A logo is a great marketing asset. It is the graphical representation of your brand and graces all your marketing materials. The ideal logo includes your choice of fonts, colors, and imagery. This allows reflecting your brand and establishing a bond with the target market. An eye-catching logo leaves a stellar impression of your brand. Alternatively, a shoddy logo makes your brand look cheap. So, there is no reason to stick to a logo that’s ugly.

How to tell your Logo is Ugly

Not fitting on your Marketing materials

A logo is the face of your brand and goes on all your marketing materials including business cards, website, letterhead, and signage. This allows people to easily recognize it in the market. The ideal logo should look good anywhere in each context. It is very important to consider the primary place where your logo will get more exposure.

The logo that’s ugly doesn’t look good in:

  • Print
  • Online
  • Offline
  • Embroidery
  • Embossing

The best thing to save your brand face is to have the logo redone by professionals.

Confusing people bout what you do

The ideal logo gives your brand identity in the market. The last thing you would wish for is a logo confusing enough not to let your target market realize what you do. This usually results from a logo design succumbing to cliché. Alternatively, poor choice of style and execution might be the reason for making your logo confusing. Correcting this requires having your logo redesigned or using a logo creator.

Not easily visible on a white background

Some brands have values requiring their logo to have a black or colored background. Regardless, the ideal logo looks good on a white background or inverted. This is necessary when using the logo in a magazine, business directory, flyers, or business cards.

Your marketing agency is likely to complain that your logo won’t come out nicely on a white background when not designed appropriately. The only solution would be to contact an online logo design agency for a better logo for use everywhere.

Not looking good when small or big

A well-designed logo looks good when small or big. All the words are easy to read with all details visible in all sizes. A logo that’s ugly is only clear at a particular size. This kind of logo is only readable when enlarged on a billboard. So, that logo can’t work on smaller items like business cards. To eliminate guesswork on whether the logo is going to come out nice after printing or not, getting it redone is inevitable.

Including everything into the Design

A logo is not all about including every aspect of your brand and offerings. You are likely to end up confusing the target market. Your logo is ugly if it has a background, tagline, icon, fonts, and color to full effect.

Simplicity is what defines an eye-catching logo. This is your brand essence for building upon your other designs for your marketing materials. Ironically, just white space conveys so much meaning and makes your logo catchier.

Design mistakes that make Logos ugly

Bad Fonts

The choice of fonts determines the look and feel of your logo. This can be in a good or bad way. Poor choice of fonts makes your logo look childish and gives it a negative impression. A quality logo has readable fonts appropriate to your brand. Your logo needs easy-to-read fonts reflecting the professional appeal of your brand. The trick is to opt for playful and fun fonts with a classic and timeless appeal.


The ideal logo stands on its own without too many elements. A logo with too many fonts or graphics ends up looking very busy and hardly recognizable. Your logo is likely to end up looking extremely crowded at first glance. You need a logo with a simple design for easy recognition and to stick in the minds of consumers.

Additionally, a logo with a simple design is cheaper and easier to print on various marketing materials. In a bid to portray creativity with a logo capturing brand personality, you risk going overboard and making it cluttered. Professional logo designers keep things simple without too many fonts, colors, and graphics.

Not reflecting brand personality

The main purpose of a logo is to reflect your brand personality. High-end fashion brands like Gucci use bold fonts in caps to convey luxury and extravagance. Keep in mind that your logo doesn’t have to necessarily portray your business offers.

Logos for car manufacturers like Toyota don’t come with cars but are easy to recognize. An eye-catching logo is positioned for your targeted market and comes with appropriate fonts. This guarantees optimal brand personality portrayal.

Ignoring professional Logo designers

The process of getting a quality logo requires a graphic designer who understands aspects including:

  • Researching competitor logos
  • Design briefs and discussions
  • Initial sketches
  • Mock-ups
  • Feedback
  • Timely delivery

Logos suck for brands that believe in getting quality at a cheap price. An online logo design agency can set up a logo contest for professional designers to come up with various logos. This gives you a choice to select one that you feel will work better for your brand. Professional logo design allows getting what you pay for.

Other reasons to redesign your Logo

Consumers look forward to supporting up-to-date brands. So, having your logo redesigned portrays an evolving brand that keeps up with current trends. This protects your brand from looking stale and not willing to change. For older companies, your logo begins to look out of place when competitors redesign their logos. Yours is likely to become out of touch with the demands of the modern world.

Social media today is a popular, effective, and cheaper way to market your brand. So, your logo has to be easy to use across various social media channels. This requires having appropriate avatars of your logo. So, a logo redesign is necessary to make it appropriate for use for your social media campaigns.

OR try using the online logo maker app from the play store to get the job done within seconds.


Poorly designed logos give your brand a negative impression. Luckily, an online design agency makes it easier to get a logo that portrays your brand and fits nicely on all your marketing materials. A time comes when your logo is no longer effective. This is when to have it redesigned so it matches current market needs.