Nowadays, customer support systems are a primary goal for any business. If you have an effective customer care system, then the brand credibility of your business will touch the sky. But not everyone can bear the expenses of employees for the customer support system. So, you can use the best WordPress live chat plugins on your website to enable chatbot for AI chatting features. 

Before the list of live chat plugins for WordPress, let’s look at the benefits of having a Live chat plugin on your WordPress site. 

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins: Benefits

WordPress and third parties offer your WordPress site many live chat plugin options. These all handy tools have their benefits. Here, I listed some most common and significant benefits of the live chat plugin for WordPress sites. 

Reduces Response Time

Reducing the response time is one of WordPress’s best benefits of the live chat plugin. By activating this plugin, your customer can get an instant solution in real-time. 


The company hires phone support in traditional customer support, but it is too expensive. That is why live chat can solve this problem. Real-time chatting is an effective and much cheaper support system for any online business owner. It reduces the number of supporting teams, and your one agent can handle multiple queries simultaneously. According to the study, the cost of conversion with live chat is 50% cheaper than running a phone call. 

Increased Online Sales

There are so many studies that have shown that a live chat can increase sales. Instant replay on product queries helps visitors in making the buying decision. There is a study about how a live chat plugin for WordPress can increase online customers rate, and the shocking result is you can increase your customer rate by 40% to 52% with the use of the WordPress live chat plugin. 

Convenience for customers

Live chat can help in providing instant assistance from the sales or support team to website visitors. The visitors who can quickly contact your business with any problems will be more confident in you and your company. Studies say 51% of customers prefer live chat because it allows them to multitask simultaneously. 

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Image source: How To Leverage Live Chat to Win More B2B Customers

Competition advantages

The number of Live chat users is deficient. According to the study of the Super office, only 9% of 1000 websites are using live chat support. That means if you use a live chat plugin for a WordPress website, you become 1 step ahead of your competitors. 

These are some expected benefits after installing a live chat plugin for your WordPress site. 

List of Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

Many live chat plugins for WordPress are available in the WordPress plugin library, but selecting the best out of them is drudgery. So, here is the list of top live chat plugins for WordPress that provide you with excellent features and support for your WordPress website. 

1. Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: Tidio WordPress Plugin

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins Tidio WordPress Plugin

Tidio is a free live chat plugin for WordPress. It is a mobile-friendly, quick-to-install plugin, and also the support system with other communication channels like email and Facebook Messenger is fantastic.

Additionally, with the help of Tidio’s chatbot, you can enhance your customer support system and provide 24/7 responses to queries. In the Tidio, you get a notification of every incoming visitor that helps your agent engage your visitors when they arrive on your site. 

As the best live chat WordPress plugin, present your business as a brand and smoothly deploy it to your website, browser, or mobile device. Apart from this, this live chat plugin for WordPress is very convenient for managing all the chats in one place with the help of its easy-to-use dashboard. Moreover, with natural language processing, you can easily understand your users’ queries and provide instant solutions to their problems. 

Tidio provides code-free, time saver, drag-and-drop templates for expected chatbot flows. Tidio has offered a free plan for every WordPress user. So, you can get access to most of its features with the free plan. However, the free plan limits chat operator seats, email volume, and the number of visitors.

Some Highlighted features of the Tidio WordPress Plugin

  • Free IOS & Android mobile app
  • Built-in chatbots
  • Single panel view
  • Customizable chat widget
  • Automated conversations
  • Support for email and Messenger
  • Drag and drop visual editor
  • No coding required
  • Over 20 integrations
  • Live typing preview
  • Open SSL

Pricing Plans:

Here is the list of plans Tidio offers in their paid version 

  • Starter plans at $39/month
  • Team plans at $79/month
  • Scale plans at $399/month

As I earlier mentioned, it has a free plan for up to 2 agents, and also, you can try their premium plans by using a 7 days trial pack. 

2. Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: Zendesk Live Chat for WordPress

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: Zendesk Live Chat for WordPress

Any business aims to convert more visitors into buyers, reduce support costs and increase CSAT scores. Adding WP Live Chat to their service channel mix can get all these benefits. Moreover, Zendesk is the most accessible, flexible, and comprehensive way to offer WordPress live chat to your customers.

The Zendesk Live Chat Plugin for WordPress streamlines your service operation with intelligent features like event-based prompts. For example, suppose a customer is stuck on the checkout page; The best Zendesk live chat plugin for WordPress prompts one of your service agents to start a chat with that customer. From there, your agent can provide the assistance the customer needs to complete the purchase.

As you can imagine, the result is higher conversions and more productive agents.

The power of the Zendesk live chat plugin for WordPress 

Zendesk is an excellent way for companies to offer a live chat plugin for WordPress because it includes:

  • Proactive chat support: Chat triggers alert agents when customers have met preset conditions, such as time spent on a specific page. Your agents can reach out to you, offer support, provide a better user experience, and increase sales.
  • Zendesk tracks key metrics: From real-time monitoring to agent performance, you can identify areas for improvement and what tactics are working in your favor.
  • Non-stop support: Access all your customer data and conversations from one place, making it easier for your team to switch between channels and deliver the best Zendesk experience.

If you want to add live chat, the Zendesk plugin can help. But it’s worth knowing that the Zendesk WordPress plugin covers much more than live chat. You can use Zendesk to turn WordPress blog comments into tickets, add knowledge base articles to your site, and manage access from your WordPress dashboard.

