, you can even want to talk to the project lead or the project coordinator as well. This is useful in finding out whether they are aware of the type of work you want, your business, and the results that can be expected.

6. Ask for a custom action plan:

Some digital marketing services will have plans that are already chalked out for you to opt from. These may or may not work for you and the only way to find out is to put them to use. This can be risky. So, always choose an agency that offers tailored action plans. An efficient agency analyses the URLs, the target market, the keywords, and based on the analysis, come up with a strategy fit for your purpose and goals.


Keeping these 6 ways in mind will help you decide whether you should hire a particular online marketing agency or not. However, another point, in addition to these, is to make sure that you own all that the hired company does for you. This includes the website, the content, the SEO, and everything else. Each of these ways contains the inherent characteristic of an efficient full-fledged digital marketing company and it is up to you to decide whether it is suited to your practices or not.