When it comes to providing the most reliable security services and performances, Magneto always stands with the topmost companies. A bunch of some fascinating and newest features in the latest version of Magneto 2.3.3 from Magneto community, has been the highlight of this month. In this launch, Magneto has offered some new accessories to its customers and merchants to increase their business with more accurate results. Magneto has promised to level up the services, thus it would be helpful from the prospectus of customer and revenue. The most advanced version of Magento 2.3.3 carries more than 170 functional fixes and updates for the core products with 75 security improvements, which delivers it necessary to update to the latest version for ensuring the commodity. Let’s go through its updates, that Magneto has included in the 2.3.3.

What’s distinct in the security section?

From the eyes of security, Magneto has been a little far behind with its products. But it seems like they had worked a lot on it and guaranteed to enhance their scalability, security, and performance levels. Magneto has released some advanced features in this version.

  • Accompanies the core payment method with PSD2
  • More than 75 security fixes
  • Make a boost in XSS protection

1: Payment with PSD2 regulations

Including the knowledge of that Payment Services Directive is applicable in the European Union, Magneto forced to make the changes when its payment methods affected on 14 September. Magneto was required to take action to improve payment methods. In payment processing, the most problems were with the credit and debits cards to be acquiescent with PSD2 update. Now, Magneto has offered the save payments accompanying Braintree 3D Secure verification 2.0. The cardholder must verify the identity via Authorize.net.

2: Set the core codes and bugs

Magneto has provided the changes of more than 75 enhancements in Magneto 2.3.3 with XSS (cross-site scripting) and RCE (remote code execution) vulnerabilities for stopping future exploits.

3: Upgrade the core platform

These upgrades focus on improving the security level and accompany with PCI compliances. The new Magneto 2.3.3 carries both PHP 7.3.x and PHP 7.2.x with Varnish 6.2.0. Active LTS versions are also included in the Zend Framework 2 components.

4: Improvement in Infrastructure 

Magneto has made the changes in the core platform as well as in frameworks, Catalog, Checkout, UrlRewrite, Customer, and UI. Magneto 2.3.3 supports the updated version of TinyMCE v. 4.9.5​ in the WYSIWYG editor.

5: Hoist in the performance

Magneto has boosted the page speed by removing the redundant CSS. But, you have to do some settings in the code to enables it. With this, users also free to turn off automatic URL rewrite generation after storing it. In Magneto 2.3.3, the text is visible to read easily to store loading speed.

6: Advanced merchant tools

With the fact of acknowledging, to improve the product and the user experience, Magneto 2.3.3 offers the tracking user experience in the admin server. Magneto allows you to send the data to Adobe Analytics for more review and reports, collected by the admin activity.

7: PWA (Progressive Web Apps) studios 

For the comfort of users, PWA offers the same app for both Mobile and Web. PWA is just a site that works like an app. The interface would be different as per the size screens of devices. The cache of PWA allows us to use it in offline mode. By boosting the store exchange rates and engagement, PWA allows taking the user experience.

8: GraphQL API enhancements

Using to build APIs, GraphQL is a query language to chain multiple requests to receive multiple information sets. In Magneto 2.3.3, it enhanced with PayPal integrations and gift card functionality. These are the updates that Magneto has done in the latest version.

  • Users can pay safely through Payflow Pro, PayPal Express, Link Express with Autorize.net and Braintree.
  • Logged-in customers can purchase gift cards and persuade them to put credit balance.
  • It can remove or add gift cards from the account of new users.
  • Magneto 2.3.3 support simple and virtual products
  • Users can add, update, and delete cart items in their account.
  • Set shipping addresses, billing address as well as shipping and payment method

9: Magneto Shipping

In the latest version of Magneto, the admin automatically connects users to the analogous page in the Magento Shipping Portal. Magneto 2.3.3 offers you advanced batch-order processing, carrier synthesis, the preview of shipping orders and checkouts. It also supports the options of Ship together and Ships separately for pre-packaged and bundled products. You can apply for Website Developer Jobs to know about this field.

10: Commerce explicit features

Magento 2.3.3 offers an option to strings on storefront gift card reports to be changed in the section of commerce. Whenever there will be an issue regarding misconfigured target rule. Magneto 2.3.3 has increased the level of editing inline exposure by upgrading to TinyMCE v4.9.5.