Online photography portfolios are essential when it comes to the website; it makes it look paramount. Over a decade now, website themes have become so important. One of the best decisions you need to take if you are a website owner is to choose the best themes, whether it is for a free option or a premium one. WordPress is known to be one of the sites that provides an outstanding free website theme. The question is, what are the best website themes? Here I have highlighted the top 5 best Photography themes.

Top 5 Photography themes for Your Website

1. Ishimoto

This is one of the top website themes because it is engaging and very clean. Though it doesn’t give many images like others, it provides two or one picture that has got a high resolution, and that attracts customers to visit the site. Ad-on and essential information can be attached to the header as footnote along with other links.

This layout is so classic to many because it gives the users little amount to do but scrolling through the work. Generally, the themes offer a high impact picture and simple navigation. It is simple and uniforms the way it is. It is simple to build, but one can also make it look interactive.

2. Photo perfect

This is one of the incredible WordPress themes that allow you to get your photos on the websites for a short period. The design is based around the header, which has the menu for navigation. It allows one to upload images of high resolution, and that is trending. The header has got an ad where the text is a layer. It allows one to make it look more attractive by adding your useful stuff like the logo. As you scroll down, the portfolio layout style is revealed.

3. Momentum

Momentum is one of the number one choice themes for most website owners. It has a clean design with excellent subtitles when scrolling on it. For those who don’t like the whole screen image, it hits you. The navigation can be on the side, or it can also work at the top. It is a monochromatic design in the way with high-end, its subtitle gray text, and so on.

The navigation bar is on the side where readers can write off. It is a thin bar that is perfect and free from distracting the user. The theme is ideal for commercial photography, Photo editing company and gives a high impact image.

4. Biography

You get a large header image with these WordPress is a free them that gives attractive attention to the website right from the beginning. The social buttons are well branded, and they are located at the top of them. It is easy to brand it because all the buttons, including the logo, are situated at the top of the homepage.

The website contact information is placed at the left top corner, including some underlying text where people can call you when they need your help. The layout for this theme is so fantastic for your interface because all the images and texts are placed in the right place.

5. Photolite

This theme has a stunning design that is able to display all the services offered on the website with pictures and their descriptions. The header is somehow larger to provide high-quality images and can allow the use of text if they are in need. There is a customized call for action that can be used to whoever visits the homepage.

It gives room for one to change the website information concerning the services provided: the logo area and navigation area at the top right side for easy customization of the interface.

Developers have recommended this theme to be ideal for website photography and other various industries. Its custom header is usually available to change with the brand and have a custom background. It has all the features that make it shine in the industry of photography. Being a free them from WordPress, you can give it a try and set your website layout to be attractive.


Website themes play a significant role when it comes to websites. In the last ten years, there has been an increased number of photography websites. In order to stand among many, it’s good to choose the best photography themes that will be stunning and attractive to your clients.

There are so many website themes ranging from free WordPress themes to premium ones. In this article, we have discussed the top 5 Photography themes for websites. It’s up to you to decide on which of the ideas is perfect for your website.