Blogging is getting better and higher daily in phrases of generating revenue for the groups and individuals. And this is one of the prominent sources for lead technology and creating a focus for one’s product and service in the widespread public.

But the element is that for attaining an incredible range of eyes your blog must rank better on the SERP page. But how? The easy solution for this is that you need to have a large number of referring domains for your website. The solution does not cease here you must need to use the right “Anchor Text” in your guest post. Let’s understand this problem with the help of a story.-

Suppose one of my CPA friends is dealing with a blog on the Quickbooks website which tells the technicalities of Quickbooks. So for generating extra leads, he must have to rank better for which he should use Quickbooks guest posting websites for guest posting purposes. But how he has to place the anchor textual content is an issue of outstanding concern that needs to be understood deeply.

Brief introduction of “Anchor text”

Anchor texts are those texts which are utilized by the guest blogger to hyperlink a textual content for getting a link from a couple of sites. These links have a great and direct effect on the website’s rating purpose. So Anchor texts are of awesome significance for the SEO purpose due to which it must be used in a logical way.

A brief history of Anchor Text

Let’s rewind the clock to 2011 at that time entrepreneurs use cheap strategies for the keyword-wealthy anchor textual content which facilitates in rating better on the SERP page. But after that Google launches its first penguin update rating was wrecked after this update. So my essential purpose for anchor text is not to use more key-word wealthy anchor textual content in your guest post.

Different varieties of Anchor textual content

  • Branded anchor text: These are the one’s forms of anchor textual content that uses an emblem call of their anchor text.
  • Generic anchor text: These are the one’s types of anchor textual content that use a name to motion button in their Guest post.
  • Naked hyperlink anchor textual content: Mainly these are a little bit distinctive than other kinds of anchor text as they are the use of the exact hyperlink in the weblog post.
  • No anchor trick: These are the one’s styles of hyperlinks that are not having any presence in the article in preference to that anchor textual content is used on no textual content which is greater inside the present day scenario.
  • Image anchor: In this format, the users are the usage of the link inside the alt textual content.
  • Brand keyword: These are those styles of anchor text that has both the brand name as well as the keyword of their anchor textual content.
  • Keyword variation: These are the one’s forms of key phrases that might be having a comparable meaning however in a specific manner. This sort of keyword helps to pressure topical relevancy in their page.
  • Partial healthy anchors: These are the one’s forms of keywords that are the usage of key phrases with their number one key phrases.
  • Exact in shape anchor text: Anchor texts that are having the exact fit key phrases for the article then those anchor texts are referred to as exact healthy anchor text.

After reading this newsletter you’re having a deep knowledge of the styles of anchor textual content which must be used in specific locations for the purpose of gaining more results.

Which kind of Anchor text need to be used for gaining fantastic results?

As we already understand that anchor textual content has an instantaneous dating with the ranking so we must understand it deeply to get the remarkable results.

The safe percentage of the usage of it isn’t stated by way of law because it all depends on many elements that seek engine are using for ranking. These ratios are most effective while you are driving at the safest facet or for no longer being penalized by way of the hunt engine.

For the initial degree plan ‘A’

Plan ‘A’Plan ‘B’Plan ‘C’
  • 70% of branded anchors
  • As 40% naked links
  • Naked links 10%
  • 20% of naked links
  • 30% generic
  • Generic 10%
  • 5% of generic keywords
  • 25% partial and LSI
  • Lsi partial match- 50%
  • <5% of partial match keyword
  • 5% exact match
  • Exact match 30%
  • <1% of exact match keyword


But if you don’t find the great results for plan ‘A’ then you can head over on the next plan ‘B’ and after that plan ‘C’. So in this way, you can use Anchor text in your guest post.


In this post, we have understood deeply how we should use anchor text in our post and how they affect the ranking on SERP. By this, we are able to understand what is the good and bad effect of using keyword anchor text in our guest posting content.