For web designers, it is unquestionable that making a marvelous website is the key task. They utilize some of the best online resources like web design blog sites to have ideas and knowledge about the recent web designs, newly launched design tools and the latest directions to developing designs.

However, while exploring the internet, designers receive millions of designs subsequent to searching for what they desire, resulting in enormous confusion. So, we have collected these web design blogs for web designers to follow in the coming year for inspiration and help them with what precisely they need.

1. Webdesigner Depot

It was founded by a Canada based website designer Walter Apai in the year 2010. It promotes the current web design work. When you explore this web design blog, you will get high-end design insights from diverse designers from around the globe.

2. Top CSS Gallery

Top CSS Gallery is an exclusively design global platform which showcases and awards the top websites with CSS web design platforms. It endorses, backs, supports and promotes the work of finest web designers, website developers, design freelancers, and digital marketing companies. They assist in popularizing the best-designed websites and boost their competency by awarding the most brilliant out of them. Explore CSS design examples on the Top CSS Gallery website.

3. Mockplus Blog

It has extremely comprehensive contents. They publish blogs on prototyping design, web design, graphic designing, UI and UX design as well as latest website design trends and related tools. If you are a website designer, you would hugely benefit from it.

4. Hacking UI

It is a popular community for developers, designers, and creative design entrepreneurs. It focuses on interaction design and can assist you to turn out as an outstanding interaction designer.

5. Smashing Magazine

With 4 to 5 million monthly page views, more than 1 million global twitter followers, around 300,000 Facebook fans, Smashing Magazine is one of the major publishers of web development blogs in this web design industry. It was launched in the year 2006, with an objective to offer the most helpful and pioneering information to web designers and developers. Their blogs focus on web design, user experience, and graphic design.

6. Design Instruct

It is built as a tutorial web magazine for digital design professionals. They publish superior quality content that website designers can utilize for exploring innovative design techniques. It is an inspiration for graphic designers as well as people in photography, illustration and web designing.

7. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a designing blog that offers daily web creative recommendations, tips and assists you to find design inspirations. It works across web design, 3D, graphic design and much more. Bringing innovations in design work and providing the best insights empowers web designers to get ideas from the latest trends in the global design world.

8. Web Designer Wall

This blogsite was launched in the year 2007 by Toronto based website designer and illustrator named Nick La. It is a web design blog site that has been documented in multiple magazines as well as design galleries due to its superior content and good-looking designs. Most people love this design website for its highly useful coding tutorials, illustrative design trends, and industry reviews.

9. Web Designer Wall

It is a popular design and web development blog site. They offer web design, development, quality products, and freebies. The blog site is a resource for beginners as well as suitable for high-end designers to grow and enhance their design knowledge. This website is used as a strong reference by design companies and coding institutes.

10. Web Designer Wall

Design Shack provides inspiration for all the types and domains of design. It has a great frequency of redesigns that occur each day on the Internet. Their blogs will make you learn innovative design techniques and also offer daily design community news for the latest developments in the field.

11. 1stWebDesigner

Being introduced in 2008, it is a well-known web development blog site which assists people to build an improved website. They have blogs covering all elements of website design, graphic designing, UX design, blogging, social media marketing, coding, design material and much more.

12. U Creative

It is a well known online community of inspired and proficient people in Singapore. It is built as a common platform for design discussions, networking and exchange of ideas contributing to the creative industry of Singapore. It promotes young designers and guides them to select their career path. It also equips them with skilfulness, preparing them for future prospects in the creative industry.

13. Design You Trust

It is a famous hourly-updated web design blog site. It works on innovative design trends, updates, events, news, design portfolios, design blogs, photography, creative promotions, advertisements, inspirations, videos, and design stuff from all over the world.

14. Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine is also a day to day design inspiration resource for website designers and freelancers. They use social media accounts with to the point introductions.

15. Line25

Line25 was introduced in 2009. It is purposely created to offer website design suggestions, ideas, and inspirations through blogs and tutorials. You can get design inspirations to improve your work every week. You can get the shared links of immense web design material, design project examples, and reference tutorials.

16. Material Design Blog

Material Design Blog is a site with innovative material design work. It comprises of design materials and references for app designs, templates as well as website portals. Each day, you can get new design work inspirations and finest practices on this web design blog site. It is also one of the most known and familiar web design blog sites for designers these days.


These were the 16 most amazing web design blog sites you need to follow in the coming year 2018. Hope you would explore them to experience new and innovative web design inspirations. With this blog sites web designers can save a lot of time they spend in researching designs.