A virus is not the only factor that affects your PC’s performance and makes it slower. In fact, your PC could be completely virus free and still be suffering from poor performance. I learned this the hard way. Not too long ago, it got so bad that my browser refused to load any page quickly. Even though I subscribe to the mid-range Spectrum internet plans.

The problem was that the PC’s performance had slowed down to the point where it started affecting other applications. After a lot of research, the most logical solution was to run performance optimization software. The PC Performance Boosters software is specifically designed to optimize the processing abilities of your computer.

Here are Top 5 PC Performance Boosters

Why Does Your Computer Slow Down?

You might not realize it but every time you use your computer, it gets slightly slower. You could have the most advanced i7 processor installed wit GBs of RAM and hard drives. Still, your PC will get slower after every use. There are many reasons for that:

  • Malware and Viruses

These are perhaps the most common causes that affect PC performance. Malware and viruses are designed to sneak through your firewalls and anti-virus protocols. Some malware might not harm your computer as much as viruses. But they still do affect the performance of your PC.

  • Computer Registry

A computer registry is a log of everything that you do on your computer. From opening files to browsing. The computer keeps a log of all your activity. Imagine the log keeps getting bigger and bigger. The bigger the log, the slower your computer process is.

  • Temporary Internet Files

Whenever you visit a new website on your PC it stores a cache of the website. This is to make sure the website loads faster the next time you visit the page. But the downside is that for all the websites you revisit, there are many more that you never visit again. All those cached files are eating away at your storage and slowing your PC down.

What can You Do to Improve Performance?

The best way to improve performance is to first address the issue of viruses. A good anti-virus and anti-malware software can go a long way in improving your PC performance. If your PC is infected an anti-virus software can find and quarantine those programs and files. Even if your PC is not infected, it is still better to invest in a good anti-virus.

Additionally, you can clear temporary internet files and your computer registry regularly. You could clear those logs manually, or you could install a program to do it for you. Most PC Performance Optimizers are designed to ensure the best performance from your system.

Top 5 PC Performance Optimizers Available Today

If you are in the market for performance optimizing software, there is an overwhelming number of options. There is also some free software available. But you should be cautious. There are a lot of viruses and malware that are hiding around every corner. These 5 performance optimizers are vetted and come highly recommended from users:

  1. AshampooWinOptimizer 2019
  2. Piriform CCleaner
  3. Norton Utilities
  4. AVG PC TuneUp
  5. Advanced System Optimizer

#1. AshampooWinOptimizer 2019

AshampooWinOptimizer 2019 is considered one of the best optimizers available today. Not only can you use it to uninstall and delete unwanted programs and files. But you can also use it to improve your system’s privacy settings. The software is also capable of fine-tuning your internet connection.

#2. Piriform CCleaner

If your privacy is important to you then Piriform CCLeaner is the right option for you. Apart from performance optimization, the software focuses on protecting your online privacy. By ensuring all your drivers are up-to-date. That significantly lowers the probability of programs finding loopholes in your security protocols. It also deletes your browser history and cookies to improve your online privacy.

#3. Norton Utilities

You have likely heard of Norton. It is one of the most trusted systems security companies. True to form, its PC optimizer, Norton Utilities, is one of the best performance optimizers. One of the special features is that you can use it to retrieve any files that you accidentally delete. And another thing most users like is that the software is easy to use.

#4. AVG PC TuneUp

The AVG PC TuneUp is great for improving the performance of your PC. And it is also available for Mac and Android devices. In addition to improving performance, there is another special feature of the software. It can conserve and optimize your computer’s battery life as well.

#5. Advanced System Optimizer

The Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best options for gamers. The program not only deletes the out-of-date files from your system. It also stops all the unwanted notifications from popping up and affecting your gaming experience. You can easily switch between normal computing mode and gaming mode.


Sometimes when your PC’s processor is working slowly it can also affect things like your browsing speed. So much so that you start to question is 100 Mbps fast internet connection. Using a PC performance optimizer software can improve your system’s health. As well as make your computer last longer.