As an interior designer, yourself, you already know how designs communicate with our minds.

Since you’re trying to establish yourself as a prominent name in the interior design industry, it is needless to say that the road starts with having a fantastic interior design logo. With a logo design, you can leave a strong mark, set your brand as the most accurate choice for your consumers, and plan wonders for your firm’s branding plan.

And you must already know how using a unique interior design logo is important to make a space for your brand in the market, faster.

Why don’t you consider using negative space for your logo design then?

Yes, because it offers your interior design logo versatile benefits and can help you attract more eyeballs with less effort. Come, let us show you how using a negative space approach can increase the overall score of your brand’s logo.

Understanding Negative Space

Before we go further, let’s take a closer look at the definition of negative space in graphic design so you can make a better understanding of how it can be used in your interior design logo.

Often addressed as the empty space, negative space is basically any space around a solid subject that gives it an artistic perspective and helps the viewer focus on it.

Not only in graphic design, but you can also notice negative space in routine life, too. Look at the moon in the night and notice the dark bluish shade around it that makes the scene beautiful. Or, you may consider a lotus in the pond and how it looks beautiful in the center.

Negative space enhances the beauty of the subject (or say the positive space) and this is one of the many reasons that graphic designers often use them in their creative projects.

Reasons to Use in Interior Design Logo

Since we know about the negative space, let’s get back to the main topic that how it can be used for your interior design logo. Below are some interesting reasons to consider using a negative space design approach to set your brand as a distinct, futuristic entity in the industry.

Here are a few good reasons that would compel you to call your designer back, sit with him and make a few adjustments to add the negative space effect in your interior design logo:

  • The very first reason for recommending negative space for your interior design logo is that it offers you a futuristic vibe. You’re using a font, a character may be and following all the design rules but in an opposite manner which could be the main highlight of your brand’s logo design.
  • Negative space is a great option for those brands who want to create a buzz with their unique interior design logo. You don’t need to go all artsy just make use of negative space in a small part of your logo as if you want to include a special message about your brand and let the magic begin.
  • One of the qualities of negative space is that you can guide the eyes to understand your interior design logo’s pattern. Look at FedEx, USA Network, or Spartan Golf Club’s logos who’ve made the best use of the negative space approach and you can do the same with your logo design.

Using negative space in your interior designer logo offers you more creative freedom in terms of experimenting with your brand’s corporate face. You can expect a flexible logo design that is scalable, stretchable, and dynamic when imprinted on a number of surfaces and offers you the ease of planning versatile promotional activities or branding ideas for your agency.