If you’ve thought about something that you require or what to purchase, there’s probably an app out there that allows you to do exactly that. And that’s the reality of trending app ideas that we live in today. Think about it: there are almost 3 million applications available today on the Google Play Store along with the Apple App Store not far behind with 2 million to its name. The adage is true – if you’ve thought it, there’s an app for it. And with every passing year, it becomes trickier to remain unique and competitive.

Coming up with new app ideas that can change the world is no easy task. And that’s primarily because brainstorming app ideas that haven’t been made in 2020 is easier said than done. And this is precisely what this guide is for – to help you find the next innovative mobile app idea for your business. But because the Apple and Google app stores usually have similar apps that are coded differently, the following list can be used interchangeably between them.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the most trending app ideas you haven’t considered before.

Snow Removal Services Application

Snow is still a major problem in many areas closer to the poles. Northern Europe, the US, and Canada, all share the same issue during the winters where they find themselves without much mobility due to the amounts of snow that accumulates overnight. This is a fantastic and simple app idea for beginner businesses or ones already in the plowing industry. Customers can log in and subscribe or schedule a cleanup of their roads, garage, or lawns through the app, making the idea profitable and incredibly useful as well.

Virtual Health Application

Virtual health might be the next best approach for the healthcare industry. InvoZone is one such software development firm that comes to mind which is front lining its efforts to bring the medical industry into the digital world. The recent Covid-19 pandemic highlighted some of the existing pitfalls in healthcare and if you own medical practice, investing in this simple app idea could prove beneficial to doctors and patients alike. A patient can book an appointment with an offsite medical consultant at a place of their choosing. And it has the added benefit of providing patients with easier second opinions too.

Give-Away Your Stuff Application

This is a slightly different idea from the usual eBay and other yellow-page directories types. An app that helps you give away your items for a nominal charge or free could prove beneficial to many. Think of all the decluttering that can be done with just the right people on board. And speaking from experience, an app of the sort could’ve been handy when I moved houses myself. Not finding appropriate people or charities to donate my old clothes or furniture was a task in itself.

An Application to Give Food Away

Building on the previous idea, wouldn’t it be great if we could minimize food wastage while benefiting people that could actually use a warm meal? With our usual dining habits, we lose and waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food every year. And with so many hungry people still, out there, this app could the potential to change the world. Food that was cooked excessively, dinner leftovers, and most importantly, leftovers at restaurants could be brought in, repacked, and sent out to the homeless. Not only does this application idea fulfill a much-needed social cause void, but helps put the development team on the map too.

Car Wash Application

It’s 2021 and we still have to drive to car washes and garages to get our rides cleaned and shined. Hopefully, some avid reader finds inspiration in this idea and works out the kinks to get an Android or iOS application underway. This could be tricky as an entrepreneurial venture, but if you’re already an owner of a garage, this could be a very handy way to get leave your digital footprint before the rest. And we bet with the right marketing, this idea has serious potential to be the next industry-leading service.

Dine-in Partner Application

Some of the coolest apps for Android and iOS are also ones that started out as app ideas that could change the world. Think of Snapchat and Tinder and you just know that they filled in a vacuum that simply did not exist before these applications hit the stores. A dine-in partner app has the same potential. Think of all the times people want to go out to eat but don’t because of a lack of company at the time. This could be a thing of the past with an app that helps pair you up with interesting people who are also looking to try out the same or similar restaurants as you. No more dining alone.

An Application to Find Parking Spaces

A common worry and problem for drivers on a daily. This could be an easy fix with the aforementioned simple app idea. If used properly, the app’s functionality could be one of the best things since sliced bread. A network of drivers could report vacant parking spaces and parking lot owners could also list their properties on the app for a charge. And with the parking management market expected to grow to $7 billion by 2023, now is the time to invest in an app that helps you get in quick.

Application ideas are scattered all across the internet with more being added every other week. And that’s the world we live in today – driven by convenience and the ingenuity to drive it, any person or business capable enough could make an app that just works. Our selection of mobile app ideas is some of the best-picked ones from an ever-growing list and we hope it serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to get started with Android, iOS, or web application development.

If you have any application ideas that you would like to have materialized, InvoZone could be the place to check out. The company provides class-leading development for all its clients and has the industry prowess to help you get your app up and running in no time. Book a consultation today and find the best way to help grow your application idea into a profitable business venture.

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