Launching an eCommerce store can be both thrilling, daunting, fascinating as well as tiresome. Still one has to take a step forward and jump on the bandwagon. Fortunately, for your assistance, there are a plethora of tools and technologies available such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce each one comprising a plethora of benefits and advantages.

Now the following post focuses on one of the most prominent, leading, and tried and tested eCommerce stores – Shopify! Here you will learn why you need Shopify in the first place, and how to set up an ecommerce store using Shopify.

Introducing Shopify

Getting started with Shopify is no rocket-science, but the key is to understand why you need such an eCommerce platform in the first place. Now when launching a new project, especially a digital project, I am sure you must have thought about grandiose ideas regarding what to offer, how to offer, how to make a solid impression in the eyes of the end users, and how to obtain favorable reviews and ratings in return. Right but the thing is as a newbie you need to be aware of the eCommerce platform inside out. 

Now why Shopify in the first place? Well, this one doesn’t require any kind of technical expertise so your online store can be develope easily within a short span of time and fantastically. So before we begin with the process of developing a Shopify store, it’s time to get well-acquainted with the platform. 

Why is Shopify the Ultimate Option For Your Store? 

● Setting up an eCommerce store using Shopify can be pretty quick, easy, and seamless. The admin interface here is pretty clean and user-friendly and way more intuitive. 

● Another crucial reason to take Shopify into account is that you no longer have to keep worrying about technicalities. Even if you are a non-techie, Shopify’s hosting turns out to be way faster and secure in comparison to other alternatives. Businesses using Shopify are able to focus more on their core competencies well. 

● Speaking further about security, Shopify can take care of all the sensitive information of your end users such as credit card details, planning impatient customers and so more. In addition, Shopify gets you covered when it comes to server maintenance. So your eCommerce store will be successfully update and maintained. 

● In addition, Shopify comprises a wide range of communities featuring developers with mid-level experience and veterans who are ready to provide assistance whenever and wherever in need. So 24/7 you can receive help whenever in need via phone, email, or web chat. Also, you can keep looking at numerous community forums, extensive documentation for further information and updates. 

● Developing for only the web is not the only option. With the web, mobile apps should also be taken into account. So try having a website that is mobile optimize and nothing works wonders than Shopify here. Fortunately, all the themes offered by Shopify are mobile-responsive.  

You can sell anything and everything on Shopify right from handcrafted goods to digital products, beauty supplies, doormats, clothing, accessories, events, gift cards, eBookskitchen towels, bike saddles, handheld device accessories, toy kitchens, online classes, and so forth. Shopify gets you covered for anything and everything. 

Time to get started with setting up your eCommerce store using Shopify. Well, for fruitful results, I will always suggest you to consider a reliable Shopify development company that carries immense knowledge and expertise in these situations. You see when you hire a professional for these projects, there is no scope for mistakes or misfortunes. 

Shopify’s business model in comparison to others is pretty simple and easy to get started with. So it doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small or which industry vertical you are in, the ecommerce platform has a track record of working wonders for any and every business. Here I would like to mention some Shopify plans to take into account. 

●The Lite plan – $9 per month

●Basic Shopify Plan – $29 per month + 2.9% per transaction

●Shopify Plan – $79 + 2.6% per transaction 

● Advanced Shopify Plan – $299 per month + 2.4% per transaction

● Shopify Plus Plan – $2000 per month + 2.15% per transaction 

So your ecommerce website development cost using Shopify can range from $5000 to $50000 depending on your needs and requirements. Now here comes the big question, how to create a successful eCommerce store using Shopify. 

How to Get Started With Shopify for Your eCommerce Development Project? 

#1 Planning and Plotting is a Must

The first and foremost step to take into account is appropriate planning and plotting. Of course, an eCommerce website is a constant process but launching it is a one-time process so make sure it’s 100% perfect.

So there are a few things that need to be plann in advance even before you set up the Shopify account. For example, what is the business concept, what things you are planning to offer, logo, and even product photographs (especially the ones you are willing to sell). 

Then you need to conduct relevant research. Also, do not forget to have a successful eCommerce website, you need high-quality optimized product images.  

#2 Sign up For a Shopify Account

Another crucial step is to sign up. Yes, after conducting research and knowing what you exactly want to do, it’s time to establish a Shopify account. Once you are done with signing in and filling in all the additional information. Time to take the next step. 

#3 Time to Create the Website

The next step is to create a website. Now start working on your contact us page, FAQs, privacy policy, and terms of service. The contact page is extremely important since it enables clients to get in touch with you again and again and develop more trustworthy relationships.

#4 Customize Your Store

The very next step is to customize your store. Slowly and steadily you are developing a beautiful shop. Now it’s time to beautify it more, I am not just talking about making it aesthetically pleasing but also making it highly functional. Select a theme for the homepage.

Try to choose a booster theme, it will definitely turn your visitors into buyers. All you have to do is try to come up with something or the other to increase your sales.  

#5 Personalize Your All Web Pages

Customizing your home page is not just it! You need to customize each and every page including personalizing the checkout page as well. Try changing the graphics, layout, background color, and several other things. 

#6 Establish Payment Gateways

And you are about to create a full-functioning Shopify store. In other words, time to set up a payment gateway. One of the best parts of Shopify is that here you get PayPal, Amazon Pay, Square, and so more! 

And We are Done Here! 

So this is it! Time to get started with Shopify, time to create a successful online venture. I hope you find the following post worth the read. If so, feel free to share it among your peers and help us out in reaching more and more people across the globe.