Customer relationship management system is a blessing for organizations or business owner and one of the main reasons for this is, they let us manage the websites without any requirement of developers from Magento 2 for Ecommerce Development.

For example WordPress, Drupal or Joomla are one of the great on-demand eCommerce platforms nowadays.

But what if we talk about large-scale needs like full-fledged shopping cart solution etc?

Don’t worry Magento 2 has made it easy for you.

We can say Magento 2 is an eCommerce powerhouse with all the new technologies and functionalities that you gonna love for sure.

Some of the main functionalities that bring Magento 2 here are –

  • Security
  • Responsive Admin Panel
  • In-Site PayPal Experience
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Better UX and Improved Front-End Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Alluring design
  • Updated technology stack with default PHP 5 and HTML5/CS3 Step

Magento: A Vast Community

Magento does have more than 1150 active partners, Approx 6000 Contributors, and around 8000 Certified Professionals.

Why Choose Magento 2 for Ecommerce Development in 2019

What’s new in Magento 2.0?

  1. 50% faster page load speed.
  2. 26 sec homepage loading time.
  3. Capable of taking 117% more orders per hour.
  4. Can handle 2.1m more page views per hour.

Let’s see some of the main advantages of Magento 2:

For users 

  • Personalization
  • Streamlined Checkout
  • Advanced Search Feature

For Store Owners

  • SEO-Friendly
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy to use

For Developers

  • Speed
  • Compatibility
  • Easy to Assemble

Search Engine Optimization

As we discussed Magento 2 came with great functionality of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing with modular approaches.

One of the great features which I love personally is that we can simply drag and drop for adding and removing products.

Magento 2 Flexibility

One of the great features of Magento 2 is its usability or flexibility. You get access to all the top and necessary tools or extensions in one place and what’s interesting is that you don’t have to install them at all, you get them all pre-installed.

Responsive Design

As we all know, almost more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile phones or tablets, etc, so it’s really not good to optimize your store for mobile devices. If your website is not mobile optimized or mobile-friendly then you are missing out on a lot of viewers.

Don’t worry Magento 2 will help you out with this, you can use Magento 2 to develop your web store so that you can cover mobile viewers too.


Magento 1 support is ending by June 2020. So if you are still using Magento 1 then its high time you need to migrate it to Magento 2.

There are a lot of valid reasons to Migrate to Magento 2. So now it’s up to you.