Website design plays a crucial role in the success of the business. Today people have got into the habit of checking the website and doing their research before making any purchases.

A well-made website shows what your business does, and it is also a crucial element that converts a prospective customer into a loyal customer.

Furthermore, a good website design always aids in increasing traffic. That will help get more clients and eventually see growth in the business. Therefore, it has become essential to partner with an experienced Web designing company to make your website.

Mentioned below are the Top 10 Web Design Companies in India that will help you boost your business.

List of the best Web Design Companies in India:

1. Pixlogix Infotech Pvt Ltd 

Being founded in 2007, Pixlogix Infotech is an award-winning web agency that has gained recognition worldwide. They have a team of more than 30 members.

Since its inception, the company has shown tremendous growth with a client base in the USA, UK, Asia, and Netherland. Pixlogix Infotech delivers high quality, bespoke, cost-effective, dependable result-oriented services on time.

Pixlogix Infotech Pvt Ltd

2. Mandy Web Design

Mandy Web Design has been in the business for over 12 years. They have efficient and experienced professional web designers who design appealing websites that show high-quality work and style.

In addition, they are proficient in developing responsive, user-friendly and fast-loading websites. The web designs by the team have a consistent look and feel across various browsers.

Mandy Web Design

3. AMR Softec

AMR Softec is also one of the best web design companies in India, delivering the finest web designing solutions to clients.

They have expertise in eCommerce website designs, WordPress Development, Responsive web development, Custom website designs, Digital Marketing, and Mobile App designs.

AMR Softec team, through their industry experience, develop intuitive, flexible and innovative websites that help the clients promote their products and services with utmost efficiency.

AMR Softec

4. Codal

Codal is a UX design and development agency with over a decade of professional experience. They have successfully delivered projects for more than 200 clients.

The team of Codal believes in taking a data-driven approach that drives the strategic decisions, reveals opportunities, and supports the overall growth and success of the client’s business. They are known to provide the best solutions conceived and delivered by a disciplined team of experts.


5. Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech is one of India’s most sought web design companies in India based out of Kolkata. It is known to leverage the power of technology by providing end-to-end solutions to its varied client base.

They have a loyal client base from adequately funded start-ups to small and medium businesses. Their ability to pay attention to the minutest detail, take the client’s vision, and bring it to life makes them reliable partners for your web design needs.

Unified Infotech

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6. Lollypop Design Studio

The winner of the Times Group India’s best design studio award, Lollypop design studio is one of the companies that provides data-driven insights to their clients. These insights depict what the user wants and resonate with their business goals.

In addition, Lollypop Design is the company that curates the unique experience of India’s Digital landscape through thorough research and development. By doing this, they develop solutions in line with the current trends.

Lollypop Design Studio

7. Team Codesign

Team Codesign began its journey into the web designing world in 2017. Despite being relatively new in the industry, they have established themselves as a knowledgeable, detail-oriented and creative team that gives quality output to their clients.

In addition, the UI/UX design of Team Codesign has helped grow the client’s platform. Furthermore, the team ensures that they implement all the critical updates to improve the client’s product.

Team Codesign

8. Hidden Brains InfoTech

Hidden Brains InfoTech is a multiple award-winning Web and Mobile App Development Company. The expert team at Hidden Brains InfoTech is known to have deep industry knowledge.

In addition, they believe in having a collaborative approach to every project that supports them in giving high-performance web designing solutions.

Hidden Brains InfoTech

9. Webandcrafts

Webandcrafts is a Global IT solution provider based out of Kerala. The extensive knowledge the team of Webandcrafts got in various industries and through their presence across the globe has enabled them to understand their clients better and thereby helped them establish an enduring and successful partnership.


10. Webdesign Discovery

Webdesign Discovery is also one of the best web design companies in India. This company is known to combine its IT knowledge and expertise to create outstanding web designs. With more than 15 years of industry experience, they have developed a trustworthy relationship with their clients.

In addition, the experienced team of Webdesign Discovery provided specially tailored solutions to the unique needs and requirements of their clients.

Webdesign Discovery


With the increase in the awareness of having a good website, the demand for Web Design companies has also increased. Website is the first thing that the potential customers check, and creating an excellent first impression is vital to keep them engaged.

Therefore, it has become essential to invest in developing a fast-loading, content-driven and responsive website for the business.

This list of the top 10 Web Design Companies in India will help you choose those companies that would design innovative and search engine friendly websites to ensure success for your business.