Running the eCommerce business comes with hefty challenges. And one of the most significant challenges is to scale-up and make your online store user-friendly. With each passing day, it is becoming difficult for retailers to cope up with the frequent demands of the consumers. That’s where plugins and extensions play a vital role.

Plugins or extensions have made it easy for online retailers. Among all the existing eCommerce platforms available, WooCommerce brings a plethora of plugins for the store owners to extend their online store’s functionality. Are you an online retailer looking for the most popular WooCommerce delivery date plugin to help your customers select the delivery date? If yes, then you don’t have to look anywhere else.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of a few of the most powerful and freely available for you. With these plugins, you can empower your customers to easily choose whenever they wish to get their product of choice. Moreover, your customers can easily modify the delivery date as well as help administrators to manage delivery dates from the admin dashboard.

Explore Top 5 WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugin

Pixlogix’s Delivery date for WooCommerce

This free plugin helps online customers to select a convenient delivery date for their orders. With this plugin, customers can also check for the available delivery dates for their product delivery. Moreover, it helps customers to leverage from timely notifications about their delivery date to ensure they are available to receive their orders and validate the same.

WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin

Key Features:

  • Different delivery dates for multiple orders
  • Enable or disable specific dates of delivery
  • Facility to define holidays in the calendar
  • Intuitive front-end and back-end GUI

Yith WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugin

This delivery date plugin will enable your online consumers to decide when they wish to get their purchased product. No matter which day you wish to get your product and through which logistic partner, you can easily bring a variety of options to your online store. Start from deciding available delivery dates and managing delivery slots, it helps online store owners to manage the delivery of the products effectively.

Key Features:

  • Displaying available delivery days
  • Helps in defining delivery slots
  • Manage the shipping fees efficiently
  • Ease of tracking shipment
  • Manage notifications for the delivery

 WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugin

WooCommerce Order Delivery or Pickup with Date & Time

With this plugin, the online store owners can let the consumers choose their delivery date and pickup date and preferred time for their orders via engaging and intuitive GUI. The main USP of this plugin is that it allows online store owners to control the number of days allowed to place the orders on the online stores. Moreover, you can also display specific text on the order detail page.

Key Features:

  • Manage pickup and delivery hours while placing order
  • Decide on a minimum time for delivery
  • Leverage from order type selection based on the shipping
  • Manage customized text on the order placement UI
  • Easily control delivery and pickup info and more

WooCommerce Order Delivery or Pickup with Date & Time

Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce Plugin – Lite

This plugin allows the customers to easily choose a delivery date from the front-end of your online store. The administrator of the online store gets an option to enable or disable a specific delivery date from the back end. Moreover, the plugin is utilizing a built-in jQuery date picker to help customers select the desired delivery date. This plugin comes up with advanced features if opted for Pro version.

Product Delivery Date for WooCommerce Plugin

Key Features:

  • Leverage from the feature to set minimum time required to deliver products
  • Set the duration for which you wish to take future deliveries
  • In-built support for date picker

Ni WooCommerce Order Delivery Plugin

This WooCommerce Delivery Date Plugin , you can enable adding a custom order delivery date on the product page of your online store. Being an online store owner, it also empowers you to manage the start and end day of the delivery while displaying available delivery days in the store.

 Ni WooCommerce Order Delivery Plugin

Key Features:

  • Intuitive dashboard to display the delivery information
  • Display and manage upcoming order delivery list
  • Order details information with different filters
  • Modify or alter available order delivery dates
  • Define start and end of the delivery dates

End Notes…

Operating an eCommerce shop can be difficult but implementing some of these WooCommerce extensions should make a marked improvement in your delivery. Moreover, incorporating the above-mentioned plugins should also greatly streamline and improve the customer’s shopping experience in your store.