Humans are social beings and conversations are the strongest tools they have.

In fact, when you hear a story or a conversation it sticks with much more than the Facebook story. It is for this reason that podcasts have become an essential way of promoting businesses.

Incorporating the podcasts into your marketing strategy can turn out to be extremely beneficial for boosting your web traffic and also enabling more customers to find your business.

One of the greatest challenges of content marketers is to persistently create high-quality, value-driven Content Marketing in an unboring way.

Over the years, vlogging or video marketing has ruled the web. This has kept on grabbing the attention of millions of people. While videos are engaging and entertaining they are not sufficient for attracting the audience.

For making the content strategy even more effective you must have the right combo of the written contents, videos as well as podcasts.

Podcasting has become the new mantra for online content success that has been adopted by the small and big businesses as well as the marketing experts.

Currently, about 7,00,000 active podcasts are present with over 25 million episodes in over 100 languages. Business, health, culture, and society are among the most popular topics for podcasts.

Learn 7 Reasons Why Podcast For Content Marketing Strategy

With such escalating demand, there are quite solid reasons why you should try to incorporate podcasts in your strategy for content marketing. Here some of them are enlisted.

Podcasts Have Low Competition

Content Marketing is quite competitive.

Big wins are achieved by successful digital marketers when they come across a content type with low competition and high engagement. That is what a podcast brings forth.

There are just 7,00,000 podcasts airing while there are about 80 million FB pages. This number shrinks further when you search by topic.

There are just a handful of other podcasts that discuss the topics that are relevant to the business with thousands of listeners.

So it is easier for the competition to have the podcasts stand out and attract more listeners.

Podcasts Are Mobile-friendly and Enhance Your Reach Exponentially

The podcasts are extremely accessible as a variety of devices like smartphones can be used for accessing them and it can be published on a variety of platforms.

When you create podcasts that are interesting and useful and make them freely available, people are bound to download and share them and they will also come back for the next chapter.

So the potential for expanding the audience is quite high in this case.

Podcasts Make Content Creation Simpler

Long term contents are great for the Content Marketing Strategy. You actually achieve –

  1. Augmented social shares
  2. Better search rankings
  3. Improved viral potential
  4. Increased online authority

However, with that, there is one problem. It is quite time-consuming to write a 2000 word long article. You have to research, write, and then polish the post further.

Contrary to that, when you create a blog post out of the podcast the process is much simpler. You just need to record the content as usual and then transcribe it for creating another format for content from the audio file.

Podcasts Are Convenient and Engaging for the Listeners

On the listener’s behalf, the podcasts call for just a little for triggering engagement.

Unlike the videos that were required by people to sit and watch or blog posts that demand to be read, to listen to a podcast one just needs to hit the play button and listen.

It is the perfect type of content for multi-tasking which a majority of us do constantly these days.

If the content type is too demanding, then it often becomes hard for the audience to engage in.

Again finding time for the podcast is much simpler as it only asks for the attention of the customers’ ears. Anyone can listen to podcasts while working or playing.

Podcasts are a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Podcasting happens to be one of the most cost-effective strategies. Even though there are expensive pieces of equipment, you can start your podcast for less than $50.

This one is an amazing tool that relies on your imagination and creativity for thinking outside the box than thousands of dollars for development. An honest and genuine podcast show is going to go much further than the most expensive product which comes from a fake host.

Here are essentials that are needed for launching the podcasts –

  1. USB Microphone for making you sound like a Pro
  2. Podcast hosting platforms like Pobdean or Libsyn some of which offer a free version
  3. A recording and editing software like Audacity that works on Windows and Mac both
  4. Background Music for making the podcast interesting and professional. Make sure that music is royalty-free.
  5. Promote your podcast on social media and website for getting more subscribers

That is all you need for creating the podcast of your choice.

Podcast Customers are Loyal

You should develop a podcast audience ahead of the competition as the listeners are loyal to the favorite programs.

They establish a relationship with the hosts and they want to check out your every episode.

So if you want to establish a strong relationship with the audience prior to the industrial boom of podcasts, it will be difficult for your competitors to attract the listeners to your show.

This loyalty is evident in marketing channels as well. As the podcast listeners are 20% more likely to connect with a social media brand.

Once the podcast is over people will continue the conversation about your channel on the social media posts.

Podcasts Help in Acquiring More Customers

At the end of the podcast, you should include a CTA. This gives them a clear indication of which direction to go. Make sure that tools like email subscribers and landing pages are all there.

Make your podcasts easy for the listeners to follow and this allows you to achieve the desired results.

The digital marketing experts opine that podcasts can enhance the revenue of your business manifolds and also provide you with a loyal customer base if you are able to create and market it in the right way. So try it today and help your business achieve its potential.