Everything you need to integrate WordPress into your service operation is at your fingertips when you install the Zendesk WordPress plugin.

To use the Zendesk live Chat plugin for your WordPress site, you have to buy a paid Zendesk plan or start a free trial. Once you have your account, you can follow these instructions to set up the Zendesk Support for WordPress plugin. After completing this step, you can add the chat widget to your website using the embed code.

Pricing Plans:

  • Team plan at $49/month
  • Growth plan at $79/month
  • Professional plan at $99/month
  • Enterprise plan at $150/month
  • Enterprise Plus plan at $215/month

You can take the free trial for 14 days.

Features of the Zendesk WordPress Plugin include:

  • Web, mobile, and social media messaging
  • Help Center
  • Automations and workflows
  • Robust APIs
  • Knowledge base management
  • Smart triggers
  • Canned responses
  • Omnichannel support
  • Ticketing system
  • Over 1000 prebuilt apps and integrations
  • Single sign-on
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Support for live chat, SMS, voice, and emails
  • Zendesk AI chatbot

3. Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: WP Social Chat

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: WP Social Chat

WP Social Chat (formerly WhatsApp Chat WP) by QuadLayers allows your customers to start a WhatsApp conversation right from your WordPress site. WP Social Chat has over 100,000 active installs, and their paid plans equip your team with unlimited agent accounts, customizable chat widgets, and preset welcome messages.

There are so many people already using WhatsApp messenger for personal use, it only makes sense for businesses to meet them where they are. The app is GDPR compliant and with the premium version, you can include multiple team members and differentiate between them so customers aren’t overwhelmed.

Additionally, you can target your website visitors with chat boxes displayed on all of your pages or just on a selection. The WordPress WP Social Chat plugin also includes a free plan. Although you only get one agent, there is no customization available. Paid projects range from a one-time payment of $30 to $90.

Pricing Plans:

  • Personal plans at $30 (one-time payment)
  • Agency plans at $60 (one-time payment)
  • Developer plans at $90 (one-time payment)

Free downloads are available

WP Social Chat Features

  • WhatsApp contact box
  • WhatsApp button
  • Custom icons
  • Custom user messages
  • Multiple agent accounts
  • 6-month personalized support
  • Customizable chatbox
  • Customizable agent messages
  • Set the first user or agent message

4. Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: Pure Chat

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: Pure Chat

The simple Pure Chat, a live chat plugin for WordPress can equip your website with a live chat widget in less than an hour. Once installed, you’ll use the browser-based version of Pure Chat or the mobile app to interact with your prospects and customers.

With real-time analytics and contact history, agents can communicate with customers more confidently and in the bigger picture. Integrate with over 1,000 popular business apps and share conversation additional insights across teams to quickly monetize your most valuable leads. When you are offline, then the Pure Chat field becomes an email form.

Pure Chat offers two paid plans, Growth and Pro, for $49 and $99 per month, respectively, which you will need to purchase (or try for free) in order to use their WordPress plugin. Both plans include all the basic features you would expect from a great live chat plugin for WordPress.

Pricing Plans:

  • Growth plan at $49/month
  • Pro plan at $99/month

Free trial for 30 days and also a forever free plan for up to 3 websites.

Pure Chat Features:

  • Security roles (admin, power users, and operators)
  • One website
  • 4 chat operators
  • Engagement Hub
  • Canned responses
  • File transfer
  • Real-time analytics
  • Chat notifications
  • CSV exports
  • Widget customization
  • Unlimited chat history

5. Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: 3CX Live Chat

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin: 3CX Live Chat

As the best WordPress live chat plugin, 3CX enables you to easily install live chat on your site for one year free. You can customize your 3CX live chat plugin widget for WordPress according to your business. If you’re a 3CX user, this live chat plugin for WordPress will fully integrate your chat plugin with 3CX’s entire communications system.

3CX is undergoing significant updates in 2022 with plans for a new plugin that will include voice features and an integrated team communication system. Users can access and receive conversations from multiple channels from a single user interface and even initiate video conference calls. And with mobile access for iOS and Android devices, agents can manage their conversations in the office or work remotely.

As the best WordPress live chat plugin, 3CX can work well for service agents, salespeople, and anyone who needs to converse with customers via WordPress live. With no limit to the number of your agents, 3CX is designed to grow with you as your team grows. After your first year with 3CX, you’ll be charged $145 per year for the Pro plan, while the self-service Standard plan is free.

Pricing Plans:

  • Standard plan at $100/year starting 2nd year
  • Pro plan at $145/year starting 2nd year
  • Enterprise plan at $180/year beginning 2nd year

You can start a free trial for the first year and then start paying from second year or forever free plan for up to 10 users on a self-managed site. 

3CX Live Chat Plugin features 

  • Chat sound enabling/disabling
  • Chat, video, and voice integrations
  • iOS, Android, desktop, and web apps
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Surveys and polls
  • Visitor ban based on IP address
  • Screen sharing
  • Custom offline messages
  • Historical live chat records
  • Customizable chatbox
  • Chat reporting


Nowadays, using the Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins is very important because there is a huge competition in the market. Thus, if you are not providing effective customer service to your customers then you may lose your clients and business. And If you want to install a customized live chat Best plugins for WordPress site or an expert consultation then you can contact a WordPress development company.

Hope this blog post help you in finding your perfect WordPress live chat plugin. TopCSSGallary is the platform for showcasing and awarding the best CSS web design sites. Our platform endorses, promotes, and supports the work of the best web designers, developers, freelancers, and digital marketing agencies.