When we look around, we see images, posters, billboards, logos, and many other forms of graphic design. Before we delve into the types of graphic design, first we have to understand its definition. Basically, Graphic Design is a combination of typography, color, imagery, and form, illustrated in a visual form.

Every other person has a different perception when they hear the word “Graphic Designer”. It can be a website, invitation card, logo, or billboard designer. There are a lot of Graphic Designing Services being rendered, but here we will discuss the top 6 types of Graphic Design everyone should know about.

Top 6 Types of Graphic Design:

1. Marketing & Advertising

The importance of this type of Graphic Design Service is huge. A lot of people, when they hear the word Graphic Design, think of this type of Designing. Graphic Design in Marketing & Advertisement traditionally contains pamphlets, flyers, billboards, banners, and many other forms of print media.

All these forms of graphic design have taken a place digitally these days. Brands pay a huge sum of money to freelance graphic designers and graphic designing companies to design their advertisements, layers,

Effective communication, problem–solving attitude, and time management are some of the skills that every Graphic Designer should possess to have more demand in the industry. This is the type of design that is constantly growing and will keep flourishing. Mobile phones, laptops, and other devices are becoming a huge part of our lives, subsequently, the demand for graphic designers for advertising is likely to be rising.

2. UI Graphic Design

A user interface or UI design is a process that designers use to build interface software, mobile applications, or other computerized devices. It focuses on looks or style, A UI designer’s job is to make applications and software aesthetic while keeping the elements like buttons, menus, typography, micro-interactions, and many more. The focus is on the best user’s visual experience.

User Interface designers and User Experience designers mostly work with collaboration. A UX designer works on the operations of a software or mobile application while a UI designer’s job is to ensure an easy and flawless experience for users. Our time spent against screens is growing at a rapid rate. Hence, companies are hiring UX and UI designers for a better and smooth customer experience.

3. Packaging

The primary objective of a product’s packaging is to keep it protected and secured. But it serves other objectives too. The packaging of any product serves as a powerful communication tool for any brand. Whether it is a small box, plastic wrapper, can, or bottle. Brands spend a huge budget on the right design of their product’s package. A packaging graphic designer has to deal with the right ratio of typography, visuals, brand logos, product description, and other elements.

Packaging plays an important role when a company is looking for rebranding. A good package design can prove to be a game-changer for the organization. A packaging graphic designer needs to have a strong knowledge of industrial manufacturing and a keen interest in different forms of packaging and designs. A good graphic designer can prove to be a huge asset for the company because he can bring creative designs for it.

4. Publication Graphic Design

There was a time when print media used to be the only form of information sharing. Graphic Designers used to design for newspapers, magazines, journals, and ebooks. With fast-paced technology evolution, and constant increase in our screen times, these publications have taken a place digitally.

Books are being replaced by ebooks, every newspaper, magazine, and journal can be read online. People prefer to read articles and blogs instead of magazines and journals. All of these digital publications need graphic designers to depict their content interestingly. This type of Graphic Designing is very important, and a lot of companies are doing a huge business with it.

5. Art & Illustration

This is one of the most important types of graphic design. It needs a lot of creativity for a designer to create art and illustrations. There is a difference between a Graphic Designer and a Graphic Artist. An artist uses original work to depict his ideas for the customers. They create their piece of art with the help of a combination of ideas and software.

This type of graphic design requires some extra knowledge like fine arts, animation, or architecture. Examples of this type of graphic designing may include logos, t-shirt designs, websites, or other forms of branding.

6. Motion Graphic Designing

This is one example of very recent technologies. In simple words, these are the graphics that are in motion. It may include typography, images, audio, video, and GIFs. This type of graphic designing is getting a lot of fame since the content has become a vital part of our lives. Content creation on different social media platforms is one of the fanciest things these days.

This type of graphic design used to be linked with TV and films. Production time and costs have been reduced with the advancement of technologies. Motion Graphic Design is one of the newest forms of graphic design and it has a lot of potential and opportunities for creative graphic designers.


The evolution of Digital Marketing has opened doors of opportunities for Graphic Designers. The demand for Graphic Designers has taken a huge rise in the past decade. Every brand needs graphic designers for their website to product, app design to different forms of branding. With every second passing by, Graphic Designing is gaining a lot of attention and popularity, it is a broad industry with endless opportunities.

In this article, we have tried to list the 6 most important types of graphic design that are currently most-demanded in the industry. But it would not be wrong to say that there are infinite types of graphic design in the market. By far, we have understood that Graphic Design is not just about logo designing and website designing. It is way more than that!