The internet is loaded with a large number of web designer portfolio, and standing out enough to get noticed in this business competition can be a significant challenge.

To emerge in this extreme market, it’s necessary to design your online portfolio as amazing as you can. Thus, we call attention to those who do not seek help in making their online web designer portfolio outstanding. In this article, you’ll discover 30 exceptional portfolio whereabouts from both individual designers and innovative studios around the world – everyone including a feature that makes it extraordinary.

How about if we investigate what makes them so exciting?

Agree? Then let’s have a small tour of this article.

1. Robby Leonardi

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Recognitions: Leonardi’s website consists of resume and video game and has received various design awards such as Awwwards, FWA, CSS winner, and CSS Design Awards.

This portfolio is unique because Robby blends an intelligent experience into his portfolio. He created an amazing comic User interface and represented his portfolio as a novel for showing the information and created like a video game so that visitors can really play and scroll through a website. This amazing idea to build portfolio definitely influence you to look with fun and enjoyment.

2. Yul Moreau

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Recognitions: Digital D&AD Graphite Pencil, FWA Site of the Day, AWWWARDS Site of the Day, LION SILVER Interactive Design, LION SILVER Innovative Data, Grand Prix Strategy Digital, and DA Design Club Award

He has extraordinary thought to represent his portfolio of work in a retro style. He captures the visitor’s attention by utilizing a 1980’s theme to his web design combining all together recordings, pictures and videos, and scrolling effects to demonstrate his expertise so pleasantly.

3. Daniel Spatzek

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Recognition: Daniel Spatzek is an award-winning freelance graphic designer

This is another good example of portfolio representation style. The CSS tricks and animation he used to represent his portfolio is incredible!
He is an expert graphic and web designer which definitely reflects his perfect skills in the website and creates a live environment giving dynamic experience.

4. ToyFight

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Recognition: ToyFight is an award-winning creative design agency and its work has been recognized by One Show, ADC, Webby Awards, and Cannes Lions…

Toy fight is different from others because it uses eye-catching theme color which makes visitors easily fall in love with. This beautiful design having sparkling colors can create an innovative atmosphere. It makes visitors spend more time on their website.

5. Studio Schurk

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Recognition: illustration and animation studio, founded by super animator Miriam Knijff and breath-taking illustrator Wendy van Veen.

This design portfolio is unique in its own way; it uses illustration and cartoonist animations to bring more visitors to the website. Both of them perfectly comprehend the sense of humor in their portfolio with interesting and fun-loving animations which catches your attention more and more.

6. Rezo Zero

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Recognition: Their work is recognized for graphic and technical quality.

It is a creative website which is specific to brand strategy and digital creation. This portfolio indicates brand design and creation to help you design brand identity and it is consistent on every connected device. This website is beautifully designed and using typefaces and represents a full case study of each project

7. Legworkstudio

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Recognition: Received a pile of awards for its innovation

Studio Based in Denver, CO creates innovative and unique animation and interactive experiences that will impress you if you are the first-time visitor. The First banner of the homepage makes you wow – something that might see for the first time.

8. Wokine

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Recognition: It is a startup studio that follows the latest visual design trends with innovation, modernism, and aesthetics.

The website is beautifully divided into two which makes it different in visual design, especially on the home page. Their portfolio is very-well designed undertaking simple design and color schemes- giving an ultra-modern effect at a glance.

9. Werkstatt Wundersite

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Recognition: It is an interactive design studio well-known for its quality of execution.

This portfolio website is well designed and gives extravagant look with less approach to design with spacious and using large font type. The best example of a simple yet impressive portfolio design which makes this website different from others.

10. Tim Smith

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Recognition: Tim smith received innumerable awards for his design portfolio from Awwwards, FastCo Awards, CSS Awards, The Webby Awards, Design Week Awards and so on…

The reason that makes Tim’s portfolio special because this Expert graphic and user experience designer created and easy to read and card style layout in his website – which makes it look simple yet stunning. He used wonderful animation effect like cutting out titles that vanish if the mouse has hovered. Such an amazing effect grabs user’s attention immediately.

11. Lounge Lizard

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Recognition: This design portfolio delivers a unique mixture of digital marketing, website, and mobile app design and development services.

Lounge Lizard brand perfectly blends professional as well as playful look into the website- this makes it look tacky. They have balanced their portfolio of work and way of displaying perfectly. Each work represents a detailed case study and information presented in an easy and user-friendly way.

12. STRV

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Recognition: STRV is the best and has years of experience in building apps.

The most amazing thing about this design portfolio is they use video clip – a background video to explain their visitors about their work process. This sets a good impression of the company giving them a taste of their work and process in a just a click of a button.

