When we listen to stories from our grandparents, we expect them to finish the whole thing. But if they don’t do, we get uncomfortable and irritated. Isn’t it? We bribe them or try to find ways to make them tell us the whole story.

Similarly, knowing about SEO without knowing it’s techniques is much irritating. We are quite aware of the term SEO(Search Engine Optimization) right? In order to implement it, we have to know it in a broader way.

This article is basically based on that broader process. Let us forget everything for a few minutes and get into the Top 5 Off-Page SEO techniques that drive traffic.

1. Link Building is King

You often take a tour of Google articles on websites. You must have noticed that Google asks if you would want to allow the site to send you it’s updated notifications. You get to see two tabs.  Allow or Deny.

Allow button refers to Do-Follow and Deny button denotes No-Follow. This means if you click on Do-Follow, Google will understand that you’re interested in it. And it’ll start giving you every update related to same. But if you deny, Google would not disturb you any more about it.

This is what Link Building is. It’s like the applause or praises to your website. This link building has made a great effort towards the rise of black hat SEO. It also creates desperation amongst the people and forces them to take many risks like forum signature, blog directories, comment link, etc.

Give a look at the referring domains whether they are relevant or not.

Three main types of links that help a web to populate are:

  • Natural links– When a user has a positive view of your article, he will link to your business out of trust and appreciation.
  • Manually build links– This is gained by link building efforts when you directly ask people to make a link to your website.
  • Self- created links– When you post your website links in comments or forums or press release, it is a self-created link.

 2. Blog Commenting

Assume you started tuition classes. Now if you meet one of your known people, will you not give a short ad to him or her? Yes, definitely you will. Similarly, you always want to let people know about your websites. Isn’t it?

Blog Commenting is a process of commenting on a webpage with a backlink to your sites. It can be split into two types:


This is the process of using tools like scrapbook which is being designed to post the mass amount of comments automatically.

Generally, away comments are created in order to make a spin. So that every time we don’t have to text again and again.

This you often see in a Facebook page group or in Business WhatsApp. When you try to send something to them, you’ll notice that it typically replies instantly. This is what the term Away message means.


This is another process of blog commenting.

  • Obtains backlink – Publishing comments can also be done by those who are purely looking for a backlink. The reason for being manual is the actual content is more likely to be approved on a general blog.
  • Just traffic – People would post comments to their pages that gain high traffic with the hope of gaining traffic to their blogs based on their comments.
  • Genuine interaction- It is related to their position and they are posting in order to interact and add value which may add a link to their website which can carry its details in a different perspective.

3. Forum posting

Forums are a great platform to promote your websites. Forum Posting Sites like Quora, Reddit, Yahoo Answers are the most important hubs from where you can gain lots of actionable information along with authentic answers to their questions. It’s a field where you get to meet your peers and chat with them.

Similar to blog commenting, it’s better enough to mention your own brand but not in a blunt way. Firstly provide actionable information on a specific topic and then, if relevant, to fit your brand name between the lines.

These fields of Question and Answers are nothing less than a gold mine, but you have to win it first by your correct words, tones, styles, etc.

Participate in search forums which are mostly related to your website and business and make a connection to that organization. Use mostly Do-Follow forums.

4. Craft a Sparkling Brand Image

Everybody in this world, want something that is unique. When you go shopping, and you get to see that all the dresses are of the same type, how’d you feel? The same things happen with the websites.

If you can catch the viewer’s eyes and make a space in his or her memory, then you have created something unique. Let us have a look on Amazon. The logo itself attracts us. The arrow indicates A-Z availability along with a smiling face. This is their uniqueness.

Branding helps in driving both direct traffic & navigational traffic.

5. Incorporate Videos and Images 

Imagery sense is stronger than the textual one. It’s very much known to everyone. With that perspective let us move into this technique of SEO.

When we go through a book, in our first sight, we try to catch all the images. Isn’t it? Think if we incorporate such things (images/videos) on our website, wouldn’t it be an eye-catcher?

Few of the video sharing sites are:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Ustream
  • Vine
  • Hulu
  • Break
  • Metacafe
  • Dailymotion

Few of the image sharing sites are:

  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Picasa
  • Tumblr
  • Imgur
  • Mediafire
  • Fotolog
  • Shutterfly

Creating a visual field around your website leads you to attract users and catch their interests at the same time. Before posting your image, optimize them with the correct URL and title tag along with proper descriptions and headings.

We have gained a good knowledge of SEO for now and took a tour into its five techniques in detail. Now let us exit and execute the same in the real world.