Compared to the past, WordPress is used much in web development now. It has been used by more than a third of websites, thus making it the top platform for developing websites in the world.

The world of WordPress has changed a lot, and it is even growing faster day by day. Now it is no longer a one-time install and forget it method. As more website owners adapt WordPress to develop their websites, whole tools supported externally have come forward to support the whole WordPress development ecosystem.

If you have developed your website using WordPress, it is not only easy to use as well as popular too. But above them all, it is considered to be the best Content Management System for SEO.

If you want to know about the tips for the best WordPress development, then this blog is for you.

6 Tips for The Best WordPress Web Development

  • Pick an SEO friendly time
  • Create clean permalinks
  • Get an SSL certificate
  • Don’t brush of backlinks
  • Optimize your site speed
  • Optimize your voice search

1. Pick an SEO-friendly theme.

One of the most attractive tips for WordPress development is the affluence of high-quality free and paid website themes. Various attractive and functional themes can probably be hard to choose from. However, there is no difference in the quality of themes that you should factor in when selecting themes for your WordPress website.

improve WordPress website performance

Ensure that the theme you have chosen is SEO friendly so that your website can rank top in the search engine lists. To search for SEO-friendly themes, you need to go through the tags and see the tags “SEO-friendly.”

You also need to ensure that the theme you select contains the tag and the following things.

  • Responsive design

One of the significant tags of an SEO-friendly theme is responsiveness. That should be present, especially in today’s digital era, with the viewers going through your website from various devices such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore, the design and theme you choose must be responsive on these devices.

  • Light-weight ness

The critical theme attribute that clouts SEO is lightweight of all the themes. As page loading speed leaves a remarkable impact on SEO ranking, lightweight ness also plays a significant role in the loading speed. Because the theme is heavy, then it can affect the loading speed.

So it is better to use a lightweight theme for high speed. However, if SEO ranking is your top priority, theme weight and size are a must bother.

2. Create clean permalinks

Another most important tip is creating clean permalinks. Permalinks are the type of permanent links that you can see when you access the web page. For example, while creating pages and posting on WordPress, you can see a box at the top of the editing page. You can easily input the permalink that you will need for your new web page or post in this box.

While creating these links, you must make them clean and simple. The reason is that a clean and straightforward permalink is a much more user-friendly long, number-filled one that is a bit confusing to look at.

Although being easy on the eye, it is easy to understand clear permalinks are also more accurate. Rare permalinks that are too long and look random often look doubtful to the users. A web page with a complex, unusual string of numbers, letters, and symbols as its link, can make you think if you are on the scan site or a URL.

3. Get an SSL certificate.

Another way to improve trust in your WordPress site is to get an SSL certificate. Have you ever scanned a page and seen a small green padlock displayed in the front of the page URL?

If it is seen, then that site has an SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer is a type of layer of coding that encrypts the connection between the browser and web pages by protecting the users. If you have an SSL certificate for your website, this can also change your website URL.

If your website has an SSL certificate, users will believe that your site is a safe and secure connection. This can also build trust in users, and the number of pages viewed and decreases the bounce rate.

Other than this, Google has prioritized site security for the users and adapted its algorithm accordingly. Now, it is also facilitating sites with an HTTPS URL over the sites that don’t. Moreover, websites that don’t have SSL certificates can also show red warning signs on Google. This will alert you that they are using unsafe sites and can also inspire quick mistrust.

4. Don’t brush off backlinks.

Backlinks are the oldest SEO best practice. Although a number of changes occurred in Google’s algorithm, backlinks remain the highest essential ranking factor that is also used currently. This is because backlinks mainly provide your page authority.

If your website links with highly authorized websites linked to you, it will show Google that your page is of value and should be delivered to users.

Developing good quality backlinks takes time and dedication too. However, you can quickly and successfully accumulate high-quality backlinks with time through some strategies such as guest posting, blog commenting, infographics, and email outreach.

Additionally, another top WordPress tip that is still holding is to build an internal link structure. Just put, this is the best practice of building well-placed internal links into your content and website that will lead visitors around your pages.

5. Optimize your site speed

According to Google, mobile users will leave your page if the website takes more than three seconds to load. This also happens with the users through the desktop.

It is crucial to optimize your WordPress website for good speed. Here are some of the ways through which you can optimize your website loading speed:

  • Select a lightweight theme
  • Select a responsive design
  • Optimize the images for web
  • Reduce redirects
  • Utilize the browser caching
  • Improve the server response time

6. Optimize for voice search

As the popularity of voice assistants is increasing, such as Alexa, Siri, Cortona, and many more people have increased using voice search to browse the website. It is a fact that every 1 in 5 Google queries is by voice searching. It will continue to grow in the future.

There are a lot of things you can do to optimize your website for voice search. It starts from everything from making sure to use conversational language in your content to get your local Google My Business listing up to date to optimizing your website so that it could load faster.


To develop a WordPress website, you can also use inbuilt themes provided by the platform itself. With the help of themes and plugins, one can easily modify, customize, and develop the website. You can also hire a WordPress developer from a website that will develop your website based on WordPress as per your business needs and targeted audience.

This blog helps you to get tips for developing the best WordPress-based website development. I strenuously suggest you go through this blog before developing the website, as it can help you enhance your website and develop it even better. Hire a company to get the best advice and web development services from them with the help of their dedicated and certified developers.