Minimalist website design is trending these days. If you have no idea, let me explain the Minimalist web design trend. 

In minimalistic web design trends, designers use clean lines, simplicity, and a monochromatic palette. In this monochromatic palette, web designers combine various accent colors with a plain background, shapes, texture, and only essential elements. 

After this introduction, let’s see the fantastic minimalist website design gallery gives best examples that inspire your imagination to think out of the box. 

Top Minimalist Website Designs Example to Inspire You 

 These minimal design websites are shortlisted by the world’s professional web designers. So, if you want to get inspired, this web design example is best for you. 

1 Minimalist Website Design Example: Daniel Hopwood

Daniel Hopwood - Minimalist Website Designs

In this minimalist web design, you get multiple image scroll designs with side burger menus. This website is suitable for all small and large business owners who want to display their creativity to visitors. It is also suitable for business profiles. 

2 Minimalist Website Designs Example: Benny Cuppini

Benny Cuppini - Minimalist Website Designs

Benny Cuppini’s website makes excellent use of minimalism to reinforce visual hierarchy. His work takes center stage on his website, and the image carousel ensures he can display his work across industries and genres without overwhelming his landing page with too many images.

The neutral color of the font and the vivid background of the image make his website lively and poppy.

3 Minimalist Website Design Example: Johann Lucchini

Johann Lucchini - Minimalist Website Designs

This is an excellent example if you are looking for a minimalist web design with few words. This one-page website starts with a short welcome note and contact details, then blocks of projects in the same theme color. 

4 Minimalist Website Design Example: Matt D’Avella

Matt D'Avella

If you want an excellent example of straightforward website design, then Matt D’Avell’s site is a perfect choice. It’s a content creator that focuses on minimalism and productivity.

He stays true to his principles by applying a minimalist design to his website – for example, the purpose of the home page is to grow his email list.

D’Avella doesn’t rely on large blocks of text or fancy design elements to encourage your visitors to subscribe – it’s just a paragraph and a simple opt-in box.

5 Minimalist Website Designs Example: CO-OP


This is a many web page Milimistic website design example that is smartly designed. This web design contains multiple content formats, including video, text, and images. The live image in this web design gives it lively vibes in this simple but effective website design. 

6 Minimalist Website Design Example: Antidote


Images speak louder than words, and this statement is suitable for our next minimalist web design idea. 

Visitors never have the time to read the text, but a big banner image can quickly grab the attention. Additionally, two major CTA buttons, About and Contact details, can give the right option to select the visitors to do on-site.  

7 Minimalist Website Design Example: Blvck


Black is an excellent example of a minimalistic eCommerce website design.

It uses flat textures, large typography, a large background image, hidden global navigation, and minimal colors, all basics of minimalism in web design.

All visuals on the website are dominated by the color black, which helps reinforce the brand’s visual language. This consistency creates a sense of simplicity and elegance.

8 Minimalist Website Designs Example: STUDIO LYSTUDIO LY

This web design example is a creative studio showcase of a designer, Mike Lythgoe. This is an excellent example if you want to build a website with any contact details. With a slip display, visitors can see you call work without missing your information. 

9 Minimalist Website Design Example: The Young Jerks

The Young Jerks

Above all, the web design examples primarily have black and white themes, but this web design idea uses blue and white themes. This services-based company uses a creative way to display their employees’ profiles, apart from this with a grid work portfolio and animated stickers mesmerizing their visitors. 

10 Minimalist Website Design Example: White 1921

White 1921

This is another excellent example of minimalist web design for a one-page website. A giant banner of both options can give an excellent option for visitors. 

11 Minimalist Website Design Example: LLI Design

LLI Design

The following web design example is the best idea for using images and text. This web design shows you a big banner at the top with a CTA button and Headline, then their service image with a description. 

12 Minimalist Innovative Website Designs : Built by Buffalo

Built by Buffalo

If you want to follow a standard content format and add so much content to your page, you need to think again. BuiltbyBuffalo is another sweet and straightforward minimalistic website design example. Here you can see the services in the hexagon shape that gives it a unique look. 

13 Minimalist Website Design Example: Lulu and Isabelle

Lulu and Isabelle

Oanh Tran is the designer of this great web design inspiration, Lulu & Isabelle. She is an illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer.

With her minimalistic websites, the web designer took a text approach to highlight the images. This immediately grabs the viewer’s attention and also serves to highlight her work, which she wants to be the focus of.

14 Minimalist Website Design Example: Germain days

Germain days

This minimalist website uses a flat web design. The home page contains different sections, each with an extensive image as a background.

These images use parallax scrolling to make the design look less monotonous.

When it comes to navigation, it uses a sticky header that appears on every page of the site so things stay neat and clear.

15 Minimalist Website Design Example: Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson - Minimalist Website Design

Micah Johnson’s website is the epitome of less is more. From the simple, clean sans-serif font to the plain white background, everything works to bring the viewer’s eye to essential parts of the page – Micah’s name, his profession as a designer, and samples of his work.

Micah’s website is an excellent example of how minimalism can help improve visual hierarchy in your website layout.

16 Minimalist Website Designs Example: Kim Dero

Kim Dero

Kim Dero is a designer, and his beautiful minimalist website is an excellent example that minimalism doesn’t have to be cold or sterile. Kim uses warm tones like red, orange, and yellow for her website.

This can be seen in the main image of his landing page and, more subtly, through font colors and links. Kim’s site is an example of how you can make your minimalist sites more fun.

17 Minimalist Website Design Example: Studio Nido

 Studio Nido

Studio Nido is a San Francisco Bay Area architecture firm run by third-generation architect Babac Doane. The main image on the landing page shows a fireplace inside the house, which gives a feeling of warmth and home.

You must check out Studio Nido’s website if you want minimalistic website examples to inspire you.

18 Minimalist Website Design Example: Naina Seth

Naina Seth

Naina Seth’s website uses a minimalist approach to ensure that each garment and product gets the attention it deserves. Cluttered e-commerce websites can often distract customers and prevent them from giving each item the attention it deserves. Using minimalistic websites for small ecommerce businesses can help you maximize your customer attention span and engagement.

19 Minimalist Website Design Example: Studio Steve

Studio Steve

Steve is a photographer from Germany. His website has a simplistic approach while maintaining a certain edge. His photos are in color, although the base color of his website is grayscale – including the logo and menu.

Typography is One of the more prominent features of his site. It is most noticeable in the center of the home page, where you can see its logo.

20 Minimalist Website Design Example: Adam Andrascrik

Adam Andrascrik

Adam Andrascik is a fashion designer who uses a minimalist one-page website to showcase his work. A visit to his website will inspire new ideas for applying minimalist design to your portfolio website.

The home page displays sections that display different themes of his work. Each section incorporates subtle palette shades into its minimalist design.

Final words

More than just a sleek look, a minimalist website design will give your website a clean interface that meets the needs of your visitors.

The minimalist websites we looked at will give you an idea of ​​minimalist design trends such as white spaces, lat graphic design, bold typography, or hidden global navigation.

Whatever minimalistic website design elements you implement, ensure they match your brand’s style.

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