When you face any unexpected error on your website then it can ruin your day. But, WordPress websites don’t show any error if there is no reason. And if the problem arises then it might be a bit challenging especially when you don’t know who to resolve the issue.

At first glance, you might think that the issue is very intimidating but the issue arises from the small problem that you can resolve with a little knowledge. When you know the main cause of the problem then it will be easy for you to resolve it.

Learn Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

1.  Syntax Error/ Parse Error

This is a simple one. Resolving the errors can be a bit intimidating as we don’t have much information about them but the syntax error is the problem that is easy to deal with.

The error arises when there is a problem with the code of your website and it occurs mostly in the functions.php.file. Due to this error, your websites page will not show and instead of this, a message will appear that will display the reason for your problem.

To resolve the issue, there is a requirement of the specified file using SFTP. You can access FileZilla as it is free of cost and available for everyone. You have to get the SFTP credentials through your websites host and you will need a websites backend.

2.  Database Connection Error

As the name speaks, the issue will arise when your website can’t go to the database. Your website database stores all the content and files such as user information, posts, or web pages. And when you can’t access the database of your website then your website won’t function properly.

Database Connection Error

There are some reasons why you face database connection error and the most common cause is from a file which is namely wp-config.php. This file comprises all the details related to your database. To resolve the issue, you will need to access wp-config.php. and this file is located at the root folder.

You have to click on this folder and then click on view-edit. The first thing that you should come across is whether the credentials are right or not. If there is any issue with username, hostname, password, or any other information then replacing the incorrect information with the right one will resolve the error.

Nonetheless, if the problem is not resolved then you need to get the automatic database organization tool for your WordPress websites. Through this tool, you can fix the corrupted database.

3.  White Screen of Death

The next intimidating error that can be faced by your websites is a white screen of death (WSoD). With this error, your websites will show nothing and it will just show white blank pages. This error will also not show any kind of error message that might help in further assistance.

You might face the problem due to plenty of reasons and due to this your website can’t be loaded properly. Here is the quick list of things that you can opt to troubleshoot the issues:

●    Disable Theme:

The theme of the website can also cause the issue so you can access SFTP to replace it with the default theme of WordPress.

●    Raise Limit of Memory:

There might be chances that you run out of memory. So, you can resolve the issue by raising the limit of memory by editing.your.php.ini file.

●    Disable Plug-ins:

The major reason behind the error might be due to a faulty plug-in. So, you can fix the problem by disabling it.

●    Purge your Cache:

Because of a caching solution, you might be facing the problem of displaying the outdated files even after the WSoD problem is resolved. The only solution for this is to clear all the cache and then check whether the problem is fixed or not.

These are some of the ways to resolve the issues related to WSoD. However, if all the methods are not working then you should take guidance from WordPress Web Design Company as they know the exact solution for the problem.

4.  404 Error

This 404 error might be known to internet users.

Through this issue, the server won’t be able to accept the request to open a page. This issue occurs when your website includes any changed URL or broken link.

404 Error

The reason behind the problem is again due to the .htaccess file. This file manages the hyperlink structure of the website and there might be chances that it is directing the URL incorrectly.

When you find the problem, your first step should be to get the one .htaccess file.

5.  Internal Server Error

This error will occur when you found any unknown issue with the server and the main reasons are:

  • Here your websites has filled up the memory limit.
  • When There is an issue with the website .htaccess file.

In general, .htaccess is files that will help the website communicate easily with your web server. This file is used to provide you website security. If you want to check whether the file is causing some internal server error and you want to resolve it, the only way is to disable it.

You can do it easily through SFTP. The file can be accessed by going to the location. The location is in your websites root directory and it will be named as public.html.

If you want to disable the file then you just have to change the name of the title. When the issue is resolved then you require a new .htaccess file which is bug-free. You can get it by going on the admin dashboard and after this, going on Settings > Permalinks.

6.  An error of Connection Timed Out

You might have found this error when you can’t load the website for some time. It states that the server is facing a problem to load the website and has given up. There can be several reasons and the most obvious one is when your website doesn’t have enough resources that are required for the smooth functioning of the website.

error of Connection Timed Out

You can think of upgrading the hosting plan when the problem is appearing several times. A new plan will help in resolving the issue like downtime or slow down as your website will have enough resources to function well.

Another reason for the error is when your website is putting lots of strain on the webserver. For this, you should probably optimize your website and eliminate the resource-hogging plug-in.

7.  Error While Uploading Image

There might be a problem where the image can break while uploading it on your WordPress website or it will not look good after getting uploaded. So, the issue here is incorrect file permission.

The error occurs when your website has no information regarding providing the access to add the files or not. This can happen when your website is hacked or if there is an issue with the plug-in. However, you can fix the error easily.

For this, you require access from the website by using SFTP. You have to get the upload folder and you can find it at the wp-content directory. You just right click on the folder and then click on file permissions. Here, you will find the value to 744 and this will allow the website owner to read or write the upload. Now, click on Yes and you have got permission.

8.  Stuck at Maintenance Mode

This is an automatic feature due to which your website gets temporarily disable while updating it. This mode helps in avoiding the problem as when the user tries to function the website while the website is being updated then it can lead to several problems.

The updating process is very fast and the user can’t even notice any changes. But, if you cancel the update then you might be stuck in the maintenance mode. Fortunately, the problem can be fixed. You just have to access the SFTP again. Go on the website root folder and delete the file named as .maintenance.

Through this file maintenance mode gets activated so by eliminating it, your website will be back to normal. Also, you can talk with customer service and they focus on their CRM Strategy. They’ll definitely help you to solve this problem.

9.  Failed to Auto Update

It is very important to keep your website updated. If you have a managed web hosting plan then you don’t need to do this as it gets updated automatically.

Failed to Auto Update

However, if the website doesn’t get auto-updates then there is something wrong. There might be chances of WSoD error. To resolve the error, you require updating the website manually by installing the latest version.

Final Thoughts

Facing some errors with your WordPress website is normal; you don’t have to worry about it. If you don’t have any technical knowledge then it is advisable to hire WordPress developers as they will do all the hard work for you. However, at first glance, you might think that the problem is very complicated but there is nothing to worry as every error has a solution to fix it.