Slot games are very popular these days. Slot machine developers develop such slot games. They develop slot games like casinos. Casino-like games have to be developed in such a way that it has to be interesting, catchy and full of resources. The game should consist of good resources and features. Developing slot games requires good creativity, ideas, and designs. It has to be developed in such a way that it could attract a huge number of players. Therefore, to develop a quality slot game you need to make a good investment. Good slot machine developers might charge more, but the outcome of your handsome expense will obviously be beautiful.

How to Develop a Good Slot Game

Provide App with Good Features

The best slot machine developers will provide the app with really necessary and good features like rewards and bonuses, good security and privacy, consisting of user- friendly UI/UX, social media integration, good gameplay, multiplayer game, chatting features, game history, good graphics, etc. game with good loaded features attract lots of players and you will earn very handsome amount when your game becomes popular.

Don’t hesitate to Invest

To develop a resourced game you need to make a handsome investment. You can have an app with lesser features at low investment but people prefer apps with more loaded features. Therefore the bigger your investment is the better your app will be. If you invest less your app will not be good enough and if your game is not good enough nobody is going to play it. So you will end up with a huge loss anyway.

Invest Wisely

When you are ready to make a big investment then make sure that you invest it in good and renowned slot machine developers. Just imagine the worst outcome of the huge investment that you made at not so good slot machine developers. So make sure you invest wisely and appropriately. Therefore not just money but good developers also matter in developing good slot games.

Pre-production cost

The cost of the slot game app depends on how good you want your app to be and how good slot machine developers have chosen to develop your desired app. There is no fixed budget about how much a slot game will cost. Clone apps will not be very expensive. But if you are seeking to have a new and extraordinary app then it will cost you more. From pre to post-production the budget as a whole would vary between $20000 to $50000 for clone apps. Depending upon factors a premium and extraordinary slot game app could cost from $100000 to $500000.

What is pre-production?

It is the brainstorming stage of game development. All the creative people who have excelled in their respective fields have a role to play in the pre-production stage. Designers, artists, developers, writers, project lead, and many other people collaborate and plan together to bring the best outcome. Many ideas collaborate to bring the best possible result. Hence, it is obvious that the pre-production will be a bit costly. As the cost of the software is already mentioned above, pre-production being the early stage in game development would cost more. You need to hire such a creative group of people so the cost will also be handsome.

The cost of pre-production also depends on how good slot machine developers have you preferred. If you have preferred a really good developing company then your pre-production itself would be very costly. However, there is no fixed rate of pre-production cost anywhere. Some developers might charge you more or some might give at a reasonable cost. For low budget investment, the preproduction could cost $10000. For the huge investment, it might cost around $50000. However, as I mentioned earlier different developing companies charge different rates. Many slot machine developers charge just $10000. Some developers charge $20,000. Some still charge a huge amount of $60000. So it mostly depends on the developers. Therefore, we cannot mark here any fixed rate of pre-production cost.

Slot machine developers

Slot machine developers are the ones who develop online slot games. They develop online slot games like casinos. Some of the popular online slot games are Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Slot Machines, Poker, Roulette, and many more. As of 2021, the best online slots are Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Goblin’s cave, Mega Moolah and, Game of Thrones slot.

  • Top slot machine developers

The most renowned slot machine developers are NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, Quick Spin, Play n Go, Microgaming, and many more. NetEnt is an award-winning slot machine developer who has developed games such as roulette and blackjack.

Besides the pre-production developing slot game app needs, the production and post-production costs as well. In addition to this, there will be extra other charges for getting licensed, building websites, marketing, staffing, payments, etc. For the software, you need to have a minimum budget of $50000 to $100000. Some slot machine developers charge even more starting from $250000. Keeping the software costs aside, licensing can cost around $75000 per year, and website building can cost around $3000. You need to have really good professionals as well. Hence, for hiring staff it could cost around $200000 to $300000 per year. Besides, marketing could cost about $20000 to $100000 and payments could cost you about $300000 to $500000. Therefore, the starting budget could generally be around $1.86 million.

So you can now well imagine how expensive it is to start a slot game. It is a matter of million dollars. I hope this article gives you a fair insight into the pre-production cost for slot game development. The cost varies depending on different slot machine developers. However, the overall budget including software development is quite expensive. Anyway, this is not the type of business where you will be at loss. Therefore, do not get discouraged by seeing the digits if you are seriously looking forward to starting this business.