Are you anxious about your teen’s undue usage of instant messaging and social media apps? The post-millennial generation seems more dedicated to communication apps like WhatsApp than any other significant thing. They love talking to their buddies and sharing their photos. Their obsession with instant messaging apps emphasizes on the tracking of WhatsApp and similar communication apps. Parents can make use of the tracking app to supervise online chats of their teens. This article discusses how you can make use of the instant messenger tracking app to spy on WhatsApp of your teens.

An Overview of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp does not need any introduction as it is an unforgettable communication app. Millions of persons across the world have been using this instant messenger for communication. The app lets them enjoy several features such as text messages, voice messages, voice calls, video calls, photo sharing, video sharing, audio sharing, GPS location sharing, contact sharing, status updates and so on. The app uses the internet to let the user communicate.

It is very easy to sign up for the WhatsApp messenger. If you have an internet-enabled phone, you can download the communication app from Google Play Store. After installation, the app asks for a mobile phone number to successfully run the app on your phone. This number is used as the user identity and you can find people on WhatsApp by their mobile phone numbers. The app syncs your contact list and allows sending a message to WhatsApp users existing in your Phonebook.

Best Tool to Track WhatsApp

If you want to monitor Message application App of your teen, you need nothing other than a WhatsApp tracking app. The app lets you keep an eye on the digital activities of your offspring. You can find out how they communicate and what they talk about. There is no need to access their mobile phones to check out their chats or online activities. You only need to install their mobile phones with the tracker app to keep tabs on their instant messages.

WhatsApp Spy App

The WhatsApp spy app is intended for parents to keep an eye on instant messages of their children. The app lets them check out all messages received and sent by offspring without accessing their phones. Once you install the app on your kid’s phone, you can monitor and operate the device via the online portal of the tracker app.

How the Spy App Works

As depicted by its names, the spy app works as a secret agent without letting the target know. Once you install the app on your kid’s phone, you do not need to access the phone again to check it out. The secret app does the work for you. It syncs data saved on the phone and provides access to that data through the online portal of the spy app. Given the features of the app further, explain the working of the app.

✸ Read WhatsApp Messages

Do you want to check out WhatsApp messages of your teens without them knowing? The spy app lets you do that with complete secrecy. It creates a secret backup of incoming and outgoing instant messages of your kid, so you could read them anytime and from anywhere.

✸ Track WhatsApp Voice Messages

As well as text messages, the spy app also tracks WhatsApp voice messages. You can listen to the voice messages exchanged by your teens with their fellows. The app also provides contact detail of message sending and receiving parties.

✸ Track WhatsApp Calls

The high-tech App surveillance app lets you track voice and video calls of your teens. You can detect if your kid receives frequent calls from a certain number at odd times. It helps to find out if your teen communicates with a predator. You can also get a contact number of callers and recipients.

✸ Watch WhatsApp Media

The photos and videos shared through the instant messenger can be retrieved from the online portal of the tracker app. It helps to ensure your kids do not share objectionable photos.

✸ Record WhatsApp Screen

The WhatsApp screen can be captured with the help of the App tracker. You can remotely record a short video of whatever appears on the mobile phone screen of teens. It helps to capture almost all WhatsApp activities.

Compatible Devices of WhatsApp Tracker

The WhatsApp spy app is compatible with mobile phones and tablets running Android 5+. It supports Samsung, LG, Haier, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Motorola and many other smartphones except TCL and many Chinese manufactured mobile phone devices.

Subscription Criteria

The app can be subscribed for a certain period ranging from one-month to one-year. The subscription price of the spy app is around $65 per month. The annual subscription of the app enables the subscriber to get the app at a discounted price.