13. Femme Fatale

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Recognition: This Design portfolio has received many awards from FWA, Awwwards, Peaky Blinders / Lovie Awards, Notes on Blindness /Sundance Institute Official Selection, Tribeca Festival Storyscape Award

Femme Fatale – a creative studio reveals the sense of sophistication and simplicity with their design portfolio of editorial and art. They have selected a very bold, black color scheme with a perfect brand image to create a rich and luxury look of the website.

14. Tobias Ahlin

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Recognition: Tobias is an experienced design director; he lets his work speak through words.

Tobias Ahlin loves to design and develop digital products. He is very straight and to the point in describing his portfolio of work. He considers card style design and animations to represent his portfolio- perfectly linking to the final product.

15. Stink Studio

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Recognition: Received many awards from Cannes, FWA, D&AD, Webby, and One show.

Stink studio believes in a plain and simple theme to showcase his portfolio. They display a wide variety of projects in masonry layout which clearly shows that they focus on helping their clients to achieve digital success. Some of the projects include websites, campaigns, and VR/360 experiences.

16. Bert

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Recognition: This Netherland based creative studio creates award-winning projects for brands.

Bert is also called a superb bird of paradise because it creates a mascot of a work portfolio by defining and creating a brand strategy, and visual identity. They create an amazing user experience by creating stylish and functional websites and applications with distinctive designs. This little thing they consider makes their website more authentic, trustworthy and develops personal interests.

17. Sean Halpin

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Recognition: Sean Halpin represents his portfolio with his identity.

His design portfolio is an epic work showing his individual skills and personality. He is very creative to show his design portfolio and his website sets the best example of the perfect website.

18. Patrick David

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Recognition: Patrick has received honorable awards from Awwwards, CSS Design Awards and Mind sparkle Mag.

Patrick fits all his portfolio in a minimalized way in just a single page website. One page scrolling reveals all his project examples and portfolio he worked on with the links to have a direct conversation. This simple layout gives you an effective way of managing all things in the one-page website.

19. Stereo

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Recognition: Sterio’s main aim to concentrate on connecting a customer’s emotional relationship with a brand.

Stereo creative is a London-based agency that has created a simple yet stunning portfolio website. They have used a recording, video clips and pictures to flaunt their work and look forward to connecting with their visitors more passionately with their beautiful and creative work.

20. Steven Mengin

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Recognition: X2 Adobe The cutting edge, x1 webby award, x6 Awwwards, x16 FWA

This Toronto based French designer gives a perfect introduction for his portfolio. His website homepage makes the first impression of their visitors by using a cloudscape effect which gives pleasure to watch this beautiful animation.

21. Cihad Turhan

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Recognition: Turhan’s portfolio is different from others because it is joyous, delightful and candid to watch the website.

Ankara based Cihad Turhan is an innovative web developer specialized in physics and master in Game technologies. He likes to work in interactive, experimental technologies, data visualization, and Games.

22. Kenji Saito

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Recognition: Kenji’s website is a unique piece of design. It display’s amazing effect on a mouse hovers on the website home page. Something that we have not seen so far.

Tokyo Based Saito Kenji is a creative web developer and designer. His portfolio representation is very short and sweet which makes you fall in love with due to its amazing effect is given on the website.

23. Robin Ait-el-alim Noguier

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Recognition: Noguier has a passionate love for UI/UX design

This French designer Robin Noguier is just 21 years old demonstrates his clear and pure love for creating smart User Interface using imagination and innovation through website portfolio. He also likes to solve issues of user interface design.

24. Irene Demetri

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Recognition: Received a distinction for her website at Edge Awards.

Athens based freelance designer Irene Demetri has a great interest in digital technologies. Demetri’s portfolio represents user-friendly designs for both mobile and website; giving beautiful experience from start to end. She has a passion for creating beautiful, intuitive responsive websites for projects both large and small that work on any type and size of the device. She also focuses on creating branding and print needs such as logo design and business cards or stationery.

25. Bethany Heck

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Recognition: Bethany’s work has been recognized in New York Magazine, the New Yorker, Wired, Smashing Magazine, Uppercase Magazine and several other international publications.

Being the Creative Head of Microsoft Power BI, Bethany Heck has great hands-on expertise in responsive web and mobile work.

26. Erin Nolan

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Recognition: Nolan has a renowned list of clients such as The New York times, Fresh Direct, Quirky, Twitter and many more.

Being a product designer, Erin Nolan helps their clients to connect with their audience by storytelling and designing

Key Understandings

A lot of time, efforts and learning are required to design such a creative, innovative and professional web designer portfolio. If you gain expertise once, you can definitely succeed. The only thing is required is your initiative to learn and grasp new things and build your strong capabilities. I hope the above web design portfolio examples motivate you to elevate your design portfolio.

Looking forward to hearing from you which design portfolio motivated you the most 🙂