The video has become a veritable digital trend with ever more extensive use by companies. Before the landing of the native videos on Facebook, it was YouTube that collected the highest number of active users worldwide. To date, all social networks offer the possibility of uploading videos, some of which even broadcast them live.

On the company side, the fact of humanizing the brand by putting its face on it or, in any case showing people, allows you to create a high rate of engagement by working on building the community. However, this does not mean starting to put videos shot from your office online without passing any particular message: the videos must be strategically constructed. Otherwise, they are not useful in achieving the desired goal. However, once you have built a solid strategy and an editorial calendar, there is an easy-to-use tool that can help you with creating videos for social media: tutorials, information, and presentation videos will no longer be a secret.

Why FlexClip video maker?

FlexClip is an online tool that provides millions of video clips and images that can be easily integrated with pre-set models. In addition to realistic mini videos, it offers simple animations and overlays to help you produce engaging, useful, and explanatory videos.

Register for free and access the selection of the right model according to the objective (eg, business, holiday, birthday, YouTube, travel, and so on). At this point, various templates will open, which can be used. To preview, you simply hover the mouse over the various models.

After selecting the most suitable template, the next step is to edit your video. Although the text customization and branding options are rather limited, the ease of use and the quality of the video elements make up for these shortcomings.

Alternatively, you can create your video from scratch, choosing from the various animations and videos already available on the platform, or by uploading your images or clips.

FlexClip Videos

What are the main functions of FlexClip video maker?

Cut and merge video:

Like all video editors, these tools are essential. With them, you can delete part of the video in no time and combine multiple videos.

Video transitions between clips:

You will find the classic cross dissolve and fade to black or white. The editor also provides dozens of previously created animated transitions. A simple click applies the transition between two video clips.

Add and customize texts:

No matter what kind of video you want to make, adding text to it can add more detail to the video. With FlexClip, you can customize the texts to be inserted in the video: size, font, movement, color, etc.

Insert filters, widgets, and overlays:

To bring your video to life, you have a large library of effects and overlays on the editor itself. Just select the effect to use and insert it on the desired frame of the storyboard.

Add sound and voice-over:

You can add music to a video in seconds by importing music from your computer. If you have a microphone, you can record a voice-over directly in the editing software while watching your video.

Add sound and voice-over flexchip

 Final words

FlexClip is undoubtedly a handy tool to create videos to share on Facebook or Instagram. Other interesting tools are Biteable, which allows you to create animated videos in drag and drop, while for editing normal videos, we also recommend Adobe Premiere Clip (in the app version), iMovie, and vivavideo. In short, there is an infinite number of tools for creating short social clips: it is sufficient to choose the right one also and, above all, based on the goal that you aspire to achieve.