Gone are the days of a small black and white TV that stood proudly in the living room. Technology is changing very rapidly. Today smart TVs with too many unbelievable features are ruling the market. The covid lockdown has changed everything in the world. One of the industries that underwent a major change is the glitzy entertainment industry. The theatres remained closed for several months together but the people locked inside needed entertainment. So, the OTT platform emerged.

With the emergence of the OTT platform, smart TVs have become unavoidable. Hence, smart TV app development is gaining a lot of popularity. Apple TV apps are no exception to this. As the demand for Apple TV apps is growing, many companies are offering Apple TV app development services. However, you should be careful while choosing an Apple TV app development company. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you.

What is the Apple TV app?

Apple services are mostly available exclusively to Apple device users but that is not the case with the Apple TV app. It is available on Android TVs too. It is not only the way to access the Apple TV service but it provides many more services. It is specially designed to be the primary hub for movies and TV shows. It takes all media from movie and TV watching apps and helps you to watch them in one convenient spot. There is no need to open various apps when you use the Apple TV app.


It was first introduced in 2016 in the US and later was rolled out to other countries in 2017. Earlier, its name was Apple Videos App. Originally, it was available on Apple devices alone. Later, it was extended to Amazon Fire OS and LG web OS. Then it was moved to non-Apple devices like PlayStation 5, Google TV, and all smart TV brands including Android TVs.

Why the sudden interest in the Apple TV app?

There are many reasons why people are showing an increased interest in the Apple TV app. The first main reason is its interesting features.

Features of Apple TV app

  1. Single sign-on is one of its unique features. Because of this feature, you have to sign in only once. Then you can connect all apps to the Apple TV app. This enables you to share your viewing data with Apple.
  2. There is another feature, the Watch Now App. This feature enables you to watch movies or TV shows from where you left off. Moreover, this feature gives you suggestions on what to watch.
  3. The App breaks all that is available into categories like movies, TV shows, and Sports, etc.
  4. Another interesting feature is the Kids Area. It highlights kids-friendly content.
  5. It has a library screen where you can find all the TV shows and movies. You can browse, select and play easily.
  6. It has another feature, ‘the originals’ where you can find Apple TV services and the programs offered on it.
  7. The Search tab enables you to search by entering the title of the movie or TV show. It also shows the recently trending movies and shows.
  8. The Store allows the users to find apps to see more content in Watch Now. It works well for renting and buying TV shows and movies.

Benefits of Apple TV app

The Apple TV app is the ultimate way for entertainment. It is the best option for families who are on the lookout for a catch-all entertainment option.

  1. All iPhones and iPads are in sync with the app. You can watch all that is available on your iPhone on a large screen.
  2. It is compatible with apps like Prime, Disney, HBO NOW, and many more.
  3. You can watch Apple’s original shows and movies using this app.
  4. You can easily find what you want to see.
  5. It gives scope for maximum personalization like never before.
  6. You can watch the best content recommended by the editors.
  7. Apple TV apps are everywhere including Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming platforms, and gaming consoles, etc.
  8. You can set it on your big screen and watch your favorite shows and movies with theater effects.

Factors to consider while choosing an Apple TV app development company

Are you a business entrepreneur? Are you worried that you are not able to meet your targets? If so, you should launch your own smart app to make sure that you reach your targets on all platforms. The Apple TV app is a wonderful choice to promote your visibility and reach potential customers. However, your efforts, time, and money will go in vain if you don’t get the services of the best Apple TV app development company. Here are a few tips to consider while choosing a company for Apple TV app development.

1. Technical knowledge

The development team of the company must have expert domain knowledge in TV app development. Check if the company has experience in developing the Apple TV app. They should have knowledge about Apple-specific technologies. The team should not only have technical knowledge but also should be innovative. Innovation is very important in the competitive business world. So you should look for an innovative team.

2. Requirements of your TV app

You should have a perfect idea of what you are looking for in your TV app. There are a few features that a TV app should have. They are:

  • Voice search – Users love to make their searches using voice search.
  • Easy navigation – The app should be designed to focus on easy navigation.
  • Smart recommendations – This feature gives recommendations based on your previous history, searches, and viewing. This decreases the time the users spend searching and increases the actual time spent on the app content.
  • Fast loading – If the app loads very slowly, it will not be successful. The user experience should be hassle-free and fast.
  • Compatible with remote control – This is important because users can navigate the app only with the remote control.

Do you need more features for your app? If so, discuss all your requirements with the company. Check if they are familiar and comfortable with your requirements. If you add more requirements later, it can cause trouble. So you should discuss all your requirements in advance.

3. Check the portfolio

You should shortlist a few Apple TV app development companies and check their portfolio in detail. Evaluate their skills and experience in the field. Moreover, you should check the customer reviews. Ask for references. You should check if their earlier customers were satisfied with the final product delivered.

4. Ask for price quotes

First, you should have an idea of what the price would be. The price of an Apple TV app development depends upon several factors like

  • The complexity of the design
  • Number of features required
  • Type of the features
  • Number and nature of functionalities
  • The type of tech stack needed
  • Location of the company
  • UI and UX design

Based on the above-mentioned factors the price may vary. Ask for price quotes from a few shortlisted companies. Compare and contrast the costs. You should make sure that the company you go for develops cost-effective apps of high quality.

5. Updates of the progress

You should ask if the company will provide you with regular updates on the progress of the app. This is important because updates from the developer make you stress-free. You will be able to remain with peace of mind.

6. Specialized knowledge

When it comes to Apple TV app development, it is different from other TV apps. When you go for Apple TV app development, you need a company that has a dedicated team dedicated to Apple TV app development. You can conduct an interview with the team to check their knowledge and experience. The team includes designers, developers, testers, and managers. You need to check on everyone on the team.

7. Use of the right and latest tools

Apple TV app development involves many tools. A good developing company should use the latest tools. The tools should also be the right ones for your app requirements. You should check the tools used by them because the right tools ensure the best end product. Ultimately, the best product ensures the best ROI.

8. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is very important these days because security risks are very high. Your data should be secure. The development company should provide multilayer security solutions. You have to prepare a non-disclosure agreement. If the company is not willing to sign the agreement, you should not hire that company.

9. Ask about extra services

Some companies provide extra services. Apple TV app development does not end with the development process alone. There are other steps like testing and launching etc. If you find a company who will provide you with all types of services till the end, it can be a big advantage to you.


If your Apple TV app has an efficacious design and is agile enough to meet the demands of tech-savvy users, it will be an instant success. So you should be very careful in choosing the best company. You deserve the best and nothing less than that.