Basically, the Magento development dream transforms into a reality where talented Magento developers live. And, if you as a business want to get your hands on the best Magento based development process out of the best, you should think of a remote work strategy for Magento eCommerce Development.

Working on a remote strategy is certainly a good compromise that can make for obvious reasons. Pulling and keeping remote talents translates in terms of accumulated retention, which means decreased costs on behalf of the company.

However, a few decades ago, it was quite typical to hire dedicated Magento developer on a remote basis due to a lack of communication facilities. The only communicating channels were emails and phone calls at that time. But, now with the updates and upgrades in technology, the way of communication has changed a lot and improved to a higher extent.

Nowadays, contacting remote developers who are working on your business project is not as difficult as it was before. There are several social media means available for better communication with your remote Magento development team. The foremost social means can be video calls, chats, emails, phones, linkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype too. You now have cloud collaboration available where important files can be shared remotely in a secure manner.

When you hire Magento 2 developer, you bring talent resources on board to work on your Magento designing and development requirements without the need to allocate personal computers and physical space at your workplace. This clears that the idea is not only cost-effective but also, very professional. Outstanding remote workers have a few traits that separate them from the pool of resources available. Right from a rise in productivity to less overhead costs, there are various gains of hiring remote Magento developers.

Few Traits: Hire Remote Team for Magento eCommerce Development

Enthusiastic to Complete Tasks:

Remote web developers love to complete their tasks on time without losing the quality of work. They come under the category of employees who are devoid of the task list given to them, rather, they find out the meaningful solutions to complete their tasks well.

Ability to Prioritize Among Bulk of Activities:

Many times, imperative website creation tasks can be unclear while working remotely, particularly, when developing a website for any newly launched or a start-up business in the market. The remote developer is idiosyncratic who can concentrate on the letter-perfect tasks. He/she has a good familiarity to ignore less impactful ones.

Well-versed in Written Communication:

Mostly, the remote team does communication through email, group chats or one-to-one private messaging. If anyone strives hard to write in a clear and precise manner for a better understanding of the in-between project needs, they endeavor in a remote team. Equally as crucial is being competent to show the right tact in written communication too. It’s all too effortless to come off as curt via textual matter. Besides, the liberal usage of emoticons can also go a long way.


When it comes to working with a remote developer for your project needs, trusting someone is always the number one bet. If you can’t trust the individual, then every day you will lose your cool and ultimately, your valuable sleep. So, make sure about the person who you are going to hire. And, he/she will all set up for catering your entire demands.

Best Local Support System:

Remote e-commerce developers are the best local support system. As in, they work with the latest tools and technologies so as to develop a quality product as per the needs. In addition to this, they are the people who are considered as an outside support system to interact with you on either a daily or weekly basis.

Understanding the benefits, when you hire a certified Magento developer for your project:

  • Lower employee turnover rates
  • Decreased staying away from work
  • Enhanced productivity of the product
  • Less stress and better morale
  • Greater talented and professional pool

Why Choose iCreative Technologies to hire Remote Magento developer?

iCreative Technologies is a dominant Magento agency in India that provides your e-commerce business with the essential reputation, credibility, trust, brand building, sales and level of exposure it deserves. They have a huge pool of in-house and remote Magento developers to accomplish your requirements with industry standards and guidelines.

The Magento development team of this company blends creativeness and practices of web development to make a contemporary user experience. Moreover, their engaging and user-friendly e-commerce system designs are effortless to navigate and striking to behold, resulting in business growth and success.

  • Assurance of on-time work and the best possible quality.
  • The goal is to convert visitors into valuable returning customers.
  • Follow agile and scrum Magento development methodology.
  • Full customer satisfaction is our prior concern.
  • Best Magento 2 support to create a website.

Get in touch with us today! Our remote Magento e-commerce developers and your business will both rock together. Let us know your prerequisites if we can help you in any way. We’d love to help our clients as soon as possible.